The best relationship between people: it begins with interest, is loyal to character, and lasts longer than the heart.
The best relationship between people: it begins with interest, is loyal to character, and lasts longer than the heart.
Time, can not take away true friends; years, there is no room for false feelings.


the Roman philosopher Cicero said:

"without friendship, the world is like losing the sun.


people come and go in life, and most of them have become passers-by, with only a few good friends around from beginning to end.

there is a vast sea of people, and the best thing in the world is to be with friends.

those friends who can stay with us for the rest of our lives often start with interest, be loyal to character, and last longer than sincerity.

We are lucky and blessed to meet such friends.

begins with interest

26-year-old Li Bai admires his "idol" Meng Haoran for a long time.

when he learned that Meng Haoran lived in seclusion in Xiangyang, he went to visit.

at this time, Meng Haoran, 38, has become famous in the field of poetry.

as soon as they hit it off, they lived in seclusion as teenagers, both civil and military, and they were like-minded, so they hated each other too late.

they often sing to wine and are very uncomfortable.

at this time, Li Bai, Shixing Dafa, wrote "Gift to Meng Haoran" to show his true feelings:

I respect Mr. Meng Haoran for his dignified and unrestrained manner. He is famous for his nobility and elegance.

when he was a teenager, he despised fame and did not love the official crown chariot and horse, and in his old age Baishou returned to the mountain forest to abandon the dust and miscellaneous.

in his eyes, Meng Haoran is a man of extraordinary talent and splendor.

they are both frustrated in officialdom and unrewarded for their lofty ambitions, and in each other's eyes, they see another themselves.

the following year, fireworks in March, the two met again in the Yellow Crane Tower. Meng Haoran is going to Guangling, and Li Bai personally delivers it to the riverside.

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when parting, Li Bai silently watched his friends leave and wrote, "the solitary sail goes far away at the end of the water sky, only to see the flow of the Yangtze River in the sky."

the geometry of life, how lucky it is to meet like-minded people!

Fu Lei and Huang Binhong, one is a translator and the other is a master of painting.

the difference between the two is 43 years old, but they are a pair of true friends who have forgotten their age.

Huang Binhong has always been diligent in painting, but his works are not understood and accepted.

Fu Lei is very interested in the study of traditional Chinese painting, mostly for criticism and criticism, but only for Huang Binhong's paintings.

the two have profound artistic accomplishment and have similar pursuits. They often exchange letters, one creation, one comment, which complement each other.

Huang Binhong gave a large number of his paintings to Fu Lei, more than 60, which is extremely rare in the history of painting.

and Fu Lei wrote 121 letters to Huang Binhong, which is the most letters he has ever written to others except to his son Fu Cong.

the most touching thing is that when Huang Binhong was 80 years old, Fu Lei actively ran around and held his first personal work exhibition for him.

Fu Lei also wrote an introduction of more than 4700 words for the exhibition, explaining in detail Huang Binhong's painting features and artistic style.

his accurate analysis of his works won the approval of Huang Binhong, and the exhibition was finally a great success.

in the worldly world, if you can meet people who are similar to your own soul and like-minded people, and move forward together, this life is enough.

he appreciates your talent, and you know that it is not easy for him; he helps you realize your dreams, and you are willing to work hard for him. You have enriched each other's lives with your heart.

I have heard a saying: "the happiest thing in life is to meet someone who understands you. You don't have to say a thousand words. You already have a connection."

those true friends in life seem to be doomed for the rest of their lives at the moment they meet.

the hearts of each other have long understood each other and become one.

be loyal to character

after reading a sentence, I deeply agree: "character is a person's hardest card."


when dealing with people with good character, you can always feel full of goodwill. They make people feel secure and reliable and make people unconsciously want to get close.

Yan Zi, a diplomat of the State of Qi in the Spring and Autumn period, treated his friends respectfully and politely. Once he identified a friend, he would not change for the rest of his life.

