The 38-year-old mother of her second child was killed by domestic violence, and the truth went viral: sure enough, it's time to expose him!
The 38-year-old mother of her second child was killed by domestic violence, and the truth went viral: sure enough, it's time to expose him!
May there be no more domestic violence in the world, no haze under the sun, and warm hearts with warmth.

recently, my uncle was indignant about a tragedy on the hot search.

A 38-year-old mother of two was so abused by her husband of 9 years that her heart stopped!

after more than 20 minutes of emergency rescue by medical staff, the woman finally recovered her heartbeat.

Unfortunately, she died five days later when she was admitted to the ICU ward.

what is even more absurd is that what happened to her was much more than that.

The details disclosed behind

make people feel like a pain in the throat.

according to the sister of the deceased, this is not the first time her sister has been violently committed by her husband.

domestic violence has long become "commonplace".

the 38-year-old deceased married her husband for 9 years. The two have two daughters, aged 8 and 4.

in order to support his family, the deceased opened a clothing store to support his family.

maybe God is merciful, industrious and optimistic, she has gained a lot of repeat customers, and the small shop business is gradually on the right track.

the deceased began to dream that one day they might be able to buy a small house on their own and give their children a better life.

on the other hand, her husband, Sun, was idle all day and contracted the bad habit of drinking.

after being drunk, he often makes a fool of himself and often beats and scolds his wife.

but after sober up, he would cry and apologize as if by magic, begging for his wife's forgiveness.

in addition, Sun also has an almost abnormal desire for control.

not only installed surveillance in the clothing store, monitoring his wife's every move.

he even installed a monitor in his wife's keychain.

when his wife eats out with friends every day, he interferes, stirs up the game, and starts to beat people up.

later, if something went wrong, he would punch and kick his wife, or even pinch his wife's neck.

however, in order not to worry their families, the deceased always reported the good news but not the bad news at first, and seldom talked about their marriage life.

but this violence is always unbearable.

the deceased Huang finally had the idea of leaving.

but the family members who do not know the truth all advised her to be patient and not to let her children lack fatherly love from an early age.

maybe it was a consideration of the actual marriage. Under the persuasion of her family and the rhetoric of her husband, she gave in.

for the sake of her two daughters, she chose patience and forgiveness, struggling to maintain the marriage.

I thought that my concession would lead to a change in the husband of the prodigal son, but what was the result?

she is wrong, no bottom line tolerance, really will be fatal!

Love cannot influence a man who is used to violence.

apart from getting worse punches and punches, she is a fierce and arrogant insult to her personality.

Today, families


I regret having advised her not to divorce before.

All this could have been avoided.

if, she did not choose to forgive; if, she left early.

perhaps, the lives will not be lost in vain, leaving the two young daughters without a mother.

Unfortunately, there is no if in this world.

Marriage is a demon mirror that reflects a person's nature.

for women, marrying the wrong person is really devastating.

every woman in the whirlpool of domestic violence should understand:

to forgive and trust someone who hurts you may be to give happiness and life to the devil.

domestic violence, only 0 times and countless times. When there is one domestic violence, there will be countless times.

tolerance and softness at once leads not to gratitude and repentance, but to deeper harm.

Don't let your heart go soft and become a sharp weapon to hurt yourself.

domestic violence is never far away from us.

there are far more people who suffer from domestic violence than we think.

once saw such a group of data on the Internet:

30% of married women in 270 million families across the country have experienced domestic violence;

on average, every 7.4 seconds, a woman is beaten by her husband;

157000 women commit suicide each year, 60 per cent of which are caused by domestic violence, while women are subjected to domestic violence an average of 35 times before they make up their mind to call the police.

it seems that with the door of "home", violence begins to become a secret.

in some people who are morally corrupt,

A harbor with shelter from the wind,

became the "umbrella" of their violence and crime


but domestic violence is not a trivial matter, let alone a private matter!

Don't always regard domestic violence as a disgrace, don't think that "family ugliness should not be made public," let alone put up with it for the sake of your children.

because of your forbearance, it will only make evil more unscrupulous and give birth to the next serious violence.

those who are used to violence will one day extend their violent black hand to their children.

not long ago, the surveillance video of "the biological father beating the baby" was exposed in just over 20 seconds, which made people's teeth itch and caused outrage all over the network: some men were in vain.

in the video, the husband and wife quarrel over family chores, and the man gets out of control and yells.

aside, the mother is busy feeding the baby, and the baby is very clever if he doesn't cry or make noise.

maybe he was frightened by the quarrel of adults.The baby cried out with a "wow".

at this time, the man stood swearing in front of the child, angrily denouncing not to cry.

when it didn't work, he began to slap the baby in the face. Across the screen, you can feel a lot of strength.

at that moment, the mother of the baby was stunned and could not believe the scene.

the mother, who reacted, immediately came forward to stop the man. But unexpectedly, he went even further.

