The power of mindset (amazing)
The power of mindset (amazing)
Things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the heart.

Maslow, a famous psychologist, said:

"attitude changes, attitude changes, habits change;

habits change, personality changes; personality changes, life changes. "

mindset, determines fate; mentality, achievement of the future.

it is more powerful than wisdom. What kind of mentality you have, what kind of life you have.

relax your mind and your body will be better

as the saying goes, "if you have an inch wide heart, you will retire from illness."

A person's physical condition is closely related to his or her state of mind.

the phase is born from the heart, the disease starts from the heart, your state of mind is wrong, and the illness comes.

if you relax your mind and remove the stone from your heart, your body will naturally be fine.

Zeng Guofan, known as "the most perfect man through the ages", has also been tortured by heart disease.

Zeng Guofan fought a bloody battle with battlefield, but he was rejected by suspicion and colleagues, so he finally had to go back to his hometown.

Zeng Guofan couldn't figure out why he had come to such a bad end. he was resentful, unwilling, irascible, and stayed behind closed doors.

later, after being inspired by a reclusive Taoist priest, Zeng Guofan woke up and fell ill.

also left a famous saying: "do not love in the past, the present is not miscellaneous, the future is not welcome."

tells us that we don't have to dwell on the past or worry about the future, we should live in the present and live well in the present.

youdao is: "the heart is wide and longevity is self-prolonging."

in fact, the source of many diseases is your heart.

as soon as the thought is put down, heaven and earth are wide, and both body and mind are safe.

you are your best doctor, and a broad heart is the best medicine.

relax your mind, be open-minded, have peace of mind, and your body will naturally be fine.

adjust your mindset, and things will go well

Su Shi wrote in "tiexilingbi": "across the winding mountains, there are steep peaks, but there are thousands of different ways from far to high and low."

in other words, different perspectives show different landscapes.

it's like the same half a glass of water, some people see the other half, some people see the lost half.

it can be seen that whether things are good or bad does not lie in the matter itself, but in people's state of mind.

once the mindset is adjusted, things will go well.

once there was a Juren who went to Beijing for the exam and had two dreams in the inn.

he was confused and uneasy, so he went to the fortune-teller to interpret his dream.

unexpectedly, the other party opened his mouth and said, "go back, it will definitely not be high school this time." In my first dream, growing cabbage on the high wall was in vain. The second dream, wearing a hat and holding an umbrella on a rainy day, is not superfluous.

after hearing this, he was inevitably discouraged and sadly walked back to the inn to return to his hometown.

the landlady saw that he looked wrong and asked him why, but she smiled and said, "growing cabbage on the high wall means you will be in high school. Wearing a bamboo hat and holding an umbrella on a rainy day shows that you have come prepared."

after meditating for a while, I found it very reasonable. I was overjoyed and concentrated on preparing for the test. Later, I was really on the list.

as the saying goes, "things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the heart."

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there are no good or bad things. If you are negative and pessimistic, you will only be trapped in negative emotions and panic all day long.

adjust your mindset, full of sunshine, positive optimism, success and happiness will come uninvited.

in short, if you have a bad state of mind, you will hit a brick wall everywhere; if you have a good state of mind, everything will go well.

keep a steady state of mind, and the blessing will come

Lin Qingxuan said, "Life is not what you want."

Life, frustrations and tribulations emerge one after another. Whether you can get over it or not, your mentality is the most important.

most of the time, the matter itself is not serious, if you mess up, you will only be routed.

only by keeping a steady state of mind, can we face the troubles of the world calmly with a clear mind.

this is the most advanced way to deal with an accident, and it is also a person's top EQ.

when Yang Jiang was teaching at Tsinghua University, she was once pushed to the forefront of the storm in full view of the public.

A female student suddenly stood up and hysterically accused Yang Jiang of "talking about falling in love in class" and "married women should also fall in love."

Yang Jiang looked at the strange eyes around her and was very indignant and could not understand why she was so vilified.

but she knew in her heart that anger and confrontation would only make things worse. she stabilized herself, turned a deaf ear and went on with her class.

the next day, she still went out to class and studied calmly.

even if the matter was reported in the newspaper, Yang Jiang still did not speak. In her words, "those who know me know anyway, and what they do not know can go as they want."

originally Yang Jiang thought that her teaching career had come to an end when she was accused of this and published in the newspaper.

but unexpectedly, next semester, more students will take her course.

as the saying goes, "he who is calm and calm will gather himself."

whether it is a misfortune or a blessing, the key lies in whether you can keep your mind steady.

when you don't panic when something happens, keep your mind steady, don't be frightened by favor or disgrace, and face everything calmly.

you will find that most of the problems in life have already been easily solved, and your blessings are getting deeper and deeper.

May you and I have a good mindset for the rest of my life, don't be held back by negative emotions, and live every day healthily, optimistically and calmly.