The most advanced intelligence is to wake yourself up!
The most advanced intelligence is to wake yourself up!
May you be able to pick it up and put it down, know how to stop your loss in time, and reflect on yourself in case of trouble.

as the old saying goes, "if you keep breaking, you will be disturbed by it."

in the hustle and bustle of the world, the world is always busy because of fame and fortune, giving rise to a lot of troubles, and the more tired the life is.

do not realize that these "things outside the body" tend to make life miserable.

only by waking yourself up in time and learning to let go is the generous nourishment of life.

for those who are wrong, let go in time

"Pipa Qin" said: "I would have my heart to the moon, but how the moon shines on the ditch."

I always think that you can get your heart in exchange for your heart. After being kind to others from the bottom of your heart, you find that not everyone deserves to be nice to him.

learn to let go in time when you meet those who don't understand you, don't care about you, and won't pay for you.

at the age of 15, Zhang Youyi married Xu Zhimo at the behest of her parents and the words of a matchmaker.

Xu Zhimo hates arranged marriage very much,

so his attitude towards his wife Zhang Youyi is always indifferent and disgusted.

Even so, Zhang Youyi always tries her best to be a virtuous wife.

when she found out she was pregnant, Zhang Youyi excitedly told Xu Zhimo.

I thought there would be some relaxation in our relationship, but unexpectedly, the other side was very decisive and decided to inform her to get rid of the child.

this incident also made Zhang Youyi completely cold about this feeling.

after so many years of giving with no regrets, all I got was my husband's dislike and betrayal.

Finally she decided to sign the divorce agreement.

Zhang Youyi did not collapse after her divorce. She taught herself German, entered the fashion circle, became general manager of the bank, and became a socialite at that time.

it is precisely because Zhang Youyi knows how to let go in time and stay away from the person who has never taken himself to heart that she has really realized the rebirth of Nirvana.

in this world, not all encounters can be treated gently; if it is not your compromise in the relationship, you can get a good result.

No matter who is not worth it, there is no need to wronge himself. If you don't respond to your enthusiasm, stop being obsessed with it.

the rest of your life is long. Learn to let go and stay away from those who consume you as soon as possible.

take the wrong road, stop loss in time

the Master said, "if you stop and know what you stop, can you be a man but not as good as a bird?"

as Confucius said: animals know how to stop losses in time, how can people not know as much as birds?

it is recorded in the Book of the later Han Dynasty:

Meng Min, the protagonist, is going to sell the tin porcelain on his back at the market. On the way, the can porcelain accidentally falls and breaks, but he moves on without looking back.

the passer-by reminded him: your jar is broken, why don't you look back?

Meng Min said: it's broken anyway. Let's see what's the use.

Yes, bad things have happened, and it is impossible to take it back, so accept it calmly.

the more entangled you are, the more time and energy you will waste, and you will only waste your life in the end.

as the famous "crocodile effect" in psychology says:

when a crocodile bites your foot, if you try to free your foot with your hand, the crocodile will bite your hand and foot at the same time. The longer you struggle and the harder you work, the more places you will get hurt.

so when you are bitten by a crocodile, only giving up one foot is your only wise choice.

the same is true of life, nine times out of ten unsatisfactory things, many times know that timely stop-loss is the best redemption for yourself.

self-examination, not blaming others

Wang Yangming said: "Learning must be against yourself. if you blame others in vain, you will see that others are wrong, but you will not see your own fault."

in life, complainers are used to criticizing others when things happen. no matter what happens, the fault is someone else's, and they have never reflected on their own problems.

A true wise man knows how to find reasons and review himself when he comes across problems.

Lu's Spring and Autumn period records such a story:

Xia Dynasty,

Boqi was defeated by Hu, whose strength was less than half of his own.

Boqi's officers and men were very unconvinced and asked to send troops again with shame.

Boqi said: "We are twice as strong as they are, and our armaments are superior to them, but we can't resist. This must be my own problem. "

since then, Boqi has trained the army strictly every day, accepted a wide range of talents, and studied military strategy.

later, when Hu saw this, he took the initiative to surrender without aggression.

it is precisely that Boqi does not blame when something happens, and finds problems from himself, so that he can lead the army to strength.

Confucius said, "if you see the virtuous and think of each other, if you see that you are not virtuous, you will examine yourself."


the biggest gap between people is not whether they make mistakes, but whether they can be corrected in time.

The higher the level of people, the more they know how to find reasons for everything from themselves and move forward in reflection.

introspection is the way of virtue. Only when there is more self-reflection, can you cultivate yourself better.

Confucius said, "the superior man asks for himself, and the villain asks for others."

when a real wise man encounters something, he will first look for a problem in himself.

being alive is a process of constantly waking yourself up. Only when you wake up thoroughly can you live a more thorough life.

Don't look back on the past, you can't look back on the years. May you be able to pick it up and put it down, know how to stop your loss in time, and reflect on yourself in case of trouble.