The Law of three minutes changes countless people
The Law of three minutes changes countless people
Do not pass the buck, do not escape, every failure is the time to grow up.

time is the cure for everything.

talking, doing and dealing with others all take time to ferment.

"the Law of three minutes", every thing is to practice and usher in a better self.

speak, think about it for 3 minutes

as the saying goes, "when the water is deep, it slows down, and when you are expensive, it is late to speak."


If you say it, it's like spilled water, and you can't get it back at all.

speaking is an art, one word makes people laugh, the other makes people jump.

some people, some words, without thinking, easily say it.

even if there is no malice, it is easy to hurt others and cause disaster to yourself.

Wang was once one of the most prominent families in history.

there are six words in the family motto: "speak slowly, heart should be kind."

Wang Ji, the first ancestor of Wang, was able to tide over various difficulties in sinister officialdom precisely because he abided by the first three words.

from a petty official to an important official of the imperial court.

Be sure to filter it in your head before you speak.

think clearly what the consequences will be for yourself and others as soon as the words are spoken.

what you have to say, you should also pay attention to the ways and methods:

if you can speak less, never more; if you can speak slowly, never quickly; if you can speak softly, never hard.

keep your mouth shut and you win.

get angry, calm down for 3 minutes

in life, it is inevitable to encounter some unpleasant things.

learn to control your emotions and don't let your anger rise.

when people are angry, it is easy to become impulsive.

what you say and do at this time can only hurt others and yourself.

before Wang Yangming calmed down Ning's rebellion, many veterans were not convinced by him.

often around the barracks outside all kinds of abuse, looking for quarrels and disturbances.

Wang Yangming sat firmly in the account, unmoved.

he said: "how can there be biased emotions such as anger in the hearts of the people? If anger is out of control, it will go too far. "

the best way to control anger is to ease it.

instead of remorse afterwards, let yourself calm down for three minutes and wait for your mood to calm down before making a decision.

in daily trifles, deliberately temper yourself and learn to control your emotions.

if you look at things for a long time, you won't be so extreme.

learn to deal with it cold, only to find that what you can't figure out is not worth your anger at all.

in case of trouble, 3 minutes in advance

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "everything in advance is established, and if you do not anticipate, you will be wasted."

whatever you do, you must have the amount in advance.

you will only succeed if you are prepared in advance, but it is easy to fail if you are not prepared.

once you get into the habit of being late, you must be the one to lose in the end.

when Zhang Liang was in the summer, he met an old man who spoke well.

the old man said to Zhang Liang, "meet me on the bridge in the morning five days later."

Zhang Liang hurriedly arrived at the appointment five days later.

but he didn't expect that the old man came earlier than him and had been waiting for him for a long time.

when the old man saw Zhang Liang, he reprimanded, "if you make an appointment with the elder, how dare you be late?" Come and see me early in five days! "

with that, the old man left without looking back.

five days later, as soon as Zhang Liang heard the rooster crow, he hurried to the appointment.

this time, the old man nodded with satisfaction when he saw that Zhang Liang had come so early.

take out a book and give it to Zhang Liang, which is the famous "Art of War".

Zhang Liang studied the book carefully and finally made a career.

doing everything three minutes in advance is a kind of respect for others.

make a good impression and let people see your sincerity.

such people will be welcomed wherever they go.

it is also a kind of responsibility for yourself to do everything three minutes in advance.

set aside buffer time for yourself so as not to be in a hurry and lose things.

No matter what unexpected situation you encounter, you can deal with it calmly.

treat others, introspect for 3 minutes

Laozi said, "when Great Way was implemented, it was not to blame others."

one of the weaknesses of human nature is the habit of looking out with both eyes.

always keeps an eye on other people's mistakes, but can't see himself.

Shi Shuo Xinyu records that Zhou was insolent when he was young.

however, he advertises himself as a chivalrous man and is determined to eliminate the "three evils" for the villagers.

the villagers told him that the first two evils were the evil tiger in the mountain and the dragon in the sea.

Around the week, he went up the mountain to shoot a tiger, went to the sea to kill Jiao, and didn't go home for three days.

the villagers thought Zhou had been executed and congratulated each other.

When I heard about it around, I knew that I was the third evil alongside the evil tiger and dragon.

from then on, he repented and turned over a new leaf, abandoned evil and followed the good, and finally became a famous general.

when you get along with others, learn to look at the world with one eye and yourself with the other.

picking on others will only make you look very low.

If you have time to complain about others, you might as well try your best to change yourself.

Mencius said, "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

when you encounter a problem, you should first find the reason from yourself.

No prevarication, no evasion, every failure is an opportunity to grow up.