The best way to improve yourself: exercise (permanent collection is recommended)
The best way to improve yourself: exercise (permanent collection is recommended)
Go out, now is the best time.

not long ago, gymnast Xiao Ruoteng, who regretted missing the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games and applauded his opponent with lonely eyes, once again rushed into the hot search.

it turns out that the gymnast who won the gold medal in the men's individual all-around gymnastics at the 14th National Games is not only valiant in the sports field, but also a "treasure boy" in life.

is keen on rap, likes to make his own coffee, and is even the "Mr. Tony" on the gymnastics team.

he not only loves literature and art, but also personally participates in the creation of lyrics. "Dream as a Horse" is what he did after the Olympic Games.

Xiao Ruoteng, who is so talented in literature and art, has really broken our stereotype of athletes.

how can you be so simple-minded that your limbs are developed?

people with really well-developed limbs will not have a simple mind.

most of those who live soberly and work well have developed a strong enough mind in sports.

however, as life becomes more and more convenient, most people exercise less and less, and many diseases are getting younger and younger.

attach importance to exercise and keep fit attentively, which can not be ignored.

as the old saying goes, "running water is never rotten, and the hub of a household is not beetle, but it moves."

exercise can not only strengthen our bodies and give us a better appearance, but also have many benefits to our brains.

exercise can make you "think clearly"

from Su Dongpo, a master of Song ci, to George Bernard Shaw, a famous dramatist, at all times, at home and abroad, many celebrities have a special fondness for sports.

thinker Lu Jun also said: "Walking promotes my mind. My body must keep moving before my mind starts to move."

when the mind enters a dead end, let the thinking stop and let the body move, and the brain is often like opening another door, which suddenly enlightens people.

The same is true of Beethoven, the pianist.

after lunch every day, Beethoven would go out for a walk with a pencil and a stack of paper.

sometimes he doesn't come back until dusk. For Beethoven, walking is a conversation with God, a communion with nature, and a moment of inspiration at any time.

once, he took a walk with his friends, but gradually, he was immersed in his own thoughts, exercising and thinking at the same time.

until night fell, Beethoven surprised: "I found the theme!"

Then he rushed home and played a new movement on the piano.

it can be seen that sports not only reap the vitality of the body, but also get better exercise in the mind.

this is not the only case.

in 1990, a famous biologist did such an experiment:

after six months of aerobic exercise, a group of people who do not like exercise have been tested that their thinking ability has been significantly improved.

when this conclusion was published in the journal Nature, more scholars have done relevant research, and the results show that exercise can indeed improve the efficiency of the nervous system and make people smarter.

because when we exercise, the blood circulation is improved and more oxygen enters the brain. As a result, the working environment of the brain is improved and the mind is naturally more agile.

more importantly, when we exercise, our bodies produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that brings energy and motivation.

it is like a bridge connecting brain nerve cells. the more it secretes, the wider the bridge, the more information can flow.

therefore, after we exercise, we will feel clear thinking and quick brain response.

No wonder Goethe, a writer, once sighed: "my most precious thoughts and their best expressions appear when I take a walk."

exercise broadens our minds, makes our energy flow, and makes people smarter.

exercise is the best way to "sit still"

Lu you, who wrote "Eighty body is still healthy, career study infuses the Garden", has created numerous works in his life and has handed down more than 9,000 poems. He is also a beneficiary of his love of sports.

when he was in the army, he learned martial arts; in the countryside, he mowed grass and collected firewood; and when he was outdoors, mountain climbing was one of his hobbies.

in his old age, he chose "Changxiao" to keep fit.

the hobby of sports made Lu you gain a good physique and lived a long life at the age of 84 in an era of chaos of war and food and clothing.

also gave him a strong concentration, used to create poems with high yield and high quality, and occupied an important position in the poetry circle of the Southern Song Dynasty.

writer Leo Tolstoy said: "it is extremely painful for a person who engages in mental work if he does not move his limbs regularly."

because exercise is the best way to strengthen the brain, proper exercise will secrete a substance called epinephrine in our bodies.

it can help us find the best state of attention.

researchers at the University of Illinois conducted a series of tests on 20 9-year-olds.

they found that students who had just finished sports were more focused in answering questions than those who did not.

the 00:00 Sports Program at a middle school near Chicago also confirms this.

Let the students get to school early and do sports before formal class.

until the heartbeat reaches its peak or 70% of the maximum oxygen uptake.

when the class starts at this time, the effect of the class is obviously better, especially the concentration is obviously improved.

