The greatest self-discipline of people is to manage the "three leisure" well.
The greatest self-discipline of people is to manage the "three leisure" well.
Only when we learn to restrain and control ourselves can we live with less panic and more confidence.

have read such a sentence:

"the meaning of self-discipline motivates you to restrain yourself, restrain and change unrestrained indulgence."

in reality, people often pursue the freedom of speaking, spending money and entertainment, always giving priority to enjoyment, ignoring the truth that is easily misunderstood, the risks that are easily underestimated, and the opportunities that could have been close to the ideal life.

then, when indulgence becomes a habit, it is difficult to get back to reason, accumulate and move forward steadily.

only by managing yourself well can you have the ability to fight against fate and time, without panic or regret.

gossip, don't talk nonsense

there is such a plot in the hit drama "the World":

after leaving the lumber factory, Zhou Bingkun was introduced by a friend to the slag workshop of the soy sauce factory. Because the conditions were relatively poor, the workers always steamed sweat residue on their chest, and the cold wind blew behind them. The retired veteran workers were also found to have rheumatic heart disease.

after working for a period of time, one day I suddenly found that a conveyor belt and an electric fan were installed in the workshop.

"the leaders found their conscience and finally realized that it was not easy for us."

Zhou Bingkun also echoed:

"Happiness depends on ourselves. There has never been a savior. One day they drink tea and read newspapers in the office. No wonder they read newspapers so smoothly."

After saying this, he also imitated the way the leader spoke at the meeting.

"the leaders found their conscience and finally realized that it was not easy for us."

Zhou Bingkun also echoed:

"Happiness depends on ourselves. There has never been a savior. One day they drink tea and read newspapers in the office. No wonder they read newspapers so smoothly."

embarrassed to be speechless, only after being severely criticized did she know that the electric fan and conveyor belt were won by the leader asking for help everywhere, and she took advantage of her rest time to stare at the installation herself.

for a while, I hit him in the face and felt ashamed.

Nietzsche once said: "Don't judge others indiscriminately, don't judge others easily, don't gossip behind others, and think less about what other people do. This is what good people do."

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sometimes, if you don't talk nonsense, it's a kind of protection for yourself.

know what kind of words to say on what occasions, but also to understand what kind of words to say but not to say.

do not regard other people's affairs as talking material, nor do they tell other people's experiences as jokes.

No one will ban our remarks. The important thing is to keep a good command of what we say. After the age when we can be forgiven, we should not suffer any more losses from speaking.

because most of the embarrassment is caused by speaking, and most of the troubles are caused by talking, so keeping silent at the right time is the greatest responsibility for yourself.

spare money, don't spend it indiscriminately

short video program


Baihui listens to you

, an interviewee once told his own story:

I always think that I can earn 500000 this year, 800000 next year, and 1 million the year after next. I never thought that one day my wealth would not be earned.

but the reality is, earning less and less, consumption can not come down, want to make a comeback and it is difficult to meet the opportunity.

having experienced impermanence and bitterness, he sighed helplessly: "if I were to go back to my twenties, I would certainly: work hard, work steadily, and save money desperately."

in life, many people, like interviewees, spend money as soon as they earn money, even spend more than their income, and then do not hesitate to borrow money or even overdraw.

overestimated his ability and underestimated the probability of risk.

and when you need to use money to solve the problem, after being caught off guard, you realize that it is easier to spend money than to turn around, and saving is the last word.

under this video, a highly liked message says:

"when you make a down payment and buy a house in your tenth year of work, that kind of delayed gratification will strengthen your stability. Don't be fooled by exquisite poverty, poetry and distance. An adult still has the most basic ability to resist risks. "

it is precisely because of the uncertainties in life that we have to accumulate "family wealth", because when it will be used is not up to us at all.

for many adults, not spending spare money is a great self-discipline. Know how to reward yourself moderately, but also keep a sobriety to accumulate wealth.

because only when you have the ability to confront risks and respond to embarrassment, can real refinement appear in an increasingly better life, and there is no vanity that can rival.

Don't waste it in your spare time

Sister Yan, a colleague, came to the company for 8 years, married, had children, went to graduate school, took an examination of notes, and was promoted all the way, which is enviable.

but apart from envy, people are more impressed.

because my husband is an engineer, he is stationed abroad with the project all the year round, and Yan Jie is the only one to take care of her family.

go to work during the day, take care of the children after work, and sometimes worry about their parents' health. But she still insists on studying and reviewing according to the plan every day, manages her time effectively and enriches herself constantly.

at a party, we asked her why she made herself so tired.

Sister Yan said, "the process of seeking knowledge is more exciting than tiredness. I don't want to be left behind by my husband, and I hope I can play a greater role."

and in reality, most people live up to their hard work. At the end of last year, Yan Jie, who was qualified as a certified public accountant, was successfully promoted to Chief Financial Officer.

once saw such a sentence: "Some people are mediocre, some are outstanding, and the reason for opening such a big gap is nothing more than a different attitude towards time. "

the reason why people admire self-discipline like Sister Yan is that too many people just stay "thinking" but it is difficult to "do it".

always spends a lot of leisure on "freedom". When time is occupied by short videos and games, there is no room for self-charging.

Liang Shiqiu once said: "No one does not cherish his life, but few people cherish his time."

there is nothing wrong with proper entertainment and relaxation. it is important to consciously remind yourself to spend more time on meaningful things.

because, to maximize the value of time, panic and anxiety will be reduced, and luck and success will favor themselves more.

psychologist Kelly McGonagall said:

"our ability to control our attention, mood, appetite and behavior greatly affects our health, financial security, relationships and career success or failure.

only by learning to restrain and self-control, life will be less flustered, more confident, less annoying, and more prosperous.


I hope that we can all manage ourselves well, do not talk nonsense, do not spend idle money indiscriminately, do not waste spare time, know how to exercise restraint, and have more freedom.

encourage each other.