The highest state of health preservation: nourishing the body, resting the mood, enriching the soul.
The highest state of health preservation: nourishing the body, resting the mood, enriching the soul.
The way to maintain good health is indispensable to the body, emotion and soul.

in the twenty years of Daoguang, after Zeng Guofan suffered a serious illness, he began to pay attention to the way to maintain good health.

in a letter, he wrote: "the way to preserve one's health is to take Jun Yi and his servant as the priority."

"Jun Yi" is to nourish the mind, sit still and meditate, calm your mind; read and play chess, enrich your heart.

in order to maintain his health, "Chen Lao" walks frequently and walks 3,000 steps after meals.

Zeng Guofan's health-preserving experience, in the final analysis, is to nourish the body, rest the mood, and enrich the soul.

take care of the body

the Cambridge University team published the results of a study in the Lancet:

at least 3.9 million people around the world avoid premature death each year through adequate physical activity.

Dr. Paul Kelly of the University of Edinburgh affirmed the results:

"whether it's exercise, going to the gym or taking a walk after lunch, you can achieve the goal of improving your health and promoting longevity."

the health barrier built by exercise can not only prevent the invasion of disease, but also resist the erosion of years.

Mr. Liang Shuming, a great scholar, lived to be 95 years old. the secret of his longevity is to eat less and move more.

after the age of 90, they mainly engage in indoor activities.

wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and do exercises meticulously on the bed, stretching, kicking and turning the neck.

usually between reading and writing, he will stop writing and exercise his muscles and bones.

adhere to the good habit of exercise, so that he can still give lectures in a loud voice at the age of 90.

there is a saying in the Theory of pathogenic factors: "if you exercise bone and blood, you will have strong qi."

it is better to take a hundred steps than to take a hundred medicines.

regular exercise, strengthen muscles and bones, the body can maintain a healthy state.

Bai Yansong shared his illness experience in Bai Shuo.

for a period of time, he was often dizzy. After going to the hospital for examination, he found that his blood pressure had reached a critical point.

the doctor told him to start taking medicine.

Bai Yansong thought about it for a moment and politely declined:

"you give me a few months, and I'll adjust it myself first. If it doesn't work then, I'll come back to you to prescribe medicine. "

Bai Yansong said that the adjustment is actually exercise.

he walked fast for an hour every night, and then gradually developed into running. after holding on for a period of time, his blood pressure dropped back to normal range and all his physical indicators returned to normal.

writer Zhou Ling said:

"people who sit for a long time have a lifeless ecosystem like a pool of stagnant water. For people who exercise regularly, the ecosystem in their bodies is more like a clear spring.


exercise is the best way to manage your body.

resting mood

an Arab psychologist did an emotional experiment.

he put the two newly born sheep in different environments.

one is scattered on the prairie and let it run freely and happily.

the other one is tied to a wolf and is watched by the wolf coveted every day.

after a period of time, the sheep on the prairie grew very healthy, but the sheep tied up died.

it was not eaten by the wolf, but in the face of the ferocious wolf, he was so frightened that he had no intention to eat at all, and finally died of excessive anxiety.

in fact, emotional illness is more terrible than physical illness.

exposure to negative energy magnetic field for a long time will do a lot of harm to health.

writer he Quanfeng once told a story in his book:

the head of the cardiology department of a well-known university had a heart attack and was in a very serious condition.

after experiencing the desperate situation of dying, he examined his life and summed up two rules of life:

rule number one, don't waste your energy on trifles;

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rule number two, everything is trivial.

these two rules are not the secret of health care, but they are better than any medical prescription.

has a proper term called "cancer personality".

Modern medicine has found that in anxiety, fear, sadness and other emotions for a long time, these bad emotions will affect and reduce the body's immunity and increase the incidence of cancer with a chronic and persistent stimulation.

the heart is free from all kinds of diseases.

in life, we should become the masters of emotions and get rid of the poison planted by garbage emotions in time.

when you encounter difficulties at work, you should untie the depression in your heart in time, and know how to dispel your inner anxiety in the face of the pressure of life.

look down on the ups and downs of life with a heart of joy, not sad, not angry, not internal friction, physical and mental width of a foot, the illness will retreat.

enrich the soul

Mr. Yang Jiang wrote in "walking to the edge of life":


Life is really hard. Throughout our lives, we should constantly cultivate our souls and improve ourselves.


Life is full of devastation, we should learn to find a spiritual shelter for ourselves.

Grandma Cai Gao, as a representative of Chinese picture books, once won the first international award for "the essence of the Wild Garden Fox".

now in her seventies, she lives a self-sufficient and prosperous life.

she built a garden on the roof, covered with railings, and bees danced among the flowers.

she often sits alone in the garden, putting up an easel and spreading out white paper to outline the life.A beautiful moment.

all things in the world flow in her writing and live in her spiritual world.

when many people reach a certain age, they feel lonely when they are alone and have no children.

but Grandma Cai Gao can't. When her children are at home, she tells them picture-book stories.

when she is alone, she roams in the magnificent nature, enjoying herself.

the abundance of the soul gives her the strength to fight against time; her body is old, and her heart is always full of vitality.

Shen Xianyuan, an elder in the field of bibliography in the domestic version, ran to Nanjing Library no matter whether it was windy or rainy. He said:

"like the relationship between fish and water, I am equal to a fish swimming in the library. If I get out of the water, I will die."

Mr. Yang Jiang, a centenarian, closed the door and devoted all his time and energy to reading and creation after Qian Jun and Qian Zhongshu died one after another.

in the world of words, they wash away sadness and loneliness.

with a vast spiritual world, we will not be confined to the trivialities of life, nor will we be trapped in the trough of life.

what life fears most is that the soul dries up and life becomes desolate.

if your heart is rich and transparent enough, you will naturally be free from worry and fear in the face of the many tribulations of the world and the relentless rotation of time.

Bacon said, "A healthy body is the living room of the soul, and a sick body is the prison of the soul.


body, mood and soul are indispensable in the way of health preservation.

, when we cultivate a strong physique, a good mood and a rich heart, we can reap a full and healthy life.