The most comfortable way of life: reading leisure books, making friends, and seeing the world.
The most comfortable way of life: reading leisure books, making friends, and seeing the world.
A high-quality friend is better than a group of noisy friends.

Lu Shaoheng of the Ming Dynasty wrote:

"I wish to read all the good books in the world, two to know all the good people in the world, and three to see all the good fengshui in the world."

there is no one in the world who does not worry about life. You have to find the antidote yourself.

the best cure is to read leisure books; the most precious opportunity is to make friends; and the highest realm is to see the world.

read idle books

the old tree painting once said:

"eat tea, read idle books, listen to the rain and watch the flowers fall. Thinking from the heart, the wind passes through the eyes. "

when you are young, you can increase your knowledge by reading; when you are old, you can cultivate your self-cultivation.

writer Liang Xiaosheng won the Mao Dun Literature Award.

he likes reading idle books so much that he still spends a lot of time reading idle books at the age of 40.

in Liaozhai, Liang Xiaosheng felt the charm of classical Chinese and understood the emotions behind ghosts, so he wrote the Apocalypse of Ghost Fox.

many people think that the Legend of the White Snake is only a love novel, but he sees the tragic doctrine of Greek heroes in it.

Liang Xiaosheng believes that a person's history of spiritual development must be related to his reading history. He doesn't have to read books with utilitarianism, but reads different kinds of books as much as possible.

I went to bed late last night and got up early to smell the smell of books.

the idle books are salty, at the open-book table.

Books are the refuge of life. You can leave all your troubles behind and indulge in the vastness of the starry sky, the mind of the literati, and the origin of history.

people who love reading have the experience that the originally difficult two or three hours will pass unknowingly as long as they open an idle book.

compared to watching entertainment videos, reading is the highest return investment.

the writer Yishu once wrote: "Why are you reading so many books?"

it is at a critical juncture that we can maintain a little self-esteem according to our will: if other people don't love us, we stand up and go. There is no point in pestering. "

for the rest of my life, I have no distractions and only read idle books.

High achievers

there is a saying in the ancients: "if the good people are together, they will hear the good training every day; if the wicked travel, they will have evil feelings every day."

A high-quality friend is better than a group of noisy friends.

during the Spring and Autumn period, Bao Shuya and Guan Zhong were good friends. They trust each other and do business together.

when Guan Zhong pays dividends at the end of the year, Guan Zhong always gets more money. Bao Shuya knows that Guan Zhong's family is poor and has never accused him of being greedy.

in an escape, Guan Zhong almost mistakenly killed Duke Huan of Qi, causing disaster.

Bao Shuya said to Duke Huan of Qi, "Guan Zhong is far more resourceful than I am. You should ask him to be prime minister."

Duke Huan of Qi said, "he tried to kill me, but you want me to ask him to be prime minister?"

Bao Shuya explained: "Guan Zhong is not to blame, he is just following the orders of his master."

Guan Zhongkuan loves the people, is good at governing the country, and formulates etiquette, all of which I can't do. "

Duke Huan of Qi, after listening to Bao Shuya's suggestion, appointed Guan Zhong, and within a few years, the State of Qi quickly became strong.

later, Guan Zhong sighed: "the parents who gave birth to me, Bao Shuya who knew me."

A true master, a teacher and a friend, has far-reaching wisdom and good character.

help you turn misfortune into good fortune in times of crisis; help you turn defeat into victory in times of adversity.

as the saying goes, "near the wise is wise, and near the fool is enlightening."

the influence between people is imperceptible.

when you meet a villain, sweet words will drag you into the abyss.

meet dignitaries, stride and talk to bring you new knowledge.

as the saying goes, water flows down and people go up.

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in life, we should not only cultivate ourselves, but also make friends with high people, so that we can go farther and farther.

see the world

Little woman has a saying:

"Girls need to see the world before they can decide what kind of life they want to have.



in this book, the heroine Joe is born into an ordinary family.

she is free and easy by nature, likes reading and writing, and often leads her sisters to act in plays.

because his father took part in the war far away and the family had no income, Joe tried to write novels to make money and help his mother share the burden.

at that time, everyone thought that a girl should get married earlier, and only by marrying into a wealthy family could she change her fate.

Joe hated this idea so much that she refused the rich boy's confession and went to study in New York alone.

she said: "Women have their own thoughts and souls, as well as lofty aspirations and talents.

I can't stand people saying that women are born to get married. "

in New York, Joe met Professor Barr, learned German, made new friends and broadened his horizons.

at the same time, she began to write novels, and despite repeated failures, she persisted.

only if you have seen the world and know that the sky is high and the earth is high, can you understand the ways of the world.

only when you have tasted sweetness and bitterness and understood the vicissitudes of life can you tell right from wrong.

everyone should live for themselves, do not be bound by the rules of others, to experience, to experience, it is not a wasted trip to the world.

the more you see the world, the more broad-minded you will be, and you won't worry about trifles easily.

read by one personExperience and experience are worth more than any wealth.

I have heard a theorem that when you do 20% of the core things well, the remaining 80% of the problem will be solved.

instead of wasting time complaining and complaining, take every period of time seriously.

the more desperate it is, the more powerful it will be. Flowers will blossom in the thorns, and there will be poetry in the quagmire.

, may we all live in the present, read more books, meet high people and see the world, take root downward and grow up at the same time.