The best health care in the world: forgetfulness, less resentment, and lack of thought
The best health care in the world: forgetfulness, less resentment, and lack of thought
Only by cultivating the mind and body, can we live a healthy and full life.

the ancients used to say:

"anger hurts the liver, joys and sorrows, worries the lungs, thinks the spleen, fears the kidney."

Modern medical theory also believes that psychological factors play an extremely important role in human health.

as the saying goes, all diseases arise from the heart, and all diseases are cured from the heart.

the best way to maintain good health in the world is not to take care of the body, but to please the mind and mind.


Su Shi wrote a story in his article on health preservation.

on one occasion, Zhang E asked Su Shi to write a word about health preservation.

Su Shi smiled and said:

"I got an ancient prescription for health and longevity. The medicine only needs four flavors. I'll give it to you today. "

having said that, Su Shi wrote on Xuan paper:

on the one hand, it is expensive to have nothing to do;

It's high time you added some high neck wedding dresses factor to your wardrobe. There are a lot of styles you can choose from.

the second is to get rich early in the morning;

third, take an easy step as a car;

the fourth is to eat late for meat.

the first medicine, "nothing is expensive", is to exhort people to let it go and let it go.

often pick a load of sorrow, it is easy to overwhelm the body; a lot of things are hidden in the heart, it is difficult to hold happiness.

only if you lift the weight lightly and put the past lightly, can you feel at ease physically and mentally.

in her later years, Yang Jiang's younger generation Fu Yan once said:

"at that time, Yang Jiang not only had to bear the pain of the death of her loved ones, but also countered the use of Qian Zhongshu's fame by the people of the city.

I'm afraid the average person's health has long been dragged down. "

daughter Qian Kui and husband Qian Zhongshu died one after another. although she was grieved, Yang Jiang chose to cultivate her character by reading and worry about her writing.

she calls this: "put all your heart into it and forget yourself."

entered the realm of detachment and selflessness and shelved the pain in the wrinkles of the years. Yang Jiang did not bid farewell to this world until he was 105 years old.

Balzac once said, "if you don't forget, life can't go on."

the secret of recuperating the spirit is to let the unpleasant things disappear with the smoke and throw away the unpleasant things in your heart.

just as Yi Shu once asked Ni Kuang:

"what's the secret to raising your potted plants so well?"

Ni Kuang replied with a smile, "it's very simple. The secret is to throw away the dead and buy new ones."

this is the case with potted plants, but it is also the case with living.

immersed in the pain that can not get out, people will gradually wither.

only when the flowers and leaves that are bearish about life are withered, can the body remain alive forever.

less resentment

Zeng Guofan once said, "the broad word is used as medicine to cure the heart."

everything resentment in the heart, only tea and food do not think, describe haggard.

if you look down on grievances and do not complain about the bitterness of life, you will naturally be healthy and healthy.

95-year-old Qi Baishi said that there are "seven precepts" in good health, one of which is to "abstain from grief and indignation", and his proud disciple Li Keran also has its essence.

one day, Li Keran took a lot of time to draw a picture.

when I came back from a trip, I found that this painting had been "graffiti" by my two-year-old child.

instead of being angry, Li Keran picked up his pen and wrote a paragraph:

"Ding Hai Dragon Boat Festival, I am not in the room, the two-year-old can stamp me like this, when he grows up, he will talk to me again."

this is just a microcosm of Li Keran's life.

later, at the low ebb of his life, no matter how aggrieved he was, he never resented anyone.

he has painted three cloth bag monks in his life.

Maitreya's temperament is to "look at the world with a smile." Li Keran also wants to put aside his obsession and laugh at everything and be as carefree as Maitreya.

so in the third picture of the laughing monk, he wrote this inscription:

A big belly can accommodate the most difficult things in the world, but you will smile at the funny people in the world.

only by not complaining about the twists and turns of life can we live a good life.

Mr. Liang Shuming, the last great Confucian scholar in China, lived to be 95.

he has been in this state of mind all his life:

"the world will be fine in the future. I am not pessimistic about the future of life."

in the most difficult period of his life, Liang Shuming lived in Xiaohongjing Hutong and was ordered to sweep the road and toilet every morning.

but Liang Shuming is comfortable with this kind of life.

after sweeping the floor leisurely every day, take a bath in Huaqing Pool of Huguo Temple, or take a boxing trip to Beihai Park.

as the old saying goes:

"worry has no root, but if you don't pick it up, you will have nothing." Confusion has no source, and it is not easy to correct it. "

A good state of mind is blindly good medicine.

in the ups and downs of life, we should know how to accept all the ups and downs calmly, when the body and mind is one inch wider, the disease will retreat by a foot.

