The most important investment in life, find the right partner
The most important investment in life, find the right partner
Love is only the basis of marriage, and conduct is the guarantee of marriage.

recently, a hot search for "buy a house" on Weibo has aroused heated discussion among millions of netizens.

some netizens contributed that she had reached the point of talking about marriage with her boyfriend in Fuzhou, but her boyfriend and family's plans to buy a house made her nervous.

to put it simply, the man's plan is divided into three steps:

1. The father of the man is going to invest 5 million yuan to buy a marriage house, but the father has a house in his name, and the interest rate of the second house is too high, so the man does not have a fixed job, so he decides to write the woman's name.

2. After buying a house, the boyfriend is ready to mortgage the property with a maximum loan of 4 million, and then buy an apartment for rent.

3. Because he has hollowed out his savings by buying a house, the man also plans to make a loan to decorate it in the name of the woman, with a rough estimate of several hundred thousand.

at first glance, many netizens think that the woman meets true love, gives away an apartment out of thin air and becomes a charterer.

however, after careful consideration, someone found that the man had "ulterior motives", which was almost comparable to a pig killing plate.

first of all, according to the law, loans mortgaged by houses can no longer flow into the real estate market.

this means that 4 million of the loans can no longer be bought in the name of the woman, but will be transferred to the man in other ways.

in addition, 4 million of the loan, there will be about 3 million interest.

that is to say, before the girl marries her boyfriend, the man puts the woman in debt of more than $7 million in the name of 5 million (plus decoration loans).

what is even more frightening is that the marriage house in the woman's name is fully funded by the husband's parents, and they have the right to reclaim the property at any time.

on the other hand, the loan in the woman's name is really in her name, and there is no escape or escape.

when you think about it, you can't bear a chill in your back. The woman seems to have picked up a big bargain, but in fact she unwittingly carries more than 12 million risks.

500W (housing) + 400W (loan) + 300W (interest) + 50W (expected decoration) = 1250W

all this is just as netizens say:

"the house bought in your name is not necessarily your house, but the loan borrowed in your name must be your loan."

some marriages are full of calculations from the beginning, throwing risks and debts to each other, how can they expect to have a happy life.

when you fall in love, you may still be able to share, but if you don't love, you will face an endless abyss.

what you think of love may be a calculation

there is a good saying:

"Love is a matter for two people, but marriage is a matter for two families."

when you are in love, you can be in love with me, but when you fall in love, it is true.

but marriage is the combination and collision of two families, in which the entanglement of interests should not be careless.

I have seen the experience of a girl who has a good relationship with her boyfriend and is ready to get married.

one day, the boyfriend excitedly told the girl that their parents agreed to their marriage and sent the girl a picture of a real estate certificate.

boyfriend said that parents secretly bought the whole wedding house, as their future small family, will not disturb the life of the couple.

the boy also said that his parents would add another 100000 yuan in betrothal gifts.

the girl was very moved and said again and again, "No, bride price is etiquette."

the boy swore that the girl must be married with splendor and face.

after a lot of sweet talk, the girl got carried away with love.

when the boy saw this, he then asked the girl if the dowry would be prepared, and suggested that the dowry be converted into cash to decorate the new house.

the girl was so moved that she readily agreed without thinking and offered to buy some household appliances.

the boy said, "then buy a central air conditioner!"

after the girl answered, the boy said that according to the custom, the girl should have a car to marry her, and added that the third uncle's wife had married a BMW, hoping that the girl's family could accompany a better one.

the girl felt something wrong, but didn't think about it until she told her parents that her mother told the truth:

"Let's pay for decoration and buy a car. On the surface, there is no problem, but if you divorce, you will have nothing."

house is still his house, but our decoration can not be removed, and the car has become a used car. "

only then did the girl wake up to the fact that the love in her eyes was just a weight calculated by her boyfriend's family.

writer Liu Na said: "the truth of marriage is a combination of needs, reproduction, property and interests."

in marriage, there are more realistic entanglements than love.

people with bad intentions will only consider their own interests, regardless of the gains and losses of others.

this is not love, but fraud.

if you are foolishly intoxicated with love, you will fall into the trap of tenderness and fall into the pockets of others.

husband and wife

be both sincere and sober

in real life, it is not uncommon to be regarded as prey by pillow people.

first there was a case of a pregnant woman falling off a cliff in Thailand. In order to pay off the debt, the husband pushed his pregnant wife off the cliff and wanted to monopolize the property.

after that, there was a case of killing his wife in a car accident around the island of Liaoning. The husband had evil thoughts because of huge losses in the stock market, stunned his wife and caused a car accident, trying to kill his wife and cheat his insurance.

the wickedness of the human heart can never be guessed that even a close person can hold out a vicious hand.

husband and wife are bothFamily members are also two independent people.

if one side chooses to turn his back, the other side cannot turn a deaf ear to it and let others kill him.

in the TV series Jiang Zhao Dawn, Li Xiaonan got married naturally after falling in love with her boyfriend Su Rui.

in order to live a good life, Li Xiaonan runs business in intermediary companies during the day, works conscientiously, pushes tricycles to sell fried noodles on the street at night, and never cries tiredness.

