Ten years after the disappearance of the Spring Festival Gala, 64-year-old Gong Hanlin was scolded for being a hot search. It turned out that everything had a foreboding.
Ten years after the disappearance of the Spring Festival Gala, 64-year-old Gong Hanlin was scolded for being a hot search. It turned out that everything had a foreboding.
This is the old artist who brings us the greatest spiritual strength.

recently, Gong Hanlin, who has not been seen for a long time, has mentioned hot search.

the cause is that Gong Hanlin mentioned some chaotic phenomena in an interview and said bluntly:

"for example, a football team with an annual income of 30 million to 5 million yuan, or even tens of millions of yuan, does not see them score goals on the field, which is a complete disgrace to the Chinese people."

as soon as this remark came out, it immediately aroused a lot of hot discussion on the Internet.

while Feng Xiaoting, the former Chinese football captain, deliberately teased and attacked when replying to netizens "whether to retire or not": "retire and give way to Gong Hanlin."

such a move pushed the two men to the forefront of public opinion and promoted them to the next level.

then, Gong Hanlin responded with a short video:

"Why am I humiliated in this sketch? I do think that you, the so-called "brick" family who knows the ball, are a little humiliated. "

I have to say that the art of language is completely grasped by Gong Hanlin.

although he didn't say a word of swearing, it was a counterattack between the lines.

everyone praised Gong Hanlin one after another, how dare they say it!

naturally, he also quickly won the support of most netizens:

if you want others to respect you, you can only rely on your own efforts to do better in this field.

it is obvious to all that Gong Hanlin has worked hard and dedicated to his job.

participated in 18 Spring Festival Galas, National first-Class Actor, Golden Panda Award, Shanghai "three one" Project Award. This is the right way to open a public figure!

since 2010, Gong Hanlin has rarely been seen on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.

has aroused the curiosity of many people. Where on earth did he go after years of no new work?

many people's impression of Gong Hanlin seems to stay on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala sketch.

In fact, at the beginning, he had a soft spot for Quyi and was determined to be a crosstalk performer.

in 1957, Gong Hanlin was born into a Quyi family in Liaoning. His parents were both actors who sang Henan Bangzi.

when he was a child, he was often led around by his parents to perform, and for a long time, he became very interested in Quyi.

standing off the stage, watching his parents performing on the stage, he was so happy that he often fantasized about his appearance on the stage.

his longing for art planted the seeds of hope in his immature heart.

but he didn't know that the scenery of his parents' stage was bought with hard sweat.

parents are well aware that art is a hard industry, and they don't want their son to suffer too much, so they have always been opposed to him going this way.

under helplessness, Gong Hanlin had no choice but to bury his dream in the bottom of his heart.

and at that time, coinciding with the call of the state, he picked up his luggage to bid farewell to his parents, went to the countryside to jump the queue, and was involved in rural construction for several years.

in 1977, the college entrance examination was resumed after a ten-year hiatus. Many young people pick up their textbooks and go back to the city to take the college entrance examination.

but Gong Hanlin is different. he is used to life in the countryside and wants to take root and do something in this place.

but which parents do not want their children to have a bright future.

with half a month to go before the college entrance examination, Gong Hanlin went back to school to prepare for the exam at the repeated urging of his parents.

apart from eating and sleeping, he reads books every day for fear of wasting a little time.

with this hard work, he finally got his wish and was admitted to Shenyang normal University.

in this way, Gong Hanlin started his college years, majoring in philosophy and politics.

but he is not happy at all. This is what his parents want, but not what he wants.

his heart is still thinking about acting, with a dramatic dream.

as a result, whenever he had spare time on weekdays, he joined the Quyi Club on campus and devoted himself to his favorite Quyi and drama club.

after graduating from university, Gong Hanlin was assigned to the Bureau of Education and served an enviable "iron rice bowl".

however, Gong Hanlin still can't let go of his love for art.

over time, a fire was quietly lit in the bottom of my heart.

in order to stand on the stage of his dream, he quit his job and was admitted to the Shenyang Quyi Troupe to study acting without telling his parents.

however, the days after joining the League were not as smooth as expected.

Gong Hanlin, who has a non-professional background, has to start from scratch.

he handed out programs, collected tickets, worked as a field clerk, and served tea and water for his predecessors.

even install lights and pull up the curtain. He did all the dirty work in front of the curtain and behind the scenes, leaving early and returning late every day.

after working in the troupe for several years, Gong Hanlin finally got the opportunity to become an actor of the Quyi Troupe and stood on the stage.

in 1988, when the Quyi Troupe wanted to select characters for "Shishixiang" in the sketch "so competitive", they fell in love with Gong Hanlin at first sight.

in order to play a good hawker and get close to his role, Gong Hanlin ran to the market every day, squatted on the edge of the stall, observed their words and behavior, and shouted.

when I get home, I will practice again and again in front of the mirror until I am satisfied.

finally, he played the part alive and made himself more popular.

after becoming famous overnight, Gong Hanlin began to become famous, and his career slowly improved, and from then on it got out of hand.

in the following days, he appeared on the Spring Festival Gala for 18 years in a row and once became the most familiar actor in the national audience.

