The man who will contact you at these four moments will really love you to the bone.
The man who will contact you at these four moments will really love you to the bone.
The rest of our lives are long. May we all meet such people.

when we first fall in love, we all want to stick with each other all the time:

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there are always endless topics. I can't wait to share every little thing with each other, and I'm full of curiosity about everything TA says.

but the passionate moment will always fade slowly, when the feelings return to dull, many people's emotional maintenance, no longer rely on the 24-hour phone porridge, but important moments of concern and contact.

some people contact you in order to pass the boring time, but the person who contacts you in these four moments really loves you.

contact you when you are busy

in this fast-paced era, everyone's time is precious. We should be busy working, living, meeting friends and socializing.

so, only those who really care about you will take time out of their busy schedule to give you sense of security that responds to everything.

there was a colleague who worked with us on a very difficult project.

but that colleague always takes advantage of half an hour of lunch to make a video call with his fiancee.

this is true almost every day, without exception.

We all joked, "We are already wives-to-be, why are they still so sticky?" If you have this time, you might as well have a little more rest.



for busy people, time is the most precious resource.

if he is a person who will take the time to reply to your messages when he is too busy to touch the ground, he will love you well.

because you are really important to him.

contact you after a quarrel

in love, it is impossible to be so sweet forever. There will always be conflicts and minor quarrels.

after a quarrel, some men will slam the door without looking back, give you cold words, ignore you, and force you to bow voluntarily with a cold and violent attitude.

in the heart of this kind of man, his face is the most important, at least more important than you and this relationship. Let him take the initiative to show weakness, bow his head and apologize after a quarrel. Don't even think about it.

and those who really care about you will be willing to put down their posture after a quarrel, take the initiative to talk to you, try to make you happy, and try to repair the relationship.

it is not because he is embarrassed, but because he cares more about you and is more reluctant to give up the relationship between you than the so-called face.

behind active contact, you are reluctant to give up, afraid of hurting you, and even more afraid of losing you.

contact you before making a big decision

A friend shared one thing some time ago:

company has two places for promotion, and he happens to be among them, but the condition for a straight promotion is that he must be transferred to work out of town for two years.

another colleague agreed without thinking, but he hesitated and said he wanted to discuss it with his girlfriend.

he has been with his girlfriend for four years and has recently been preparing for his marriage. Going to work out of town means that the wedding will definitely be postponed.

A colleague advised a friend, "this opportunity for promotion doesn't happen every day. I'm sure your girlfriend will understand the postponement of the wedding. It's up to you to decide for yourself. Her opinion doesn't matter.


my friend said firmly: "she is the one I have decided to live my whole life, and her opinion is very important!"


at the moment, he chose to call his girlfriend to discuss whether to accept an assignment or not.

I don't know how my friend's fiancee feels when he hears this. Anyway, I am very moved.

when someone makes a decision, he or she will put your feelings first, at least it means that you are really important in his heart.

in any relationship, mutual respect is the most important thing:

because you respect you, your attitude is very important; because you care about you, you want to know what you think in the first place.

contact you when frustrated and sad

many men actually have high self-esteem, and most of them do not show their fragile and sensitive side to outsiders.

except in the face of the most trusted and undefended person.

if he contacts you when he is frustrated and sad, even if he just talks to you and stay for a while, it shows that you are really important in his heart.

whether it is a good mood or a bad mood, he wants to share it with you. Your comfort and company is his best motivation.

there are many people in this world who can share happiness and success, but few people can feel your frustration and sadness.

it's really rare to have someone who can speak your heart all the time.

if you encounter it, please cherish it.

We always meet a lot of people in our life, but 95% of them are passers-by in our long life, so it's not easy to meet someone who really loves each other.

some people contact you just to pass the boring time; some people choose to go back in seconds, just waiting for the bait before the fish is hooked, and the person who contacts you at an important moment really cares about you and attaches importance to you.

shows that you are really important in his heart, and you must know how to cherish it.

, the rest of my life will be long. May we all meet someone who will value your thoughts and take care of your feelings.Spoil you on the tip of your heart and give you a lifetime of steady love.