The best relationship between people: everything is reliable, be grateful afterwards
The best relationship between people: everything is reliable, be grateful afterwards
People with good character bring their own light, and wherever they go, they always shine.

We often say that the relationship between people begins with appearance, falls into talent, and ends with character.

any kind of emotion, the last word is character.

if we want a relationship to last, we have to do it: everything is reliable, and we are grateful afterwards.

reliable, it is a person's best business card

Sanmao said: "Reliability is an invincible sword in society, and you should take it with you wherever you go."

doing things is reassuring and is a person's best business card.

Zhang Yiming, the founder of

byte beat, looks like a walking "Poseidon needle" in the eyes of many people.

when he first graduated, he worked as an ordinary engineer in Kuxun Company. Whenever he encountered an emergency, the leader could contact him.

he will deal with the problems that his colleagues ask him to help solve and give feedback in a timely manner.

although he is in charge of technology, colleagues will ask him to discuss when there is something wrong with the related products.

because as long as Zhang Yiming is involved in or in charge of the project, the results are very satisfactory, and mistakes in the details are rare.

because Zhang Yiming was reliable and safe, when he was ready to start a business, his old classmate Liang Rubo resolutely quit his high-paying job and joined his team.

I very much agree with the sentence: "the best way to get along is to make people feel at ease about you."

those who can conscientiously do things well will have a wider and wider road in the future.

I have a friend who is a HR from a big Internet factory in Shenzhen.

in a chat, I asked him curiously, what kind of employees do you like best in the workplace?

instead of telling the story directly, he told the story of two employees in the company.

the first employee graduated from one of the top universities in China with a rich resume, and everyone is very optimistic about him.

but after two years on the job, he is still a grass-roots employee.

he often writes code carelessly, and the program is full of mistakes and leaks.

when working on a project with others, he drags his feet and waits until the deadline to finish overtime, which is of poor quality.

although the salary of the second employee is mediocre, he is careful and meticulous in his work.


code will be checked many times, and then run and debug repeatedly after it is finished to prevent bug.

when docking materials with other departments, various detailed items will be listed so that people can see them at a glance.

it is natural for discerning people to see clearly which of these two employees is good or bad.

Buffett said:


reliable is a more important quality than cleverness.


A reliable person does not procrastinate what he should do and does not perfunctory what he promises.

so everyone is happy to work with him and is willing to get to know him deeply.

gratitude is a person's most precious asset

when Kazuo Inamori, a famous Japanese entrepreneur, went to the temple with his father to visit an eminent monk at the age of 12, he asked for advice on the way to life.

the eminent monk looked at him carefully and said, "this child does not need to ask, you go back." In the future, just let him say more about 'South Mannanaman'. "

"South Mannan" means "thank you" in Zen.

when reviewing the success of his life, Kazuo Inamori often said: "it was impossible for someone like me to succeed, but in the end I did, all from two words-thank you."

people who know grace and know how to think about the source of drinking water can win the recognition of others in communication.

Xu Xiaoping, an angel investor, once met an entrepreneur who neither explained how to make money nor showed the overwhelming charm that a leader should have.

and at that time, many promising companies of the same type had already sent him applications.

when everyone thought that the entrepreneur had come for nothing, Xu Xiaoping chose to invest because he was moved by the entrepreneur's story of "80,000 yuan of original shares."

in the early days of his business, the entrepreneur borrowed 80,000 yuan from a netizen nicknamed "fisherman".

with this 80,000 yuan, she bought the first two servers and began to build a website.

later, the website became better and better and bigger and bigger. "Fisherman" runs a software company that earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but she always remembers it.

When the company was restructured, the executives of the company all said that they would quickly take out two or three times the money to settle accounts with the "fisherman."

But she said, "No, I was able to build the website by relying on this 80,000 yuan. I am determined not to pay back the cash. I will let it grow with the company, and I will tell him when the time is right."

every time she raises money, she explains this special "80,000 shares" to investors.

on May 11, 2011, when the website was listed on NASDAQ, she immediately sent an invitation to the "fisherman" to go with her to NASDAQ to ring the bell. According to the price of IPO, the 80,000 yuan of that year became 80 million yuan, which became a good talk at that time.

that entrepreneur is Xiao long's daughter Gong Haiyan, and that website is now Jiayuan of the Century.

once read a sentence: "talented investors invest in human nature, persistence and gratitude are the most precious things in a person."

if one knows how to repay one's kindness, it is often easier to get a helping hand from others, and the road of life can become wider and wider.

the Greek poet Minand said:

"A man of good character brings his own light.Wherever you go, it always shines. "

it is reassuring to hold people who are sincere and serious about doing things.

know how to give back, do not forget the kindness of others, others are also happy to help you.

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