The best test of marriage: sleep
The best test of marriage: sleep
A good marriage is more of one mind in the same bed.

writer Sanmao once said:

Love is not easy to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) if it is not implemented in real life such as dressing, eating, counting money and sleeping.

Love is beautiful and romantic, while marriage is realistic.

whether a relationship can last long depends not on the people before marriage, but on the trivial routine after marriage.

in short, whether the marriage is good or not and whether the relationship is true or not are hidden in the trivialities of life and in the details.

and sleeping is the best test of marriage.

have seen a survey:

before going to bed, couples recall the past together, or look forward to the future, or talk about love, all of which help to enhance the relationship between husband and wife and promote the stability of marriage.

if you think about it, it is true.

because marriage requires interaction.

it is not an one-man show, but a communication and dialogue between two people.

some time ago, there was an impressive scene in the hit drama "the World".

Zhou Bingkun's father retired and rushed back from out of town.

Zhou Bingkun's mother was so happy that she had not seen her wife for several years and was faced with her husband who would never leave town again.

before going to bed, she was still chatting excitedly with her wife.

Let me tell you something funny.

Chunyan's mother told me that her TV is seldom on, so why does she save all her TV programs and watch them with her old man?

what I have saved for many years, I want to tell you.

if you have seen this play, you will understand that chatting before going to bed is almost the norm for Zhou's parents.

after worrying about the chores of the day and the children's household chores, the time before going to bed becomes the time for both of them.

they will talk about their daily life and talk about new things about their work.

occasionally, Dad Zhou would hold his mother's hand, look at each other, and say, "Thank you for your hard work."

when Zhou's father is about to leave, Zhou's mother will be reluctant to give up, showing sadness.

although there is no earth-shaking love, there is only plain company and waiting.

but in Zhou Dad and Zhou Mom, I see the best form of love:

go through half a lifetime of wind and rain with each other, and still walk arm in arm until you finally leave.

I have heard a sentence:

"No matter how tired and busy you are during the day, as long as I can talk to you before going to bed, everything is no longer so bitter."

It is true that no one's life is easy in this strange world.

everyone is busy and tired, in order to live and work.

when you get rid of the busyness and tiredness of the day, chatting with your lover before going to bed is a kind of relaxation and comfort to life.

A good couple will talk about everything before going to bed, talk about the fun of the day, talk about their inner thoughts, and talk about how they miss each other.

and a long-term marriage is like this, slowly talking.

some people say that whether a person loves you or not depends on his subconscious actions.

the one who loves you, even if he falls asleep, will still get up in the middle of the night and take good care of you when you need him.

people who don't love you not only don't want to get up in the middle of the night, but also complain that you woke him up and lose their temper at you.

this reminds me of a story I saw on the Internet:

the blogger is a freelancer who often stays up late to clip videos and eats irregular meals.

once, she was sitting in front of the computer to deal with her work when she suddenly had a terrible stomachache, which made her roll on the ground and sweat out.

she called her boyfriend's name and asked him to accompany her to the hospital, but her boyfriend just answered vaguely, but didn't get up.

she shouted a few more times, but her boyfriend still didn't move and murmured, "Don't be so delicate, be patient and drink some hot water."

At that moment, her heart was extremely cold.

the later story is:

she took a taxi alone, hung up the emergency room alone, and infused fluids alone.

in the corridor of the hospital, after thinking for a long time, she decided to break up.

We always say that it is details that beat love.

but actually, it's not. It's the details that reveal what love is.

as star Chen Yihan said in a variety show:

"my husband is the kind of person who gets up at three o'clock in the morning to pour water for me without complaining."

you see, people who love you are like this. They are willing to take care of you and take care of you, even at three o'clock in the morning, in their sleep.

you know, a good relationship is not afraid of being woken up.

he is more worried about you, your health and your well-being than being disturbed in a deep sleep.

sometimes I wonder, what exactly is true love?

when young, always longing for a vigorous love, will be moved by a moment of romance, so that I can't tell who loves you.

it is not until a certain age that I understand that love is not about love, but about details, actions, porridge in the morning and water in the middle of the night.

if a person who is woken up by you during a deep sleep will not lose his temper, but is willing to bring you tea and water to take care of you, then he really loves you.

when you meet such a person, you must remember to cherish it.

actress Cai Shaofen and her husband Zhang Jin had an agreement:

No room will be divided at any time.

because the separation of rooms means distance and the estrangement between heart and heart.

but once the heart is estranged, it is difficult to get closer.

that's why, after Cai Shaofen gave birth to her youngest daughter, Zhang Jinning was willing to bunk on the floor and would rather have a bad rest than sleep in the same room with her.

after all, only people who live on the same channel can catch your emotional changes in time and see your hard work and efforts.

instead of sleeping in separate rooms, they deal with their own affairs and do not disturb each other, but they are not tied to each other.

after a long time, the marriage broke up.

think about it:

you sleep in one room with your children, while your husband sleeps in another.

in the middle of the night, the baby woke up and was crying. You have to get up and feed the baby, and be careful to put the baby to sleep.

and such a scene, I do not know how many times to repeat.

but the man who used to be the closest to the pillow, he doesn't know anything.

he can't see the hard work of taking care of your children, nor can he read the tiredness behind your dark circles.

In the same way, you can't see the life he spent to make a living, the nights he got through, the injuries he got.

you are secretly sad in your own world, complaining about each other's incomprehension.

then, there are contradictions, quarrels, and marriage is in jeopardy.

everyone says that those who sleep together are called husband and wife.

and sleep in separate rooms, not only the bed, but also the relationship and marriage of two people.

slowly, two people under the same roof became strangers who knew each other most.

remember that Mr. Lin Yutang once said:

"Marriage is like a carved ship, depending on how you appreciate it and how you control it."

Marriage is a practice of two people, not a fight by one person.

A good marriage is more of one mind in the same bed.

you see my efforts, I understand your deep feelings, and then work together to make this marriage work well.

after all, one person's sleep is just rest, and two people's sleep is sleep.

the happiest thing in marriage is to share a bed with someone who loves you, understands you, and loves you until you grow old.