The magnetic field in you determines who you will meet.
The magnetic field in you determines who you will meet.
What kind of temperament you are, what kind of people you will attract.

"Book of changes" cloud: "the same voice corresponding, the same phase of demand."

the same sound can resonate, and the same smell will blend with each other.

people. People with the same interests and opinions are attracted to each other and naturally join together.

all the encounters are feelings from the heart.

what's on the inside forms a magnetic field that attracts people of the same kind.

people of noble character are always surrounded by good people; people with sinister intentions are always surrounded by villains.

what kind of temperament you are, what kind of people you will attract.

if you have a good mind, you will meet an important person

Daojing says:

"so expensive is the world, if you can send it to the world."

only those who regard the world as precious as their own life can entrust the burden of the world to him.

Zhuge Liang has a talent for saving the world and lives in seclusion in Nanyang to make a cloth.

Liu Bei has the heart of the world, cares for the thatched cottage three times, and leaves behind stories through the ages.

when Liu Bei visited Zhuge Liang for the first time, the doorman said he was out;

on his second visit, he said that he had been invited to leave;

I went for the third time. Although I didn't go, I lay in bed and took a nap.

Liu Bei stood in front of the door until Zhuge Liang woke up.

what moved Zhuge Liang was not the identity of Liu Bei's royal clan, but his kind-hearted nature and loving people like a son.

since then, he followed Liu Bei and worked hard all his life to analyze the general trend of the world. Only then did Liu Bei have the pride of one-third of the world.

it is precisely because he has a good heart that Liu Bei attracts people with the same lofty aspirations and initiates the great cause of a thousand years.

and another famous general of the three Kingdoms, Dong Zhuo, although Rao Yong is good at fighting, with ingenuity, enters the prime minister's country.

but he is violent, full of selfish desires and ambitions, and does whatever it takes to achieve his ends.

in the end, he was killed by his close relatives.

Dong Zhuo did not die under the knife of others, but in his own greedy heart.


as the saying goes, "born without having, for the sake of not relying on, long but not killing, is called Xuande."

A person who is not proud of himself, does not take credit, takes the world as his duty, but withdraws from it after success and fame, then he has the highest virtue.

A man of profound virtue speaks kind words, goes out to do good deeds, and has good thoughts in his heart.

because he has someone else in his heart, others will have him in his heart.

he always brings benefits to others, so that others will bring benefits to him.

good thoughts are like a magnetic wave that continues to diverge outward, and when it sends energy to others, it will also receive good thoughts from others.

therefore, you will become what you think of, and you will meet whoever you think of.

if you have a dark heart, you will only meet small people

whoever has morality in his heart, the Tao will be happy to get him.

if you lose morality and morality, you will get the consequences of counter-phagocytosis.

Liu he, the abandoned emperor of the Han Dynasty, who was born dissolute and fond of eating, drinking and making merry, originally missed the throne, because when Han Zhaodi died, he was made emperor because he was childless.

when he was the king of Changyi, he behaved strangely, liked delicious food, liked gorgeous carriages and horses, and sent people to hunt for beauties for his delight.

he turned a deaf ear to the advice of loyal ministers, but was close to obsequious villains.

gradually, there are more and more people who like to ingratiate themselves.

when Liu he was called to Beijing, the villains around him were in high spirits, and hundreds of people surrounded Liu he to leave the country.

on the road, a group of people wantonly disturbed the people, destroyed farmland and robbed people's girls.

Liu he not only did not stop it, but was as unscrupulous as they were.

after he ascended the throne, he continued to be extravagant and lustful, and his closest courtiers around him also ascended to heaven, and within a few days Liu he gave them a continuous promotion.

these people got carried away and made Chang'an a mess, causing dissatisfaction among old courtiers.

Liu he, after being emperor for only 27 days, was driven back to the feudal kingdom and became the most short-lived emperor in the history of the Western Han Dynasty.

I have heard a sentence:

"the more negative you are, the easier it is to attract trash people."

if people lose their good thoughts and stay away from good deeds, the negative energy magnetic field around them will attract more and more emotional garbage.

eventually forms a black hole that attracts people with the same negative energy.

when you bemoan the injustice of fate, you have to understand that everything is attracted by yourself.

there is no love for no reason, no hate for no reason, all the encounters have been secretly marked with a price tag.

who do you meet in this life

it's all determined by your magnetic field

your emotions and attitudes towards the outside world will eventually return to yourself.

just like the energy we can't see, it always guides the whole universe to work regularly.

attraction eventually leads to the meeting of two people of the same nature.

people with good thoughts exude positive strength to attract people with the same energy, and the same kindness will be returned to themselves.

people with dark hearts always keep their personal gains and losses in mind, always beware and calculate all the time, others also plan him, and as a result they are surrounded by villains.

all your experiences in this world are attracted by yourself.

when we understand this truth, we know that instead of complaining about others, it is better to practice our hearts and polish ourselves.

No matter who you meet, he is the one who should appear in your life. It is no accident that you are doomed.

A good mind is like a seed.

when you live a lifetime, you should have good thoughts in your heart. If you have good thoughts in your heart, you will live a sunny, noble and pure life.

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doing a good deed may bring you a turn for the better and an opportunity.

the seeds of many kinds of good thoughts will meet more good people, and more good deeds will come unsolicited.

good mindfulness is spiritual practice and knowledge. It is a flower, a world, and a Bodhi.

all the encounters in this life are not accidental, they are the power of thought and the attraction of homogeneity.

, may we be grateful, do more good deeds, and then meet the most important people in our lives.