The best investment in life: choose the right wife
The best investment in life: choose the right wife
I hope every couple will live a stable life and have a happy marriage.


I have heard such a sentence:

"your parents determine your starting point, while your wife determines your end."

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since ancient times, there has been no family without a wife.

it can be said that the hostess of the family is the key to the harmony and prosperity of a family.

A virtuous and virtuous wife is a blessing for the family and a blessing for three generations.

it can be seen that choosing the right wife has a profound and long-term impact on a man or even a family.

the wife is contented and the family is harmonious and warm

Shotaro Ogihara once asserted:

"the so-called happy people remember only what they are satisfied with in their lives, while the so-called unfortunate people only remember the opposite."

the greatest wealth in life lies in contentment.

during Qianlong's reign, two couples in the capital had adjacent shops. One couple ran an iron shop and the other ran a grocery store. The two families lived without worries about food and clothing.

one day, a scholar moved to the corner of the street to take the exam in Beijing. Seeing that the blacksmith's wife Liniang and the shopkeeper's wife were good-looking, the scholar wanted to add fragrance to his tea with them during this period of time.

the scholar deliberately made several chance encounters with them.

coming and going, Li Niang fell into the sweet words of the scholar and compared him with her husband. She felt that the scholar was better than her husband in all aspects.

therefore, Li Niang often takes advantage of her husband to have a private meeting with the scholar when she is out on business.

the concubine's wife has a deep affection for her husband, so she is unmoved by the scholar's goodwill.

when Li Niang saw this, she secretly thought that the money man's wife was stupid.

she made a good abacus. If the scholar is in high school, then she and the blacksmith and Li, marry the scholar herself and become the number one lady.

once Li Niang had a dream about a scholar's high school, but she was haunted by a blacksmith and couldn't get away from her.

so she secretly moved her family's money out for the scholar to squander. By the time the blacksmith found out, the family was too poor to do business.

in a fit of anger, the blacksmith gave Li Niang a letter of divorce, and Li Niang happily moved into the small courtyard where the scholar rented, and the blacksmith could not open an iron shop because he had no working money, and his life was getting worse and worse.

A month later, the scholar was sure enough in high school and was rewarded by the emperor to serve as the governor of Hangzhou. Liniang happily waited at home for the scholar to pick her up and go to Hangzhou.

he could wait left and right, but the scholar never came back. It turned out that after receiving the will, the scholar immediately went to Hangzhou to take office.

Li Niang waited for three months, and the last thing she waited for was the owner of the house to collect the rent. She had no money to pay for the room and was kicked out of the door.

in the cold winter months, Li Niang had nowhere to go on the capital street. She only repented when she saw the picture of the grocer and his wife getting along warmly in the grocery store next door.

as the saying goes:

"if you pair up with one relative, you will prosper for three generations, but if you marry the wrong one, it will harm three generations."

thus it can be seen that choosing the right wife can prosper three generations of prosperous nine ethnic groups, and choosing the wrong woman is enough to lead the family to decline.

the wife knows how to be contented, and such a family will be harmonious and warm.

the wife will take care of the family, and the family has the money to spend

if a man is the breadwinner of a family, then a woman is the soul of the family.

some time ago, I had a dinner date with my old classmate, but unexpectedly, the classmate, who was usually dressed up, tidied himself up very well. at first glance, he looked more than ten years younger than usual.

talking about his changes, he smiled and said, "it's all because I married a good wife."

I joked: "unexpectedly, the old classmate who was rich as soon as he was paid and became poor at the end of the month bought a house."

as a matter of fact, the salary of his old classmate is not low, and he has a sideline in private, earning a lot of money, but he is also famous for his lavish spending.

he often spends it as soon as the money is in his pocket.

he sighed:

"well, it's all thanks to my wife. After I got married, I gave her all my salary, including living expenses, car loans, filial piety to my parents, regular financial management, and personal contacts. She planned every sum of money in good order, and I was relieved. "

A great woman must be a good housekeeper.

Li Shangyin once sighed:

"looking at the former sages and families, success is caused by diligence and frugality, but by extravagance."

it can be seen that frugality plays a vital role in the rise and fall of a family, as well as the rise and fall of a country.

choose the right wife who will be diligent and frugal, so that the family's money can be used and planned reasonably, so that the family will not be stretched when the family needs it.

in a family, if a woman does not know how to be frugal, spends money without restraint, spends money like water, and only knows how to buy every day, no matter how rich her husband is, she will not be able to spend it. Such a family will be poor sooner or later.

Wang Fengyi, a famous educator, once said:

"A man should take his wife instead of his wife, and a woman should help her husband not to be tired. Men should be just and feminine, each should go his own way."

therefore, it is possible for a family to prosper by choosing a woman who knows how to run a family frugally.

wife has a good personality, family and everything is prosperous

it is mentioned in the Book of Rites:

"Father's Benedict, Brotherhood, husband and wife, fat family."


means that if a family is close to father and son, brothers and sisters live in harmony, love between husband and wife, family harmony, and family unity, the wealth of the family is bound to accumulate.

but how can you live without touching your tongue?

the whole family is relative to each other all day, and there is always a time to haggle over trifles, so it is inevitable to stumble and quarrel.

most of the time, if you complain less, life at home will be better and better.

in the recent hit TV series "the World", Zhou Bingkun is an extremely lack of self-confidence, he met the gentle and kind Zheng Juan.

the appearance of Zheng Juan made Zhou Bingkun feel at home.

when Zhou Bingkun encountered problems, it was Zheng Juan who silently supported him and encouraged him.

the death of her son and the imprisonment of her husband did not overwhelm her.

she has been standing gently behind Zhou Bingkun, and she comforted Zhou Bingkun and said:

"I didn't pour while you were away, but we can't do it when you come back. No matter how hard the life is, if we go on laughing, we can feel a trace of sweetness. "

in contrast, there are the wives of two other families:

Wu Qian, who often challenges her husband's bottom line and fights with her husband in public.

Qiao Chunyan, who is calculated and often swayed by emotions, is strong and aggressive regardless of her husband's thoughts.

some people say:

"the marriage between Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan is that good people love good people, good people cherish good people, and good people watch good people."

I am deeply convinced that Chinese people pay attention to the word "an" all the time.

when we take apart the word "an", we can see that the top bao lid represents the home. We can see that when men work hard outside, it is women who prop up a day at home.

that's what "a virtuous wife and a good husband" means.

as Yang Lan said:

"Marriage needs another kind of bond other than love, and the toughest one is not children, nor interests and money, but righteousness that treats each other with all sincerity."

A wife can determine the feng shui of a family. If a wife has a good character, she will be able to enjoy everything at home.

most of the time, the wife can decide the direction of a family.

A contented wife is like a flower of interpretation. she will be silently by her husband's side when she needs it.

A wife who knows how to run a house is the backbone of a family. She can prop up a family well and give her family a sense of security, stability and stability.

A wife with a good personality is the motivation and pillar of a man. she is like a gas station, giving her husband the motivation and courage to move on when she is tired.

in the vast crowd, it is a man's greatest blessing to meet such a wife.

, I hope that every couple will lead a stable life and have a happy marriage.