Bei Guo Sao was a famous scholar of Qi in the same period of Yanzi. Because of his poor family, Beiguosao was unable to take care of his mother.

so he went to visit Yanzi, hoping to get some food so that he could take care of his mother.

Yanzi has heard of Beiguosao for a long time and would like to make friends with him. He not only warmly received Beiguosao, but also gave him a lot of food and money before leaving.

Beiguosao declined the money and accepted the grain, and the two became good friends ever since.

soon after, Yanzi was slandered and was suspected by the Duke of Qi Jing and fled to other countries.

before leaving, Yanzi passed by Beiguo Sao's house and came in to say goodbye.

Yanzi told Bei Guo Sao what had happened, but Bei Guo Sao looked calm and just said, "Please take care of yourself" and stopped talking.

Yanzi felt a little lost and left silently.

who knows, after Yanzi left, Bei Guo Sao found his friend and said to him, "I admire Yanzi's morality and have acquaintance with him." Now that he is being suspected for no reason, I will use my life to clean up and vilify him. "

after that, Beiguosu changed his clothes, asked his friends to carry swords and bamboo boxes, followed him, and went to the palace to meet the Duke of Qi Jinggong.

he said impassively to the Duke of Qi Jinggong, "Yan Ying is a famous prime minister all over the world. If he dies, the State of Qi will be invaded." I would like to use my life to clear up the grievances of Yanzi. "

then he drew his sword and cut his own throat.

when Qi Jinggong saw this scene, he regretted it very much. So he drove himself and recovered Yanzi at the border.

when Yanzi learned that Bei Guo Sao actually gave up his ownLife, to prove his innocence, he felt sad and remorseful for having misunderstood Bei Guo Sao.

through the ages, the so-called true friend, the most important thing is to look at character.

he has a good character and treats people consistently. To associate with such a person, he will be down-to-earth all his life.

longer than the heart

I like a sentence very much: if you can't keep your emptiness, your heart will always be there.

in life, it is with a true heart that people can communicate with each other to the end.

A true friend is but a true friend.

when he is in crisis, he is desperate to insert a knife for you; worry

when you are sad, he is around to share your worries and solve your problems.

during the Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan and Wang Qian were bosom friends. Wang Qian admires Fan Zhongyan's talent and often asks him for advice on poetry. Fan Zhongyan is also happy to communicate with him.

later, Fan Zhongyan was demoted out of Beijing because he advocated reform. The court began to liquidate Fan Zhongyan's accomplices, so many officials were afraid to avoid it.

at that time, Wang was the only one who stepped forward. He was seriously ill, but he still dragged the sick body and sent Fan Zhongyan out of the city.

Fan Zhongyan holds a piece of sincerity, when he is down, Wang is willing to send him thousands of miles away, and Wang is also sincere, no matter when he is worthy of his friends.

A true friend may not have too many words, but when something happens, he is never absent.

writer Liu Baiyu and his seriously ill son went to Shanghai to see a doctor.

on the afternoon when the mother and son went back, Liu Baiyu was restless and restless.

when Ba Jin learned about this, he was afraid of bad news and worried that Liu Baiyu could not stand it, so he went to see him.

came to Liu Baiyu's ward and said nothing but accompanied him silently, waiting for the news.

when the phone called, mother and son got home safely, and they breathed a long sigh of relief.

before leaving, Liu Baiyu clasped Ba Jin's hand and kept thanking him.

Ba Jin waved his hand and said faintly, "nothing. I happen to be free. I just want to sit with you."

in this life, how many people are willing to stay with you and sit with you when you feel bad?

people live all their lives, long is long, short is short.

people in life come and go, dazzling, but this life until the end of life, only a few bosom friends, still by your side.

A true friend is the most precious treasure in life. We can only cherish it, be grateful, and let friendship last forever in our hearts.

time, can not take away true friends; years, there is no room for false feelings.

, may we all cherish those who will still be called friends after a long time.