Gong Hanlin, who first appeared on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, partnered with Yue HongPerformed "playing mahjong".

then, in the following year, he partnered with Cai Ming to collaborate on the sketch "Strangers", which brought him into the eyes of the audience.

but to say that Gong Hanlin really left a deep impression on the audience, it was his partner with Zhao Lirong.

in 1995, Gong Hanlin and Zhao Lirong jointly performed the sketch "so packaged" on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.

Gong Hanlin plays the manager and artistic director of the packaging company, who has a pigtail, but is recognized as a woman by Zhao Lirong.

the company was facing a crisis, so Zhao Lirong, an actress, was invited to shoot the MTV, which triggered a series of "interesting things" at the beginning.

the sketch expresses the fusion and collision of traditional and modern in a relaxed and interesting way, and inadvertently points out the pain points in the future, satirizes the current social situation, and resonates with countless people.

after the great success of the performance of "such Packaging", it won the first prize of the favorite sketch of the national audience that year.

the two are partners on the stage, but they are like mother and son in private. Gong Hanlin even calls Zhao Lirong: Zhao Ma.

since then, Zhao Lirong and Gong Hanlin have become "golden partners", working together one after another in the Spring Festival Gala, "working Adventures,"Kung Fu Ling," and "veterans."

almost every work they worked together won a full house and received applause and applause from countless audiences.

it is a pity that the old teacher Zhao Lirong has turned on a red light.

it wasn't long before Gong Hanlin lost Zhao Lirong, his mother in the art world.

after Zhao Lirong's death, Gong Hanlin was so sad for a long time that he dared not watch the program she had performed with Zhao Ma.

later, someone introduced him to other partners, but they were politely declined by him. In his opinion, Zhao Ma is irreplaceable.

however, people always have to look forward and move on. Time will not give you an empty opportunity to grieve.

after going through the low ebb and returning to his favorite stage, Gong Hanlin brought new sketches with painstaking polishing-"flowerpot", "decoration", "neighbor", "unlocking" and so on.

Classic scenes abound, and people still enjoy talking about them today.

In spite of this, Gong Hanlin dared not relax his demands on himself for a moment.

he always remembers what Zhao Lirong said: pay attention to performance and not make do with it.

without a good script, he will not attend the Spring Festival Gala. Since 2010, he has not appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala and chose to leave honorably.

later, the Spring Festival Gala invited him many times, but he still refused.

when others asked him curiously why he no longer participated in the Spring Festival Gala, he just replied calmly:

"actors should learn to 'block' themselves. The audience wants to see you, not just to see your face, but to see what you give them when you stand on the stage."

in everyone's mind, teacher Gong Hanlin can be called an artist.

but in my uncle's opinion, he is more like the "supervisor" of the entertainment industry.

Gong Hanlin not only has deep artistic attainments, but also maintains awe of this profession all the time.

even if he is in the big dye vat of show business, Gong Hanlin is not willing to drift with the tide and always boast and alert himself with his words and deeds.

be in awe of your profession, your profession and your industry.

Gong Hanlin believes that as a qualified entertainer, he should not only have excellent performance ability, but also have good character.

he never caters to hypocrisy. Truth is the background of his life, and he will expose the vanity of show business regardless of affection.

he is not afraid to offend people at all. He dares to be angry, pointing out that domestic films should spread Chinese culture. If there is too much plagiarism and imitation, it will be very difficult for domestic films to go out.

is also a wake-up call for the entertainment industry: variety show participants should do art according to their conscience and not bow to money.

in the era of the supremacy of flow in the entertainment industry, Gong Hanlin always adhered to his conscience and did not step into the tide of making quick money.

he also hit the nail on the head, denouncing false traffic, setting up people, and so on, and suggested that the performing arts industry should have a record of integrity and not leave a way out for those fake and bad artists.

Gong Hanlin has already given us the answer to what is a real and rich life.

while enjoying flowers and applause, we should set a good example instead of making a bad example.

Gong Hanlin earnestly engaged in art and turned the bitterness of life into the sweetness of art.

and spilled this sweet to the audience.

in him, I see the dedication to art and respect for the audience.

he has experienced a lot of lead, but his innocent heart is still there.

Loyal to art and never forgetting his original ideals and aspirations, Gong Hanlin guarded his stage with a burning heart and accepted the truth, goodness and evil of the world.

perhaps, this is the old artist who brings us the greatest spiritual strength.

the times always turn the page, and the classics cannot be copied. Thank you for the laughter and emotion brought to us by those years.

, may everyone look down on the flamboyance of the entertainment industry, practice virtue first, pay tribute to the times, and salute the old artists.