The deepest routine in the world (deep good article)
The deepest routine in the world (deep good article)
What kind of person you are, what kind of life you will meet.

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Wang Xiaobo said: "if one lives in this world, the first thing is to be a good person."

write about yourself and learn to be a man all your life.

in this life, no matter how difficult life is and how the world changes, we must know how to be a man.

what is the way to be a man?

in fact, it is very simple, which is to be sincere.

Rogers, a famous American psychologist, once said:

"sincerity has two meanings. On the one hand, what you say is consistent with what you think, which is called not deceiving others;

the first layer is that what you think is consistent with what you experience, which is called not deceiving yourself. "

you give a 68-year-old woman a cosmetology, and then praise "like an 18-year-old girl", and she doesn't believe it.

and you don't speak your mind, deceiving others and deceiving yourself.

this is not the way to play tricks. As soon as you hear it, you fake it, when you do it, you deceive others and yourself. In the end, you can only trap yourself.

White said: "sincerity is the best way to act in the world."

A generation of celebrity painter Huang Yongyu is a true and sincere person.

celebrities always like to flatter, flatter and compliment each other.

but he once wrote to the dramatist Cao Yu and pointed out bluntly:

"I don't like your play after liberation. I don't like any of it. Your heart is not in the play, you are misplaced by the position. "

it is so sharp that it points to the pain point of the other party.

Cao Yu not only framed the letter to warn himself, but also wrote a frank reply:

"you have shot me in the heart. I hope you have not gone astray and can recover the time that has passed."

A sincere and honest friend is not deceiving others, being honest and not deceiving himself.

sincere people walk into their hearts; hypocritical people fade out of sight as they walk.

to be a man, not pretentious, not perfunctory, not sophisticated, is true; to do things, not false, not slippery, not spend, is sincere.

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you should know that any hypocrisy, sleek, sophisticated, can not stand the test of time, only true, sincere, true feelings, can withstand the refinement of time.

in this era of hypocrisy, people like sincerity but can not do it, so they begin to perform.

some people ask: "in the circle of high-level people, is sincerity faking?"


not really.

once you fake it once, there is no chance of pretending a second time.

people won't take you to play, and the price is so high that you kick yourself out of the circle.

only fools with poor cognition always have two meanings on their foreheads-one is to treat people like fools and take advantage of others.

the second is to think of yourself as a smart person, say a lot of "sincere" words, and then try to trap someone.

anyone who can gain a foothold in the high-end circle is a human being, and others disdain to comment on the two meanings on your forehead.

A philosopher once said:

"I treat those who can enter my heart with sincerity. Those who do not enter my heart will disdain to be perfunctory. "

between people, they are always mutual.

someone asked Feng Lun:

"what are the rules when you get along in a high-end circle like you?"

Feng Lun replied:

"the first thing is to be sincere, frank and naked.

you can't pretend, you can do it again in this small area, it's not a thing.

pretending is OK. If there are only three or five people, it is purely an insult to other people's intelligence. They all make friends on a small scale. They are real, modest and unutilitarian, and everyone is comfortable. "

when Luo Yonghao paid off 600 million yuan in debt, someone conducted an exclusive interview with him.

he replied, "Don't think so much of me. Why am I still so noble in paying my debts?"

this circle is a quack, and it will be very convenient for you to pay off your debts. Whether you talk to other enterprises about investment or cooperation, no one will doubt your integrity.

if you fail a business and write off all your debts through bankruptcy, the next business will still fail.

but unless the next thing is done, this circle is very realistic, and you can do whatever you want.

in the process before the next thing is done, people look down on you, that's all, I insist that paying off debts is not all noble, mixed with very complicated reasons.

since ancient times, the routine has been unreliable, only sincerity has won the hearts of the people.

you know, no one is stupid, whether you mean it or not, in fact, everyone else knows.

sincerity is not a beautiful coat, nor a mask that can be worn at any time. Sincerity is a lifelong personality strength.

sincerity is more useful than any routine.

you are true, so are others; if you are false, so are others.

the heart is sincere to make good friends, and the product meets an honorable person.

there is a saying: "there is no road to sincerity, sincerity itself is the road."

Resonance on the same frequency between people.

what kind of person you are, what kind of life you will meet.

the external embodiment of the Law of attraction is:

Let abundance meet affluence, and let want persist.

A person with true self, you can feel his fullness;

and the person who pretends to be himself, you can feel his "dryness".

honesty is the basis of the existence of all things in the universe. Only by being honest in return can we shake the world forcefully.

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