The best way for adults to end a relationship
The best way for adults to end a relationship
May you meet like a rainbow and exit like a breeze.

have read such a sentence:

"time has always been mean, blowing us to different places like a dandelion.

Life is always like this, full of grand encounters and parting. "

No matter how beautiful the melody is, there will be the end of the song; no matter how good the relationship is, there will be an end.

No matter how much you like it, even if you don't want to give up.

We never seem to have a way to keep a person in our lives forever.

everyone can only accompany you for a long way, instead of pulling hard, it is better to say goodbye at the right time, and then continue to shine in their own world.

any relationship has a time limit

A Yue sent a message some time ago: "Xiao Lin gets married, let's go to dinner together."

I was a little embarrassed and had to reply: "but she didn't tell me."

A Yue was surprised: "you used to be so good."

Yes, we grew up together, being both neighbors and classmates, and used to quarrel to be each other's bridesmaids.

but when I grow up, I go to college in different cities.

but slowly, the friends around me began to change, the things they encountered began to be different, and the time left for each other gradually decreased.

later, we didn't even see each other once a year.

from the beginning speechless to the later relatively speechless, there is no harm to each other, no betrayal of interests.

it's just that under the pull of time and space, the feelings are diminished unconsciously.

there is a saying in Chongqing Forest:

"I don't know since when, there is a date on everything.

saury will expire, canned meat will expire, and even cling paper will expire.

I'm starting to wonder, is there anything else in this world that doesn't expire? "

maybe the essence of this world is to set a time limit for everything, even the relationship between people.

is like a flower, even if it blooms again in spring, it will still wither and wither in autumn.

some people are doomed to leave from the beginning of meeting.

maybe because of the inconsistent pace, you can only drift away; maybe because of the lies of time and space, you can only be passers-by of each other.

even if they were once indistinguishable from each other, even if they were once deeply in love.

No matter how hard it is, it is all barely.

some people fade when they walk, while others get tired when they get along.

in the high score drama "I'm fine in my hometown", Xu Yan and Shen Zichang are a young couple.

from his student days to the adult world, Shen Zichang always coaxed back carefully every time he promised to break up with a small temper.

whether he wears a puppet suit or snows in summer, any romance he can think of will be desperately presented in front of the promise.

it's just that when it comes to getting married and buying a house, the real contradiction between the two comes out.

Xu Yan's biggest dream is to have his own independent space after marriage.

this is not an easy task for Shen Zichang, whose family is working class.

as soon as they put it together, they began to save money frugally.

it's just two people's wages together, and they don't have to eat, drink or socialize just enough to make monthly payments.

Shen Zichang, who has been used to sloppy since childhood, resumed his dinner with his buddies after only a few days.

this annoys the promise that he wants to spend a dollar in half.

he said that he could be patient to coax words, and had tried to give each other a good future, but he really couldn't accept it and completely disrupted the current pace of life for the sake of a house.

in this relationship, there is no third party, no change of heart.

there are only life plans that have gradually changed in the process of growing up.

if it goes on, it will certainly make a person feel aggrieved and resentful.

the relationship between people is like this, no matter how hard it is, it is reluctant.

the same is true of the fate between people, all of a sudden, it is gone with the wind.

even if there is a feeling, even if there is a reluctance, but after all, it is a little less, the courage and ability to go on.

writer Su Cen once lamented:

"A really good relationship is effortless. If a relationship, a person, you have to spend a lot of energy to please, this is not destined to accompany you to the final fate. "

instead of being careful to maintain it, it is better to say goodbye to two widths

Love and friendship are all about the same fate.

the origin is full of joy, and when the fate is over, it ends with dignity. From then on, the mountain has a long way to go, and each takes care of it.

if you really need to maintain it carefully and painstakingly, you might as well take advantage of the early parting and let everyone be happy.

Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian divorced on Valentine's Day.

did not say the reason, did not say wrong, but declared the end of the marriage that once had.

the two met as a result of filming.

I don't know whether the young people are easily attracted or the people in the play are too perfect.

as a rising floret, Wu Qian did not ask for a romantic wedding, nor did she let love go public.

instead, he tries his best to protect the relationship and his lover carefully.

it's just that heaven doesn't work out what one wants.

neither love nor marriage can stand the test of time.

and she also said goodbye to her former lover and past self at the right time.

there is a sentence in Thousand thousand fathom:

Life is a train to the grave, there will be many stops on the way, it is difficult for anyone to accompany you from beginning to end.

when the person with you wants to get out of the car, be grateful even if you don't give up, and then wave goodbye.

when you fall in love, there are three thousand in the floating world, and there are three in my love: sun, moon and Qing. The sun is the dynasty, the moon is the dusk, and the secretary is day and night.

after separation, don't fall in love again, each is wonderful.

instead of being relatively tired of being tangled and beaten, it is better to end this rare encounter with dignity in an adult way.

some people, love is good, do not care about leaving or staying; some feelings, just give, do not care about gains and losses.

Best ending: put aside your regrets and be wonderful

there is a sentence in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:

"when you clench your hands, there is nothing inside; when you open your hands, the world is in your hands.


the same is true of relationships between people.

Let go of the old people, we can welcome the new people; let go of the wrong people, we can usher in the right people; let go of regrets, we can be wonderful.

whether it is a childhood friendship, a growing best friend, a beloved lover, or an important person on the road to success.

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take care of each other when you walk together, and give you a light blessing when you are apart.

after all, the moon will be full and missing, and people will be reunited and separated.

in the adult world, meeting is just an accident and parting is the norm.

you think that the journey of youth is the same destination, who knows its name will be indefinite.

A broken cup, no matter how well it is repaired, there will still be cracks.

No matter how full the cold tea is, it is no longer the original taste.

those who have left, no matter how much they beg, can not return to their original palpitations.

the relationship that has changed, no matter how careful you are, you can't pretend to be comfortable with each other.

the best way to end a relationship is to be calm and complete with each other no matter what the grudge is, no matter how deep the relationship is, after the wind is over and after the relationship is broken.

the good state between us is that it is better to be a universe than to be human to each other.

if you never see each other again, may you still be bright; if you are lucky enough to meet again, may I have no regrets.

Tagore has a poem:

"the furthest distance in the world is not that the stars do not meet, but that even though the tracks converge, they are nowhere to be found in the twinkling of an eye."

this is the relationship between people.

fate has arrived, no matter how it can be blocked; when the fate is scattered, it is impossible to keep it.

the best way for adults to end a relationship is not to cry, not to entangle, not to regret, not to regret, but to leave quietly and say goodbye in each other's lives.

from then on, one parting and two breadth, each student rejoiced.

after all, there is always a time when people gather, break up and fall apart, and there has always been no misty rain.

We have had each other's company, and we have no regrets.

, may you meet like a rainbow and exit like a breeze.