No comparison

when reading the Romance of the three Kingdoms, we often feel the end of Zhou Yu's untimely death.

Zhou Yu has both civil and military skills and great talents, but he wants to compete with Zhuge Liang in everything, which finally leads to his own sad ending.

writer Marshall Luxembourg wrote in "non-violent Communication"

"comparison with others is the beginning of a miserable life."

people are more popular than people, and life is worse than life.

once people are unhappy, how can they talk about their health?

We have to understand that there is no end to the things in this world and there is no end to dispute.

instead of focusing on the differenceIn people, it is better to focus on life itself.

in a hospital in Nara, Japan, there is a psychiatrist named Heiko Nakamura who has worked for more than 70 years.

working in the same unit for most of his life, Hengzi has never had any conflict with others, and every day he is calm and carefree.

was asked about the secret of happiness, she gave only three words: no comparison.

since working, Hengzi has never kept up with others.

she said:

"others have other people's lives, but they have their own tracks.

compared with others, it is meaningless to fall into loss and jealousy. It only consumes energy.


Plum blossoms do not compete with peonies, but have their own fragrance, and everyone's life is wonderful.

some people can live happily in a room of six feet, while others can spend their whole life with a table as a bed and clothes as quilts.

after all, earthly happiness is not compared, but passed.

few thoughts

in modern psychology, there is a term called "ruminant thinking".

in short, it refers to thinking repeatedly and passively about the problem you are worrying about.

once you get caught up in "ruminant thinking", it is easy to have negative emotions.

this just confirms what is said in the Collection of Health Preservation: "if you think more, you will lose your mind, and if you think more, you will disperse."

if a person has thousands of knots in his heart, the root of the disease will be planted.

the medical saint Zhang Zhongjing once treated another famous doctor.

this famous doctor, Shen Huai, is more than 70 years old, and he has been melancholy that no one has inherited his medical skills because he thinks too much and is in ill health.

it is difficult for doctors to treat themselves. after seeing, hearing, asking and cutting, Zhang Zhongjing determined that he was worried and became a disease. He immediately prescribed a prescription, made a pill with one jin of grain noodles, coated with cinnabar, and let Shen Huai eat.

when Shen Huai saw the prescription, he was amused and ordered his family to hang it under the eaves. Everyone pointed to the pill and ridiculed Zhang Zhongjing.

when friends, relatives or fellow doctors came to see him, he smiled and said:

"look! This is the prescription Zhang Zhongjing gave me. Who has ever seen that whole grains can cure diseases? Joke! A joke! "

he was preoccupied with the funny thing, left all his worries behind, and got better before he knew it.

at this time, Shen Huai suddenly realized that Zhang Zhongjing prescribed a prescription for whole grains, on the one hand, to distract him in an ingenious way, and on the other hand, to persuade him to eat and sleep hungry and not to think too much about it.

sometimes, it is not the illness that chooses the person, but because of excessive thinking, they find the illness.

an American psychologist once did such an experiment.

asked the experimenter to write down the troubles expected in the next 7 days and put them into the "annoyance box".

three weeks later, he opened the box and checked it with the experimenter one by one, and found that 90% of the troubles did not happen.

then he asked everyone to put the rest of the note back into the box and wait three weeks before finding a solution.

but it turns out that those troubles are no longer troubles.

Feng Tang once said in the growth of all things:

"I don't think much about it, and I'll be happy. In other words, happiness means not thinking too much. "

as long as we are open-minded and clear-minded, we can live an easy life.

Gong Tingxian, a medical scientist of the Ming Dynasty, said: "things come to adapt, things are peaceful, and you can prolong the years."

the highest state of health lies in nourishing the mind.

forgetfulness is to forget sadness, less resentment is to eliminate negative energy, not to ease anxiety, and mindlessness is to be pure and calm.

, cultivate the mind and body in the future, and live a healthy and fulfilling life.