The best appearance of a family: the kitchen is loud, the study is fragrant, and the bedroom is talkative.
The best appearance of a family: the kitchen is loud, the study is fragrant, and the bedroom is talkative.
For the rest of my life, I spent the rest of my life with my family, cooking and gossiping.


Wang Xiaobo once wrote in "loving you is like loving Life":

"when people are young, they feel that there are people everywhere, and that other people's business is their own business. after middle age, they feel that there is nothing in the world but their families."

Family is our most important career.

the degree of dedication to running a family determines the temperature of a family's life.

the best appearance of a family is the sound of the kitchen, the incense of the study and the talk of the bedroom.

Kitchen sound

Zhang Chunling, a former Microsoft executive, once shared his views on marriage in the video.

he didn't believe in marriage because he had seen a lot of betrayal in his work and life.

but after getting married, he changed his mind.

because of his work, he often goes out of town on business trips. Every time he comes back, when he pulls out the key to open the door, he can always hear his wife cooking in the kitchen and pots and pans jingling.

later, whenever someone asked him what was the most romantic thing in his life, he would recall that picture.

"isn't it the highlight of my life that a person is willing to cook for you and care about your warmth and warmth?"

the busy figure of his wife in the kitchen has become the original motivation for him to work hard outside, and has also helped him resist many temptations.

I have heard such a sentence:

"if you want to see how the family is doing, all you have to do is look at the kitchen."

No relationship can be separated from real life forever. Love will be shown in bits and pieces and implemented in three meals a day.

remember reading a post on the Internet.

one eldest sister said, "I can't get by. I'm going to get divorced. The house is cold, the kitchen is cold, and husband and wife can't say a few words a year."

someone asked, "Don't you cook together?"


the eldest sister replied:

"when we first got married, we did it together. I felt good at that time. Although the days were poor, the family was very happy to eat and chat together.

later, he didn't often go home for dinner, and I didn't bother to do it. There were places to eat outside, and we could solve it wherever it was convenient. "

the documentary A string of Life says: "without fireworks, life is a lonely journey."

Kitchen is not only the most primitive need of a home, but also the warmest part of life.

Life takes off its gorgeous coat, but it is just clothing, food, shelter and transportation, and sometimes happiness is hidden in the steaming smell of food.

there is incense in the study

in Chinese history, there is a family that has been inherited for more than 2000 years.

it is the Pei family in Shanxi.

according to the statistics of Pei's genealogy, there have been 59 prime ministers and 59 generals in the Pei family, with nearly a thousand people in history and more than 3,000 people in history.

the reason for the prosperity of his family is just two words:

read books.

there is a rule in the Pei family that those who cannot be admitted to the scholar examination are not allowed to enter the ancestral hall.

so Pei's family goes up and down, men and women, old and young, never let go of the papers.

Yao Wentian said in the Qing Dynasty: "the old family in the world has accumulated nothing but virtue for hundreds of years, and the first good thing in the world is still reading."

No matter how much wealth is left to future generations, it is better to let children develop the habit of loving reading.

books can change a person's temperament and destiny.

Yu Minhong's mother, Li Bamei, was originally an ordinary peasant woman.

she had a difficult childhood, her father died young and her mother was unable to support her to go to school.

after the literacy class began, she went to class, rain or shine, and often stayed up late to study.

under the influence of his mother, Yu Minhong also formed the habit of reading.

when he was a student at Peking University, he read more than 800 books in four years.

"Reading is my greatest hobby, and it is a happy thing to spend my time on reading."

Reading opened his horizons and helped him complete his transformation from an ordinary person to a teacher of Peking University and then to the founder of New Oriental.

the poet Stickland Gilleland once said:

"you may have unlimited wealth, boxes of jewelry and cabinets of gold. But you will never be richer than me. I have a mother who reads to me. "

the smell of books can be far away.

matter will be exhausted one day, but the nutrients of reading will precipitate in a person's bones and nourish him for a lifetime.

there is a message in the bedroom

there is a question online: "what is the saddest thing about a marriage?"


one answer is:

"it's not that they have no feelings or divorce, but that two people live together but have nothing to say.

No communication, no expectation, and became a masked couple.


the worst family is to be under the same roof and go your own way.

in fact, the so-called good relationship is to have a chatting partner who never talks too much, knows how warm you are, and misses your joys and sorrows.

I was impressed by a scene in the popular TV drama "the World" some time ago.

Zhou Bingkun's father retired and rushed back from other places.

I haven't seen my wife for several years, and I know that my husband doesn't have to go to the countryside anymore.Zhou Bingkun's mother smiles.

before going to bed, she was still chatting excitedly with her wife.

"I'll tell you something funny. Chunyan's mother told me that her TV is seldom on, so why does she save all her TV programs and watch them with her old man?

what I have saved for many years, I want to tell you. "

chatting before going to bed is almost the norm for Zhou's parents.

after worrying about the chores of the day and the children's household chores, the time before going to bed becomes the time for both of them.

they will talk about their daily life and talk about new things about their work.

occasionally, Father Zhou would hold his mother's hand, look at each other, and say:

"Thank you so much!


in this way, the two of them fell in love with each other and envied others.

A survey abroad found that

25% of couples communicate for less than 10 minutes a day;

40% will completely ignore their partner because they are too busy at work;

25% of people don't remember the last time two people had a leisurely chat together;

67% of people think they prefer to socialize on the Internet alone rather than eating and chatting with their partner.

the life of two people becomes the life of one person fighting alone.

it is certainly terrible to die alone, but it is even more terrible to end up with the person who makes you feel lonely.

to be able to join hands to the old couple is not the endless vows of youdao, but the endless gossip of parents and endless chatter.

Dong Qing said this sentence in the Reader:

"Home" is a word with temperature. It is not only a place for our bodies to rest, but also a haven for our hearts to dock.

the tired birds return to the forest, the fish fly to the bottom, and the fallen leaves return to their roots. This is all a longing for home, and it is also life's pursuit of a destination. "

, spend the rest of my life with my family, cooking slowly and gossiping.