The best way to live in middle age: low material configuration and high spiritual configuration.
The best way to live in middle age: low material configuration and high spiritual configuration.
Low-equipped life and high-equipped soul make life purer and inner richer.


when we were young, we always thought that life was about pursuing a life of "high configuration". We pursued luxury cars, high-end houses and decent jobs.

Smart people know that if you pursue material "high configuration" too much, your body will be tired and your heart will be more tired; only by reducing your configuration appropriately can you live a comfortable and leisurely life.

low-level substances

the philosopher Marcel has a famous saying: "to have is to be owned."

this sentence means that once we have something, from that moment on, we are also owned by it.

for example, if you own a car and you are owned by it at the same time, you often worry that it will be scraped and stolen, and you have to buy insurance and maintain it.

for example, if you own a luxury dress, you are also owned by it, which needs washing when it is dirty, ironing when it is wrinkled, and repairing when it is broken.

the more things we have, the more external things we need to worry about and focus on.

Jobs likes a simple life. He dresses simply and often wears a black T-shirt and jeans.

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his diet is simple, only vegetarian, and often eats one or two kinds of food.

his house is simple in layout, with only a mattress and cabinet in the bedroom and a table and several folding chairs in the dining room.

the low profile of material life gave Jobs a high degree of focus and made him one of the greatest companies in the world.

I agree with one sentence:

"A simple life is not an ascetic self-abuse, but a more humane, economic, environmentally friendly, relaxed and enjoyable life."

We always try to have more, but seldom ask ourselves:

will I be happy after having so much?

the so-called low material configuration is not to lower your quality of life, but to learn to distinguish and give up in a world full of choices and desires.

with low material life, you can control your life more forcefully.

low matching desire

Socrates once said, "contentment is natural wealth, and desire is man-made poverty."

if you are not satisfied with what you have now, you will not be happy even if you have the whole world.

I have seen a Cannes award-winning short film "Black Hole".

late at night, the protagonist Charlie is working overtime alone.

when he was printing the document, a piece of white paper with a black hole slid out of the printer. He picked up the cup and took a sip of coffee and put the paper cup on the black hole.

Charlie was a little scared, but he slowly reached into the black hole and took the cup out.

so Charlie is going to do something with this black hole.

he first used this black hole to take a Snickers from the company's vending machine.

when he came to the safe, he glued the piece of paper to the door, reached into the black hole and took out piles of banknotes without any effort.

he was still not satisfied. In order to get the money in the innermost part of the safe, he simply climbed into the black hole.

after he went in, suddenly, the white paper with the black hole fell off the safe.

he was locked in the safe and couldn't get out.

everyone has desires, which in itself is not terrible.

most of the time, many pains and troubles in life are not because you have too little, but because you want too much.

the ancients said: less desire means peace of mind, and peace of mind means simplicity.

when you reach middle age, the less desire you have, the better your life will be.

low-end circle

there is a classic saying:

"when your abilities, status, and resources don't match your social ambitions, all you do is socialize ineffectively."

in life, some people add Wechat friends to everyone, thinking that they have connections.

but when you ask for something from others, you will find that you are not good at yourself, and it is futile to know no matter how good you are.

when people reach a certain age, they should know how to subtract from their own circle, reduce energy consumption, and save more time for themselves and their families.

musician Li Jian hardly participates in social activities or dinners in his spare time. He spends all his time on music and his family.

once, when Li Ronghao wanted Li Jian's Wechat when he recorded the show "I am a Singer", Li Jian took out an old Nokia phone and said humorously, "I don't have Wechat because I have prestige myself."

actor Chen Daoming is also a member of a low-end circle.

when he was not acting, he would make a pot of tea, read books and practice calligraphy at home, look at the fallen leaves outside the window and enjoy the quiet time in the house.

someone once asked him, "is this kind of life interesting?"

Chen Daoming replied, "compared to smoking,I drink, play cards, go to bars and discos. I prefer to sit under the window with my wife at home. She embroidery, and I cut her purse and make clothes for her daughter. "

people's energy is limited when they reach middle age.

where the time is, so is the achievement.

if you spend all your time climbing the so-called circle of awesome people, how can you have time to improve yourself?

A truly quality life is not built on hard socialization.

instead of cosying up to high-end circles, we might as well live our lives.

High-end mind

Schopenhauer once said: "the lower a person's external material requirements, the higher his internal requirements."

as long as one lives in the material world, one will toil all his life and his mind will be empty.

when we no longer pursue the high configuration of the material, but maintain a quiet state of mind, it is easy to achieve the high configuration of the soul.

Ji Xianlin is a person who is indifferent to fame and wealth.

when he became famous in academic circles, all kinds of invitations and appointments poured in.

in the face of fame and wealth, Mr. Ji chose to avoid it. He pushed as much as he could, and tried not to let it affect his life if he could not.

when some people make a lot of money from fame, Mr. Ji shuts himself in his study, reading and writing.

he is a master admired by contemporary people, but he insists that everyone take off the laurels of "master of Sinology" and "master of academic circles".

Mr. Ji Xianlin said:

"as soon as I took off the laurel, it gave me back my freedom. The foam was washed off, revealing the true face, and everyone was happy. "

he only obeyed his heart all his life, real and happy, free and easy and at ease.

Zhuge Liang said in the Book of Commandments: "you can't make your mind clear without indifference, and you can't go far without serenity."

indifference and serenity, is a kind of indifferent and open-minded, is a kind of mature and calm, but also a high-equipped realm of the soul.

after the age of 35, please live a "low" life.

"low configuration" is not a lack of progress, but a degree of relaxation, do not climb do not compare, do not want too much.

clothes do not have to wear famous brands, as long as they are comfortable.

A house doesn't have to be luxurious, just be clean.

cars don't have to be high-end, as long as they can walk.

the circle is not necessarily high-end, it would be nice to have three or five bosom friends.

, low-equipped life and high-equipped soul make life purer and heart richer.