The person who can chat with you like this must love you very much.
The person who can chat with you like this must love you very much.
If you meet someone who talks to you like this, cherish it.


there is a saying:

"having someone who can chat with me is more important than watching TV and eating.

for example, if it's a nice day today, I can say to him, it's a nice day. If it gets cold, I'll let him put on some more clothes. "

I believe we all feel this way.

especially when chatting with someone you like, it is an unparalleled joy and satisfaction if what you say is listened to and what you share is answered seriously.

from the chat, it can not only convey your feelings for the other person, but also reveal the other person's attitude and feelings towards you.

especially the person who can chat with you like this, he must love you very much.

take the initiative to find you and start a chat

it was said in the movie "he doesn't like you that much":

in the face of the woman you like, the most dull man will take the initiative. "

initiative is the most direct way to express love.

in the TV series "you are my City Camp", Xing Keba realized his love for Miao and tried to get close to her.

No matter how busy he is in the army, as soon as he is done, he takes out his mobile phone and sends Wechat to Miso.

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when you return to the dormitory at night, you should also avoid your teammates and quietly send a video to Michelle.

every morning and good night, he takes the initiative to greet her.

in order to surprise Mimi, she will secretly run to the hospital to pick her up from work.

there are many things in life that take a lot of work to learn.

but sometimes love can be taught without a teacher.

like chatting, when you miss someone, you can't help but want to find her and talk to her subconsciously.

want to know what she's doing, who she's with, and if she misses you.

want to tell her everything that happened to you, even if it's just what you had for brunch.

it's not easy to chat with the one you like and talk nonsense.

therefore, the person who often talks to you and will contact you when he has nothing to do and cares about you must care about you very much.

reply seriously, not perfunctory

some people say that if I talk at length with someone I like, but he only has "um" and "oh", then even if I like him no matter how much I like him, I don't want to talk any more.

because he doesn't care and perfunctory, it always makes me feel humble and embarrassed.

but if on the contrary, no matter what you say, I will reply you seriously.

even if you have only one "um", the person who can move on to the topic must like you very much.

my friend and I lined up to buy milk tea. Because of the difficulty in choosing, she didn't know which flavor of milk tea she wanted to drink, so she photographed all the flavors of the milk tea shop to her boyfriend.

every time she sends one, her boyfriend will analyze it for her to see how much sugar is, how much ice is, how much she thinks, and so on.

they talked for an hour before they finally decided to have an Oreo lid.

I couldn't help but wonder and asked my friend:

"do you usually do this? Won't he be bored? "

my friend said sweetly, "he is super patient with me. No matter how long I talk, he never gets bored." Whatever I say, he will think carefully before responding to me. "

that's what it is to really love someone, take her as the center in everything, and rest assured of her all the time.

take care of her feelings, take care of her mood, and sometimes regard her affairs as more important than your own.

even if it is a trivial matter, I am willing to listen to her babble.

not only roses and sunsets are romantic, but people who are willing to listen to your gossip are also romantic.

be the last one to finish

the person who loves you may not always finish the conversation, but the one who always ends the conversation must care about your feelings.

he knows how to think of others and is willing to be a backer for you.

not only when chatting, but also in life.

he is willing to stay behind you silently, no matter how far you go, you can see him later.

CoCo told me that one of the most touching things her boyfriend did was when she came home from work in the evening and was passing through a particularly dark alley with no street lights, her boyfriend called her.

he asked her to turn on the flashlight on her phone and talked with her all the way to comfort her not to be afraid.

until she got home, he didn't hang up.

when CoCo clicked on Wechat, she found that she didn't reply after saying she was leaving work during the chat.

but behind her green dialog box, her boyfriend replied four or five sentences, all telling her to pay attention to safety.

in a chat, how he ends, he will love you in his daily life.

because the tone, tone and speed of his talking to you reflect his attitude towards you to a certain extent.

people who are willing to make the final conclusion and end the chat will also be willing to support you for the rest of your life and shoulder your lifelong commitment.

whether a person loves you or not can be seen from the chat.

people who love you will take the initiative to find you, find topics and talk to you.

will respond to your message patiently, do not ignore, do not perfunctory you.

at the end of the chat, he will also wait for you to walk away before ending the conversation.

if you meet someone who talks to you like this, cherish it.

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