The mouth of the parents determines the fate of the child.
The mouth of the parents determines the fate of the child.
Parents' mouth is not only the way for children, but also the fengshui of a family.


Chekhov said, "Books are notes, but conversation is songs."

The charm of

language lies not only in communication, but also in educating one generation and establishing and correcting the values of another generation.

Children are the inheritance of parents, the future of the family, and the hope of a country.

the mouth of parents determines not only the path of a child, but also the future of a family.

Children are the future of a family

Liang Qichao said: "A hundred years of life is based on early childhood."

this remark is also like "three years old set eighty". What a person saw and heard, what he knew and learned when he was a child will shape his character, values, habits, and so on, which will determine his fate in this life.

Children are the continuation of a family, and the fate of children dominates the future of the family.

in life, many families try their best to fulfill their children's lives.

but often be blindly satisfied in the material aspect, but ignore the spiritual edification and education.

the direction is wrong, often futile, or even poles apart.

on Poems, there is a saying: "yesterday became the fruit of today, but the predecessors planted trees and future generations are cool."

for children, the best shade is the words and deeds of their parents.

A good mouth of parents can protect the success of a child's life, and the upright behavior of parents is enough to make a child's happiness all his life.

Let them heal their lives with childhood no matter how many hardships they encounter in their lives.

Let them reverse all their misfortunes with indifferent gratitude for the rest of their lives.

parents' mouths determine the path of their children

as the saying goes, "it is not the fault of the godfather."

it is the duty and responsibility of parents to educate their children well.

those responsible parents will use their own mouths to pave the way for their children's future.

will also use their own practical actions to set a good example for their children.

I was impressed by a news report once.

in the news, a pair of parents in Yongchuan, Chongqing is a clean stream in the parenting world.

they were furious when their nine-year-old son stole 2000 yuan from his grandmother to buy game equipment.

however, they do not beat or scold their children, but say calmly:

"if you take something that doesn't belong to you, return it."

now that you've spent it, this holiday, you can pick up the trash and pay back the money you owe your grandmother. "

words, let the child know that he is wrong and take the initiative to admit his mistake.

he listened to his parents' advice and paid off his debts by picking up waste products. Not only did he bear the consequences for his mistakes, but he also had the first taste that it was not easy to make money.

when he realizes his parents' difficulties in making money, he will not squander his money recklessly in the future.

when he realized that he had to pay such a high price for his theft, he would never take those ill-gotten gains.

the famous German philosopher Jaspers said:

"the essence of education is that one tree shakes another, one cloud pushes another, and one soul summons another."

"if your family has had it, you should not get angry." good words and deeds are always more effective than "stick education".

parents can talk, families are more prosperous

the Master said, "he is upright and acts without orders." His body is not upright, although he does not obey. "

parents' words and deeds are the best mirror of their children.

parents are filial to the previous generation day after day, and even if they do not tell their children to know how to respect the elderly and filial piety, their children can be grateful.

parents love each other harmoniously in marriage, and children can make their marriage happy even without telling their children how to get along with each other.

A child's ability to imitate is beyond imagination. When his thoughts are not fixed, he has the strongest plasticity, and it is also the best time to educate and correct mistakes.

parents can talk, and the children raised must have high EQ.

when such children grow up, they can not only be comfortable and happy in interpersonal communication, but also show their abilities properly at work.

unwittingly, let the career flourish, the life flourish day by day, and the family become more prosperous.

parents' mouth is not only the way for children, but also the fengshui of a family.

the words that come out of the parents' mouth reflect the future of the child, as well as the rise and fall of a family.

the so-called parenting masters are those parents who make the best use of their language. They never need to preach great truth to make their children's hearts look like mirrors.

parents don't have to pass exams to get to work, but the children they raise are the achievements of their lives.

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