The best way to enrich yourself: walking (recommended collection)
The best way to enrich yourself: walking (recommended collection)
May you step over the mountains and rivers, cross the four seasons, and achieve a better self in the process of walking.





as a world-famous scientist, Einstein cherished time all his life.

but under his tight work, he has a habit of walking for half an hour every day.

once, Einstein was invited to visit Belgium.

in order to show the importance they attached to the old scientist, the king and queen ordered their men to wait for them to be greeted in formal clothes and songs.

as a result, all the passengers left, but Einstein was still out of sight.

later people found him in the palace.

it turns out that Einstein walked to the finish line alone, carrying a suitcase and a violin, one stop from the palace.

the queen was curious and asked him why he didn't take the train, but chose to suffer on foot.

Einstein replied with a smile:

"I love walking all my life, and sports often bring me endless fun."

(Einstein walks with friends)

in today's society, everyone is more or less under the pressure of life.

the more such a time, the more we should learn to take care of ourselves and take good care of our body and mind.

and the best way to enrich yourself is to walk.

Walking, enriching the body

some time ago, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games brought director Zhang Yimou back into everyone's sight.

in order for the Winter Olympic Games to start smoothly, he works 20 hours a day and promotes nine projects at the same time.

it is also common to hold meetings until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning.

in fact, behind this, it is inseparable from a habit that he has persisted for a long time.

Zhang Yimou once said that whether it is windy, rainy or even snowing, he will walk five kilometers faster every day.

walking to the point where the body is sweating slightly is the best.

Walking not only exercises his physical fitness, but also makes him look younger and more energetic than ordinary people.

the World Health Organization has recognized that walking is "the best exercise in the world".

keep walking, can strengthen people's physique, forge people's figure, temper people's will.

the more often people walk, the healthier they are and the more energetic they are.

there is an old folk saying: "practice comes first."

unlike other forms of exercise, walking is the least harmful and safest to the body.

in the process of moving back and forth, the whole body is stretched and relaxed.

every focused walk is the enrichment and exercise of the body.

Walk, nourish the soul

the utility of walking lies not only in the body, but also in the mind.

in 1079, Su Shi's life hit rock bottom.

he was demoted all the way, first in Huangzhou and then to Danzhou in Huizhou.

when he is down and out, he will inevitably fall into a depressed mood once in a while.

but the once-in-a-lifetime writer was not depressed. He chose to comfort himself with delicious food.


exercise to evacuate mood.

in his letter to his friend Cheng Zhengfu, Su Shi mentioned:

"Morning illness must be ten miles away, Qi loss will be slow, Qi evenness will vibrate, head and foot will be hot, and it will be smooth and comfortable. If you walk for a long time, you should know that it is wonderful."

every morning, he must walk ten miles fast until he has a fever, blood flow and comfortable limbs.

the evaporation of sweat helped him clean up his accumulated worries and troubles.

when negative emotions are released quietly, the heart can be nourished.

Bo advocated different and also talked about his own experience.

At the age of 30, he was promoted to department manager by his boss.

A promotion and a raise is a good thing.

but it is followed by a lot of pressure and burden.

endless details of his work filled his mind.

several times, when I was driving to and from work, I almost had a traffic accident because I was in a trance.

At last, he felt that it would not work like this and that something had to be changed.

the company is not far from home, so he decided to get up 30 minutes early every day and walk to work.

at first, he thought the process would be difficult.

but unexpectedly, in the process of walking, he put down his cell phone and forgot the complicated pressure.

focusing on the movement of his legs, his mind emptied and his mood became clear.

persisted in this way for a period of time, not only the mental state was relaxed a lot, but also the work was done in an orderly manner, and the difficult problems were overcome one by one.

Goethe said: "only exercise can dispel all kinds of doubts."

the process of walking is like a journey to empty yourself.

all troubles and anxieties will be disintegrated one by one in the stride of the body.

if you are tired, tired and bored at the moment, you might as well go out and take a walk.

feel the world in the measurement of your steps and let your heart wander between heaven and earth.

when you learn to balance your life by walking, your mind will become clearer and your heart will become richer.

Walking is the best way to keep fit

such a story is told in the Biography of Marx.

in the spring of 1837, Marx worked too hardAnd fell ill, so he went to the doctor to prescribe a prescription.

but the doctor's advice to him was: put everything aside for a while and go to the countryside for self-cultivation.

so Marx left the city and lived in the suburbs of Berlin for a period of time.

there, he walks by the river with his friends every day, often for hours.

the air in the countryside made him feel good, and his daily walk accelerated his recovery.

Marx was also surprised at the effect of walking:

"I didn't expect that I would be so healthy and strong when I was weak."

Hippocrates has a famous saying: "Walking is the best medicine."

keep walking, can not only help our tired bodies recover, but also make our appearance become ruddy.

even where we can't see it, it brings about magical changes.

however, how to walk is also a discipline.

everything goes too far, and it is often counterproductive to master the correct knowledge of walking.

the five main points about walking shared by People's Daily are recommended to you:

Walking follows the "357" rule

the World Health Organization's Guide to physical activity and sedentary behavior once pointed out:

the standard of the best amount of exercise is at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of high intensity exercise per week.

exercise such as running belongs to high-intensity exercise, so walking is the most typical medium-intensity exercise.

if you want to get into the habit of walking, the best frequency is five times a week.

about 30 minutes at a time, with a journey of more than 3 kilometers.

appropriate acceleration

as we all know, sweating has a lot of benefits to the body.

increased sweating by exercise can speed up metabolism in the body and help promote blood circulation in the body.

therefore, when we walk, we have to increase our speed and movement in order to achieve the effect of panting and sweating.

steady walking speed when walking fast

the physical activity Guide for Chinese Adults recommends that adults take 6000-10000 steps of physical activity every day.

at a frequency of about two steps per second, "6000 steps" means walking fast for 40 minutes, while "10000 steps" is 60 minutes.

as mentioned earlier, it is best to develop a regular habit of exercise and maintain a stable frequency.

but the busyness of work sometimes makes it difficult for us to separate.

if your free time is not fixed, it's best to keep your brisk walk at 40-60 minutes.

this will be more beneficial to improve the cardiopulmonary function and achieve a better exercise effect.

time: 4: 00-5: 00 p.m., best

in the evening, the physiological function of the body is relatively stable, which is the best time for exercise.

choosing to take a walk half an hour after dinner can speed up the metabolism of the body.

has a great effect on enhancing the function of gastrointestinal tract and promoting the digestion and absorption of food.

if it is difficult to meet this requirement because of time constraints, try to finish your exercise two hours before going to bed.

in this way, with the help of the fatigue produced by the human body after exercise, you can get a good night's sleep at night.

place: plastic site, grass is the best

Walking is a pleasing process.

choosing a place with fresh air and a safe field of vision can help us fall in love with the feeling of walking.

the plastic site is elastic, the grass is soft, and the recoil force to the knee joint is small, so it is an ideal place for walking.

writer Zhou Ling said:

"for people who are sedentary for a long time, the ecosystem in their body is like a pool of stagnant water, with no vitality, while those who exercise regularly are more like a clear spring, clean and clear, without a trace of turbid air."

the changes brought about by persistent walking may not be seen for one or two days;

but when you persist over the years, you will find that the whole person will take on a new look.

so, from today on, open your legs and walk quietly and attentively to enrich your body and mind.

, may you step across the mountains and rivers, cross the four seasons, and achieve a better self in the process of walking.