The power of detail (recommended)
The power of detail (recommended)
Small things make great things, and details make perfect.

Xunzi said: "if you do not accumulate steps, you cannot reach thousands of miles, and if you do not accumulate small streams, it will be difficult to become a river."

the long journey begins with a small step, and rivers enter the sea from streams.

there is no overnight success in this world. People who have achieved something start with the little things in life. Only by doing the little things well will it be possible to get the big things done.

as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day.

since you can't build a glorious Rome in one day, do a good job in building a glorious Rome every day. Only in this way can you build your own Roman home.

the power of detail can make or defeat a person.

details, the most visible character

as the saying goes, "it is hard to draw bones when painting a tiger's skin.


I think so.

walking in the world, watching the world, more and more found that a person's character does not lie in whether the talent is superior, whether the ability is outstanding, but in the minuteness of dealing with people.

as the saying goes, "know the leopard at a glance, know the autumn with a leaf falling."


details can best see a person's self-cultivation; trifles can best see through a person's character.

when Lu Yuanying, an official of the Tang Dynasty, was a guard, he once played chess with a subordinate in charge of money and grain. Originally, this subordinate had no way to go.

at that time, although Lu Yuanying saw the change in the chess game, he did not break it.

later, during a job change, he transferred the subordinate and predicted that the person would be punished for violating the rules in the future.

Life is made up of many details, and people who pay attention to details are bound to have a satisfactory harvest.

perhaps, some people will pretend to be cultured, seemingly gentle but cunning, seemingly generous but pretentious, a small thing can give a person away.

details are most likely to be ignored, but they can best see the true face of a person.

people with a really good character tend to pay more attention to details.

details are most visible to the people

Keigo Higano said: "there are two things in the world that cannot be looked directly at: one is the sun, and the other is the human heart."

I think so.

the human heart is the most difficult to guard against and the most difficult to see through, because you don't know whether it is true or false behind the smile.

although the human heart is unfathomable, the warmth of those unexpected encounters and a little thing is enough to cure the human heart.

I remember watching a public welfare short film called "leave a warmth for others". For a few minutes, it made people burst into tears.

one dark night, the man came home late from overtime, only to find that his wife and children had already fallen asleep, leaving the balcony light on all the time.

the man thought his wife had forgotten to turn off the light and was about to press the switch when her wife stopped him and motioned him to look out of the window.

it turned out that a couple of sanitation workers on tricycles were nibbling steamed buns in the biting wind, talking and laughing while eating.

the man immediately understood that his wife was leaving a lamp for the couple downstairs, a light to illuminate hope.

Life is hard, but there is always someone to keep you warm. Although life is difficult, add some sugar to it.

A trivial matter can be considered for others, and its conduct will not be bad. Subtleties can be seen in the hearts of the people, but also in the character.

A small act reflects the innocence and heart of human nature, which is the most sincere kindness of a person.

details determine success or failure, small things make life

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Han Feizi once said: "the dike of a thousand feet collapses with the burrow of ants, and the room of a hundred feet burns with the smoke of sudden gaps."


the dike of thousands of miles fell short because of the hole of the ants; the house of a hundred feet was burnt out by the fire in the crack in the chimney.

do not ignore the power of details, even the smallest things will lead to catastrophe, do things, ignore the details will not be done.

there is a "horseshoe effect" in economics:

broke a nail and lost a shoe; lost a shoe and broke a horse; broke a horse and killed a general; killed a general and ate a lost battle.

this rule tells people that nothing is impossible, details determine success or failure, and small things make life.

remember watching a video clip:

A housewife dressed in ordinary clothes, with a resume and a group of young graduates competing for a job, everyone muttered, "look at her clothes, look at her shoes."

she did not quarrel or resist, but waited silently.

this is a very good listed company, so countless people come to the interview every day, waiting in line outside the door.

an old lady leaned on crutches and asked everyone, "is this the 14th floor of the building? my daughter works here. I came to see her."


the interviewees all said impatiently that they did not know, only this woman said, "Auntie, you are going the wrong way. The building is the opposite building."


the old lady said, "can you take me there?" I have something urgent to see my daughter.


this woman

said, "Yes, I use it anyway."It won't be too late to come back for an interview in a few minutes. "

as soon as she went out, the old lady said that she had twisted her foot and dared not move, so she told her to walk faster on her back. She left without hesitation.

when she came back, she found that the company had already finished the interview. Just when she was down, the personnel of the company told her that she had been accepted. The old lady was the president of the company, and that was the most important part of her interview.

as the old saying goes, "words are the voice of the heart, but actions are the expression of the heart."

speak, you can see a person's innermost thoughts, behavior, you can see a person's most real self-cultivation.

often determines a person's height, not luck, not opportunity, it is those inconspicuous small details.

Laozi once said, "Great events in the world must be done in detail."

small things make great things, but details make perfect.

A drop of water can reflect the brilliance of the sun, a drop of sand can see the whole world, and a little thing can see a person's heart.

A good character is the wealth of a lifetime; to be sincere is a lifetime of luck.

, whether you are doing things or being a person, do not ignore the power of details, start from small things, and achieve a different life.