Instead of calming down, he rushed towards the child and went straight up to cover the baby's mouth and nose.

and kept cursing: "you cry, you cry again."

the man's violence still didn't stop, and then he grabbed the baby's neck and the mother beat him many times before he let go of his hand.

by this time, the baby was already flushed and motionless because of shortness of breath. It took a while for the baby to recover and sob.

slap, cover the mouth and nose, pinch the neck, without a trace of hesitation and pity.

As soon as the

video was released, it quickly caused an uproar on the Internet.

I can't imagine how cold-blooded a person would be to beat a baby wantonly without pity.

how scared and powerless a weak child should be in the face of a violent father!

under the condemnation of public opinion, the police quickly arrested the man.

it is often said that "tiger poison does not eat children". Never underestimate the evil of human nature. Some people in this world are far more poisonous than tigers and wolves.

if domestic violence becomes the norm in a family, it all ends in tragedy.

this is not alarmist talk, but a siren to you and me!

every time there is domestic violence, many people will ask:

"Why are you taking so long? Why don't you leave? "

domestic violence does not fall on us, it is difficult for us to really understand the difficulties and pain, sorrow and tears.

victims are never willing to bear it.

it's really too hard to get rid of the abuser completely!

Human Lab once had an interview with victims of domestic violence:

during the six years of marriage, she was repeatedly beaten and scolded, and suffered serious physical and mental trauma.

Sometimes it was because of work, sometimes it was because of trifles, and in the end, she didn't even know the cause of domestic violence.

but her husband was chosen by herself, so she was still disillusioned with this man and deceived herself again and again.

however, forgiveness is not reformed, but doubly violent.

she also called the police, but when her husband came back, as soon as his front foot entered the door, his back foot hit her with a chair, hitting her harder than before.

unable to withstand violent abuse, she chose to sue for divorce.

but her husband was always unwilling to appear in court, and it took her a year to get rid of the devil.

Fortunately, she finally escaped.

many women in domestic violence often never want to leave, and eventually become unable to leave, and end up buried in the whirlpool of violence all their lives.

Dong Shanshan, a 25-year-old Beijing girl, registered to marry Wang Guangyu.

I thought she had found someone who could protect herself, but unexpectedly, only three months after her marriage, she began to be beaten by her husband.

during this period, she ran away from home many times, but she was beaten harder and harder each time.

Dong Shanshan hurriedly went to court to sue for divorce, but under the pressure of her husband, she had to cancel the lawsuit.

eight months after marriage, she was admitted to ICU and her life was at stake.

in the 10th month after marriage, Dong Shanshan unfortunately died in the hands of the devil.

and the "executioner" with blood on his hands, after his sentence was released, unexpectedly extended the devil's hand to the next girl.

countless gory lessons tell us that domestic violence is like having an affair. To tolerate it once means ten thousand times.

the violence escalated again and again, begging and crying again and again, in return, it was repeated like a nightmare.

when we find each other violent for the first time, we should leave decisively.

Children, family, feelings. Should not be a death-free gold medal for violence and abuse.

to paraphrase a sentence once said by Carl Jung:

"when love dominates everything, violence does not exist; when violence dominates everything, love disappears."

when the other person hits you with his fist, love no longer exists.

as the saying goes, "rivers and mountains are easy to change, but nature is hard to change." once violence begins, it is difficult to stop.

Don't believe any of the abusers' nonsense, and don't expect people who are used to violence to repent and be reborn.

if you stay with them for one more day, the danger will increase.

Don't wait until your heart is riddled with holes and start resisting for help at the cost of your life, when it's too late.

domestic violence is not a family affair or family ugliness, but a naked crime.

in this world, no one has the right to hurt others.

Hell is empty and the devil is on earth.

the fight against domestic violence is a long struggle.

however, only one person's strength is weak after all. Only when everyone attracts attention, will the perpetrators be afraid.

if you are caught in domestic violence, please do not be silent and patient, and do not give in without principles.

stand up bravely and take up the weapon of the law to protect yourself and your family.People!

if you witness domestic violence, please don't stand idly by and refuse to be an indifferent spectator.

stand up firmly, yell, stop or call the police, don't let the victims fight alone in the abyss.

whoever it is should stop being silent from this moment on and bravely say "no" to domestic violence.

, I hope that everyone who has been subjected to domestic violence can get out of the predicament and start a new life with courage and hope.

May there be no more domestic violence in the world, no haze under the sun, and warm hearts with warmth.