The epidemic is not over, another crisis has emerged, and this group of photos that have gone viral all over the network make people chill on their backs.
The epidemic is not over, another crisis has emerged, and this group of photos that have gone viral all over the network make people chill on their backs.
Behind every disaster, there are often several early warnings.

during this period of time, our eyes are all focused on the changes in the number of COVID-19 infected.

A buried hot search caught my uncle's attention.

A number of meteorologists have observed that extreme high temperatures occur at the same time in the north and south poles.

moreover, the warming in Antarctica is nearly 40 °C higher than the historical average temperature in the same period.

higher than 40 degrees?

icebergs collapse, sea levels rise, and have a great impact on global warming.

not only that, but if you look at the news in recent years, you can see that the harm to animals is also unbearable.

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their habitat is getting smaller and smaller because of the melting of glaciers.

the baby polar bear can only curl up in her mother's arms in fear, and the mother and son depend on each other tightly.

they are frightened and at a loss, so they can only drift with the floating ice.

in order to find food, they need to swim thousands of miles.

although he is good at swimming, he will be tired to death in the sea if he doesn't have a rest on the way.

some polar bears are desperate and begging for food can't keep up with the melting of glaciers.

can only "run away from home" and look for some leftovers in the garbage dump.

once represented a powerful polar bear, overnight, fell to the bottom of the valley to become a tramp.

what you may not know is that Africa does little damage to global warming, but it is the most affected.

Last year, its rainfall decreased by 70% compared with previous years, and the drought continued.

six giraffes looking for water, expecting hope, ended up dying of thirst on the "Xiangyang" road.

these pictures cut my uncle's heart like a knife.

and the once naive penguins are now muddy.

the two-tier land of Jingmei, which used to be Jingmei, is now devastated.

because the area of sea ice is shrinking, hundreds of thousands of walruses are forced to huddle on a beach.

they can not escape their bad luck, and even fight hard and kill each other.

in order to survive, they can only be tortured by gravel and climb up the cliff.

some of them fell off a cliff while hungry for food.

falling from the abyss means that they are undoubtedly waiting to die slowly.

it wasn't long before the coast was littered with hundreds of dead walruses.

this scene is shocking.

not only that, because of the warming climate, poisonous algae grow wantonly.

within one day, several seals died by accidentally eating the growing poisonous seaweed.

the effects of climate warming, from the South Pole to the North Pole, from the far sea to the interior.

of course, you and I both know that these are never accidents.

A butterfly can bring storms, which is not only a disaster of nature, but also a disaster of human beings.

they are paying for human mistakes!

people often regard their surroundings as a free commodity, spoiling them arbitrarily and not cherishing them.

the once beautiful ocean is now "black and blue".

can avoid the harsh polar environment, can not escape the attack of plastic.

they are so entangled in plastic that they cannot swim freely and are weak and helpless.

and a sperm whale was salvaged. After dissection, it was found that

it has 44 jin of plastic garbage in its stomach and a molded but rotten fetus!

but they didn't do anything wrong!

in this way, how can people exclaim that "facing the sea, spring blossoms"?

plastic products may only be used for a few hours or even minutes,

but it takes more than ten or even a hundred years for them to degrade naturally.

because of the impact of the epidemic, not only plastic problems, but also mask pollution is difficult to prevent.

while some used masks are discarded everywhere, they flow into the sea.

masks that play a protective role in human beings have become a deadly "sharp weapon" for marine life.

how ironic and helpless.

however, humans seem to be the fish with a "seven-second memory".

but my uncle wants to say that if I can't help them,

at least not to be an accomplice to hurt them!

take a look at the amazing beauty of the earth that used to exist in documentaries.

once the Amazon rainforest was densely covered with endless green.

and because of the unscrupulous nature of mankind, it is now riddled with sores.

once coral reefs were beautiful in appearance and played an important ecological role.

but because of global warming and pollution, it is now colorless, like a wreckage.

once the Antarctic snow was beautiful and romantic, but now it has become "Antarctic blood".

it is Chlamydomonas snowy, which is also behind the melting of icebergs.

Nature is warning human beings again and again.

maybe some people wonder what it has to do with these things that are so far away from me.

but as said in the movie wandering the Earth:

"Nobody cared about the disaster at first, it was just a hill fire, a drought,

a thingThe extinction of species, the disappearance of a city, until it is closely related to everyone. "

you know, everything in the world is in the same network.

as Rousseau said:

"Nature does not deceive us, but we are often the ones who deceive us."

the television media began to act and appeal again and again.

in Thailand, one is called "Human, why don't you eat plastic bags?" "the satirical short film hurts the heart.

film, the waiter invites passers-by to try sushi wrapped in plastic bags.

when he found that the food in his mouth was plastic, everyone was furious and questioned the waiter.

and yelled, "We can't digest plastic bags."

humans are well aware of this, and those creatures do not know that plastic is inedible.

when we throw plastic away, how innocent are the animals?

as a result, countless people formed voluntary organizations to take action.

there is such a group of young people in Shanghai who agree to pick up rubbish on the streets every week.

garbage from many cities will slowly wander to the forest and ocean with the wind and air flow.

and pick up a piece of rubbish casually, it may save a small life.

countless people have also been inspired by them to volunteer to participate in environmental protection actions.


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"when I live in Hainan, I can always see plastic bags floating in the sea water when I go to the seaside.

pick it up and throw it in the trash can every time I see it. "


@ you, me, him


"I didn't feel it before, but now I will pay attention to avoiding excessive packaging when choosing things.

and start preparing your own bags to avoid consuming too much plastic. "

in fact, the so-called environmental protection ultimately protects ourselves.

sometimes, a simple effort can bring hope and change:

1. Green shopping, using recyclable cloth bags instead of plastic bags;

2. Less takeout and no disposable cutlery;

3. Reduce the production of garbage in daily life, and do a good job in garbage classification;

4. Choose low-carbon travel to reduce car exhaust.

Hugo once said:

"Nature is a kind mother and a ruthless butcher."

the raging winds of recent years;

40-50 degrees.

and behind every disaster, there are often several early warnings.

the orca mother dragged the dead calf and wandered in the sea for 17 days

indicates that we should no longer be so presumptuous with nature.

there is a good saying:

We do not inherit the earth of our parents, but borrow the earth of our children and grandchildren.

the most direct consequence of challenging the authority of nature will be its own destruction.

, forward to moments.