The most comfortable way of life for the rest of my life.
The most comfortable way of life for the rest of my life.
Do not compare, do not insist, do not obsession, do everything according to your ability.


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"six stories of a floating Life" said: "the life is busy, the competition is long, but there is no way to know the glory and glory, and the gains and losses are difficult to measure."

people live a lifetime, a drop in the ocean, not everything is satisfactory, some ups and downs can not be avoided, some gains and losses can not escape.

half of my life has passed, and I gradually understand that life and death are destined for life and death, and wealth lies in heaven, not yours, and it is useless to force it.

people who really live a thorough life know that the most comfortable way of life for the rest of their lives is "incompetence".

Let yourself go and accept the ordinary

Li Bai said: "the talent that heaven and earth make me must have its use."

Walking in the world, everyone is unique and irreplaceable, just like every flower has its own fragrance, there is no need to belittle yourself, let alone be perfect.

instead of competing with yourself and making your life exhausted and losing the beauty of your life, you might as well learn to appreciate and accept yourself.

you know, no one can be perfect, worthy of the heart is the best life.

psychologist Wu Zhihong once told a story:

A middle-aged man has been doing his best in the first half of his life just to make a perfect impression on the people around him.

but in fact, he is in pain almost all the time, and is often seen through the suspicion of "pretending to be perfect" because of a look in the eyes of others.

to this end, he sought the help of a psychiatrist for nearly 10 years.

and he is finally willing to let himself go and accept himself, which stems from watching a play.

the character in the play said, "you can fool others, but not yourself."

A very common sentence suddenly poked him in the heart and told him to let go of his knot and shake hands with him.

"the secrecy of the small window" says: "those who live full, such as water will not overflow, do not add another drop."

Life is short and things are changeable. It is not easy for people to live, so there is no need to criticize themselves.

if you are in the mind of self-competition all day, you will only make yourself depressed.

try to accept your own mediocrity, accept occasional incompetence, no comparison, no compulsion, no obsession, and do everything according to your ability.

in fact, the most rare thing in life is to see yourself clearly, accept yourself, and fulfill yourself.

when you let go of your high expectations and learn to embrace the present, you will find that everything in life is the best arrangement.

be tolerant of others and embrace freedom

as the old saying goes, "when the water is clear, there is no fish, and when people observe, there is no apprentice."


in the world of mortals, everyone is not an isolated island, you come and go, just have this beautiful world.

but everyone has his own position, and friction is inevitable in the intersection.

if there is a contradiction, it is necessary to distinguish between ugliness and ugliness, and to figure out who is right and who is wrong, which will only lead to loneliness.

and choosing understanding and tolerance in case of trouble will broaden your life path.

Su Shi has a friend named Han Zongru, whose favorite thing in life is to eat mutton.

knowing that Su Shi is famous and good at calligraphy, he often writes to Su Shi and then takes the reply to exchange it for money so that he can buy mutton.

Su Shi's students knew and joked:

"in ancient times, Wang Xizhi traded words for geese, but now there are teachers who exchange words for sheep, which is quite elegant!


when Su Shi heard this, he was not angry, but laughed loudly.

on this day, Han Zongru wanted to eat mutton again. He wrote several letters to Su Shi in one day and sent someone to stand outside the door waiting for a reply.

but Su Shi was busy with official business, so he said amusingly to the newcomers, "Today's cold food, he can't eat meat."

it is unkind for Han Zongru to rely on his closeness to Su Shi and use his fame to gain benefits for himself.

but Su Shi not only did not care, but also retained a decency for Han Zongru after being offended.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"the great wise must be modest, and the great good must be tolerant;

only the little wise man is aggressive, and the little good man is haggling.



in life, it is not difficult to see people who haggle over pennies, especially when they encounter damage to their own interests.

little do you know that it is rare to be confused when you live a lifetime.

but to compete with others in everything not only makes it difficult for others, but also lowers one's own pattern.

as the saying goes, "forgive others and forgive others


the more you worry about, the more you will lose.

on the contrary, every ray of kindness you send out, every tolerance you give, will repay you in another way.

therefore, wise people are mostly "blaming others", and only fools are "aggressive".

in fact, life is only a hundred years old. It is better to be grateful than complain when you meet someone who hurts you.

when you are willing to accept others, you will find that all things are amiable and everyone is kind.

conform to fate and achieve life

it is said in the Analects of Confucius: "those who go ahead cannot be remonstrated, but those who come can still pursue them."

Life is like sailing in the sea, where there are ebb and flow, there is no need to worry too much about the gains and losses of fate.

learn to look forward to everything. When you plant a plane tree, why worry about not having a Phoenix?

during the reign of Kangxi, Leng Mei, a court painter in his early 20s, with his superb painting skillsWon the favor of the emperor.

even Emperor Kangxi's most proud masterpiece, "Summer Villa", was hand-picked Leng Mei to paint.

and he did not insult the life of the emperor, and his "Summer Resort Map" was a very representative work throughout the Kangxi Dynasty.

but no one expected that Leng Mei was inexplicably pushed into the cold palace during the reign of Yongzheng.

No trace of his creation can be found in the records of the inner court.

from being like a fish in water at the time of Kangxi to being "removed" at the time of Yongzheng, this treatment can be said to be the difference between cloud and mud.

but Leng Mei did not compete with fate, but was willing to work silently as a "wild" painter in the folk for 13 years.

it is precisely because of Leng Mei's slow pace, arrogance and impatience that he has attracted the attention of Wang Hongli, a precious relative.

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after Hong Li ascended the throne, Leng Mei, who is over 50 years old, entered the palace again to continue his splendor as a court painter.

there is a good saying in Caigen Tan: "the heart of a gentleman begins to appear when things come, and when things go, the heart goes empty."

all the cool honors and disgraces in the world are, after all, fleeting. A gentleman should be determined to be like a mountain and walk like water.

when the opportunity comes, do your best, and when the opportunity goes, gladly respond.

in the noisy world, it is great wisdom to maintain an open-mindedness and calmness of a thousand sails.

after all, there are unexpected events in the sky and misfortunes and blessings of every day, so we cannot control the arrangement of fate, and naturally there is no need to compete with it.

if you encounter setbacks, you will not only plant the seeds of resentment in your heart, but also restrict the pace of meeting the future.

try to keep a low profile, return to the simplicity of life, and enjoy the various tastes of fate in the ups and downs of the years.

Life is short, why compete with each other

Mencius has a saying: "if a man does not do something, then he can do something."

Life is like a balance, balance runs through life.

the more energy you put into one place, the less you will naturally invest in the other.

only by knowing the trade-offs and knowing that some things cannot be done, can we free up our energy and do more things that can be done.

if you compete, all things will be entangled with you; if you are open-minded, the world will have nothing to disturb you.

as the poet Bai Juyi said, "what is the dispute in the snail's horn?"

in life, fame and fortune come and go, spoil gains and losses are ups and downs, what is the competition?

the most important thing in life is to live in peace and serenity.

do not compete with yourself over the pros and cons of life, the length of interests with others, and the ups and downs of life, so that you can be calm and unrestrained for a lifetime.