Li Xiaonan worked hard for his family wholeheartedly, but unwittingly found that her husband was pregnant with ghosts.

once, her husband suggested that they each buy a life accident insurance, and Li Xiaonan kept an eye on it.

Li Xiaonan did not expose her husband, but became more careful in life.

she first found the camera at home, and then when she had an asthma attack in the middle of the night, she found that the spare medicine had become an empty bottle.

after repeated confirmation, Li Xiaonan guessed that her husband had killed her, so she began to save herself.

she not only secretly signed up to learn life-saving skills, but also secretly collected evidence of her husband's cheating.

in the end, Li Xiaonan succeeded in saving his life by virtue of caution and tact.

between husband and wife, we should not only be sincere, but also stay awake.

No matter how much you love, you can't lose your guard; no matter how close you are, you can't trust too much.

there is a good saying: "people's eyes have 576 million pixels, but they can't understand people after all."

the sea is hard to measure, but the human heart is hard to measure.

what people can't see clearly is the black heart of others, and what they can't guess is the malice of others.

pay attention to everything, trust has a bottom line, although we can not predict the future, but we can guard against unknown disasters.

finding the right partner is the most important choice in life

Marriage is for happiness, not for gambling and laying hidden dangers for the rest of your life.

choosing the right partner is the most important choice in life.

A bad partner is the curse of a long life; a good partner is the backing of the road of wind and rain.

Luo Yonghao and his wife are the latter. After the company went bankrupt, Luo Yonghao wanted to make a comeback and applied for a loan of 96 million yuan from the bank.

when the loan was signed, the bank asked his wife to sign it together, and Luo Yonghao dialed his wife's number.

after a while, my wife came and signed the loan without saying a word.

when I got home, my wife joked:

"you've been messing around for so many years, leaving me nothing, not even a house or a car.

if anything happens to you, how many films and bowls I have to cut and wash for others before I can afford it! "

in fact, the wife is not without thinking about the risk, but because of trust and love, she is willing to support her husband.

in order to live up to his wife and repay his debts quickly, Luo Yonghao put down his face and made his debut as an Internet celebrity in middle age.

others regard him as a laughingstock. He is completely preoccupied with making money, and he is busy with meetings, selection and live broadcasts until late at night.

from live broadcast in the first three days to live broadcast on time every day, Luo Yonghao has become the "desperate Saburo" in the Internet celebrity world.

finally, Luo Yonghao lived up to his expectations, paid off all his debts and reached the peak again.

I have heard a sentence:

the husband is the wife's life, the wife is the husband's luck, two people together on the fate.

going in both directions and sharing the burden of wind and rain can comfort life.

when choosing a partner for the rest of your life, you must stay away from these four kinds of people.

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those who take money too seriously are bound to take their partner very lightly.

when you are in love, you can be a baby, and when you are not in love, you can also be a tool to make money.

moody person

if a person's character is uncertain, then his love is worthless.

combining with moody people is tantamount to planting a ticking time bomb around you. You never know whether the next second is a blessing or a curse.

A person with a strong desire for control

people who have too much control have only themselves in their eyes and can't tolerate other voices.

in contrast, your words and deeds will be the starting point of doubt, and marriage will never be at peace.

people with bad habits

if people get caught up in bad habits, they will lose their moral bottom line.

in the world of such people, everything, including partners, can be sacrificed to satisfy bad habits.

therefore, staying away is the best way to take care of yourself.

Shakespeare said:

an unhappy marriage is like hell, where a chicken fights for a goose all his life. On the contrary, if you choose a satisfactory spouse, you will be in harmony and be happy for a hundred years.

what kind of partner you choose, you will live what kind of life.

Life is like a reverse journey. Although you don't expect to meet the chosen one, you can't hold hands with the best scum.

Love is only the basis of marriage, and moral conduct is the guarantee of marriage.

join hands with others and sleep with each other, be sure to polish your eyes and find a reliable, reliable and reliable person.

if you meet someone unkind, don't be discouraged, boldly leave the past and love yourself.

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