The biggest weakness of human nature: do not like to listen to the truth
The biggest weakness of human nature: do not like to listen to the truth
A good life should not only listen to the truth, but also listen to the truth.


Shakespeare said, "A man would rather listen to a hundred beautiful lies than a single straight truth."

in life, when we interact with others, we are still willing to accept some words even if we know that some words are false flattery.

but we are very resistant to those objective truths.

do not realize that if this goes on for a long time, our life will get worse and worse as we can't hear the truth.

if you don't listen to the truth, you dare not look directly at your own shortcomings

the famous screenwriter Li Bihua said: "the truth is the worst, and the truth is the worst."

you know, although lies are good to hear, they may not be really useful to us; truth, though harsh to our ears, can make us face up to our shortcomings.

in other words, to blindly reject the truth is to avoid your own shortcomings.

once saw a personal experience shared by a netizen.

she said that her best friend and she blushed because of a word.

things should start with her kind advice.

her friend runs a restaurant that specializes in delicious bacon sausages and is called "Internet celebrity sausage" by netizens.

after operating like this for more than half a year, the business of the restaurant is booming.

in order to maximize profits, her friend secretly replaced the pork that should have been used to make sausages with other meat at a lower price.

once, she brought several colleagues over to taste, colleagues said: "'Internet celebrity' is like this, the taste is really good, but the meat tastes good."

after she tasted it, she found that the taste was slightly different from what she had eaten before.

although it doesn't have much impact, she is still worried that her friend has screwed up the reputation she has accumulated for half a year because of this.

so she called her friend that night and asked, "Why do you feel that the taste of sausage in the store has changed a little recently?"

after listening to this, my friend said foolishly, "Hey, no matter, don't look at me for making money. I'm not comfortable finding fault. I'm busy. We'll meet and talk another day."

the phone hung up without waiting for her to answer.

the next day, the two agreed to have dinner together.

she kindly mentioned the problem of sausage to her friend and said:

the taste of sausage is a little worse than it was some time ago. You haven't changed any materials, have you? don't break the sign because of this.

when my friend heard this, his face immediately sank, frowned and retorted:

"what are you talking about? if it's not delicious, how can so many people buy it? do I use you to teach me how to do business?"

from there, the relationship between the two people was much lighter because of her kind reminder.

Zhou Dunyi, a great ideologist of the Northern Song Dynasty, once lamented:

"Today, people have, do not like people's rules, such as taboo and taboo of medical treatment, would rather destroy their body than have no enlightenment."

in fact, many people do not really like to listen to the truth, but do not dare to look directly at their own shortcomings, so deliberately avoid.

everyone likes to hear good words, but only the truth can tell us which shortcomings should be corrected.

if you don't listen to the truth, you will be surrounded by villains

actress Betty once said, "if no one listens to lies, liars disappear."

just like if we don't listen to the truth, those friends who dare to tell the truth will gradually leave us.

they have no stand, no distinction between right and wrong, and their mouths are always like honey, deliberately saying what we like to hear.

if you hear more lies, there must be less truth.

my cousin Wang Yun once complained to me that her father was surrounded by flattering friends.

her father is a medical equipment salesman, willing to bear hardships, can do things, and signed a lot of big clients for the company.

because of his excellent performance, he rose all the way from a bottom employee to vice president of the company.

stood on the ceiling of the company's employees, and he began to get carried away by the treatment of "one person below ten thousand people".

he even demoted an employee because he pointed out the shortcomings of his plan.

once, he invited two old employees who came all the way with him to dinner.

for the sake of his future, the two men talked about his management problem of "flattering the villain only".

who expected it, he blushed at that time, rejected other people's nonsense, and the meal broke up in discord.

since then, fewer and fewer people have dared to tell him the truth, silent and resigned.

the company has a bunch of employees who can speak well and talk sweetly:

"Boss Wang, things are like gods!"


"Why can't I think of such a great idea!"

"I am always confident to work with leaders like you."

before long, there was no one around him who dared to point out his shortcomings.

Di Zi Gui says: "once you have smelled anger, you have heard pleasure, but when you come to harm your friends, you will gain friends."

means that you will be unhappy if you hear others say your fault, and you will be overjoyed to hear others praise you.

soon the obedient friends who cover up your mistakes will come to you, and the real good friends will stay away from you.

the hypocrisy of supporting the audience is never better than those who are outspoken and sincere.

if people do not listen to the truth all the time, those who tell you the truth are bound to gradually leave, leaving behind all those who love to tell lies.

those who dare to tell the truth deserve to be cherished most

remember the philosopher Francis Bacon said:

"it is indeed a blessing and a natural fortune to be able to hear others tell you the truth, to make fewer or no detours, and to make fewer or no big mistakes."

good advice goes against the ear and can save people.

those who dare to tell us bluntly about our shortcomings are the most worth cherishing.

Gengzhu is a proud pupil of Mozi, a guru. Although he is a beloved apprentice, he is always scolded by Mozi.

on one occasion, Mozi scolded him again in public for his arrogance and complacency.

he asked disgruntled, "am I not better than others?" Why do you always scold me? "

after hearing this, Mozi did not answer directly, but asked him:

"if I want to go up the Taihang Mountains and drive with a good horse or a good horse, do you want to spur the horse or the cow?"

"of course I spur a good horse." He answered.

Mozi asked again, "Why should you spur a good horse instead of that cow?"

the ploughing pillar then replied, "A good horse is worth pushing."

Mozi smiled and said, "I also think you are worth pushing, so I am harsher on you and point out your shortcomings."

after hearing this, Gengzhu suddenly became clear that he would no longer refuse any "truth".

you know, those who think highly of you and are kind to you will risk being scolded by you to tell you the truth.

as the saying goes, "people who are really good for you dare to tell you the truth, no matter how sharp it is."

although the truth is ugly, it can be good for me.

those who speak out and stop us from making mistakes point out our shortcomings and analyze the pros and cons for us.

they are our real dignitaries.

A good life needs the truth

the German poet Heine once said: "Life cannot produce brilliant flowers from lies."

you know, when we don't hear the truth for a long time, our growth is bound to stop or even go backwards because of lies.

and when we hear the truth, and when we hear the truth, life will move forward.

Mei Lanfang, a master of Beijing Opera, cheered and cheered when she performed "killing pity" at the cinema.

only one old man shook his head and shouted, "No!" No! "

after finding him, Mei Lanfang invited him home in a rickshaw and stayed as a guest of honor, asking him for advice very sincerely:

"it is my teacher who says I am a pussy." My husband said that I am not good, there must be good advice, please do not hesitate to teach, the students are determined to mend. "

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when the old man saw that his famous actor could ask himself for advice so sincerely, he said:

"the steps up and down the stairs should be seven and eight according to the rules of the pear orchard. Why is the doctor going up and down eight?"

after hearing this, Mei Lanfang suddenly realized and thanked her again and again.

from then on, whenever Mei Lanfang performed locally, he would always invite the old man to the theatre to see if he still had any deficiencies.

it is Mei Lanfang who is not conceited, narrow-minded and listens to the truth, which has made him an attainments in the Beijing opera world and become a generation of celebrities.

Chen Jiru of the Ming Dynasty once said: "to be able to receive kind words, such as city people seeking profit, accumulate baht and become rich."

Truth is like a mirror, it can always remind us of our shortcomings.

once we open our hearts and try to welcome the real feedback from others, it is only temporary.

our thoughts will continue to expand with the impact, and our lives will gradually change for the better as we listen and change.

A good life should not only listen to the truth, but also listen to the truth and encourage with friends.