No wonder in the TV series "the ideal City"When she encountered a bottleneck in her work, she would jump rope and think at the same time.

it is worth noting that epinephrine is "hypocritical".

secrete too little, will make people feel bored, even tired; secrete too much, it will make people excited too much, can not calm down to do things.

attention is at its best when we secrete the right amount of adrenaline to keep our brains at the tipping point of relaxation and tension.

therefore, scientific movement, master the degree of exercise, maximize our concentration, so that we can listen to everything, sit still, and learn well.

exercise is the best way to "remember"

"in fact, we have done other experiments before, whether it is medium-intensity or high-intensity aerobic training, they can improve the short-term and long-term memory of ordinary people. As long as you can run for 15 minutes for a long time, the effect will be obvious. "

This is the result of a follow-up experiment by Dr. Paul Lopley, director of the exercise and memory Laboratory at the University of Mississippi, and his colleagues.

in this experiment, Dr Paul Lopley selected 24 participants aged 18 to 35.

they memorized 15 complex new words of the same difficulty before, during and after running.

the final results showed that participants' memory improved significantly after 15 minutes of moderate-intensity running.

indeed, in the continuous progress of human beings, more and more people find that "mobile quotient" is of great help to our memory.

some people have studied and summarized the trends of the top students in the college entrance examination in recent years and found that nearly 60% of high achiever loves sports.

Professor Wang Zongping, director of Nanjing University of Science and Technology's mobile business research center, put forward the view that "mobile business inspires top students in the college entrance examination":

"it is no exaggeration to say that it is the top students who like sports in the college entrance examination who spend an hour in 10 hours of cultural study on sports, activating their bodies, making their blood flow faster and their spirits more full." on the contrary, it is more efficient to learn. "

among them, exercise also stimulates the hippocampus, a key brain area that affects learning and memory, leading to an increase in serotonin.

and serotonin can effectively stimulate the communication of neurons, feedback to the hippocampus and promote the formation and enhancement of new memory.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that "people who exercise regularly have a 2% increase in hippocampal volume compared to their sedentary peers."

therefore, stop thinking about "emphasizing intelligence over body", and don't think that whether a person is smart or not is born.

as Plato said, "in order for human beings to have a successful life, God provides two channels-education and sports."

now, more and more people combine these two ways and create amazing results.

your body is the beginning of all good things

the former Minister of Railways, Lu Zhengcao, who is still able to play tennis in his eighties and is light and agile, said:

"all departments of the human body advance when they use it, and retreat if they don't use it, so they should not only exercise their bodies, but also exercise their brains, so that they can effectively delay aging."

exercise itself is a kind of cure, when sweat flows, it cures all tiredness, clears the mind, and pleases the mood.

when you have a bad mind, just put on your running shoes and start


looking back on life, we will find that when we stay in the mind of solving a problem for a long time, it is easy to get blocked.

it is said that "only those who can rest will work". However, rest does not mean doing nothing in a narrow sense, changing the environment for the brain, and using the brain is also a healthy brain.

Let go of what you are doing for a while and take some exercise, which will make your train of thought unblocked, and perhaps there will be innovative discoveries.

for example, choosing sports that need to respond quickly can help us establish good hand-eye coordination, such as table tennis, badminton and other sports. We also need to stay calm and focus on sports, so that the brain can be fully relaxed.

therefore, after exercise, the wall of thinking will no longer be so indestructible, and even "twists and turns" and have new ideas.

when you are in a bad mood, move consciously

scientist Albert Einstein said: "I like walking all my life, and sports bring me endless fun."

because dopamine, epinephrine and serotonin produced during exercise can not only enhance our memory, improve our thinking ability, make us more focused, but also make us feel happier.

therefore, after proper exercise, when we work, we will feel calm, clear thinking, and even a happy sense of achievement.



"the activities are good, and the five internal organs are in harmony.


when you are in a bad mood, consciously let yourself move, go for a walk, go to the park, let these substances produced by the body, mobilize our positive emotions, let us have a better state, and get twice the result with half the effort.

exercise is not only an indispensable way to maintain good health, but also allows the brain to exercise and make us smarter, making our lives different.

if you have missed the plum appointment, don't lose the peach blossom.

go out, now is the best time.

, let's move together, set aside some time in the busy, set aside some energy in the hurry, under the sharpening of life, the body is treated well by time, and the brain is getting smarter and smarter.

in such years, it is easy to be quiet.Rong, take your time, very beautiful!