Ten taboos that cannot be committed after middle age
Ten taboos that cannot be committed after middle age
We can't choose how to live or die, but we can choose how to love and how to live.

Sinology master Zeng Shiqiang said:

"the ideal of life is to constantly improve one's own level."

it makes sense to think about it carefully.

A person's life is a journey of continuous self-cultivation.

pay attention to self-improvement, life will continue to improve;

without self-management, the road of life will only get narrower and narrower.

especially after middle age, if you want to live a comfortable life, you must not break these 10 taboos.

belittle the meter, don't fake it

I have heard a saying:

No one will want to approach an untidy, untidy person;

even if you have outstanding qualities and abilities, you will miss many opportunities.

words are heartbreaking, but they are the truth of life.

in life, many people often show off with a sloppy image.

in their eyes, connotation is more important than appearance. As long as they have the ability, they are not afraid of not having the opportunity.

in fact, people like to be close to good things.

No one wants to know more about you through your dishevelled appearance.

instead of being hindered everywhere by his untidy image, it is better to put more effort into dressing yourself.

when you start to be "pleasing to the eye", your luck will continue to flow.

belittle others and elevate yourself

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in life, we will inevitably meet this kind of people:

they feel superior to others and always use all available space to belittle others in order to show off their "talents".

this kind of behavior will not only arouse the resentment of others, but also make yourself look cheap.

as the old saying goes, "the low earth becomes the sea, and the low man becomes king."

the feelings between people are mutual. The more superficial people are, the more they like to trample on others.

people who are really educated know how to put aside their edge, keep a low profile, and take others to heart.

only in this way can feelings flow for a long time.

small belly chicken intestines, fighting endlessly

on the way of life, we will deal with all kinds of people.

but there is one kind of person who makes people afraid: a chicken with a small belly.

such people only have their own petty profits in their eyes, and once someone touches their interests, they will turn around and disregard others.

they try their best to fight with others until they are satisfied.

as a matter of fact, if you win a struggle, you will lose your feelings; if you lose a fight, you lose face.

it's no good to fight and fight, except to make yourself physically and mentally exhausted and others disgusted.

as long as there is penny pinching in any relationship, it will only drift away in the end.

Life is short and time is very expensive. if you meet people with small bellies and compete with each other, you must stay away from them in time.

likes to be a teacher, but doesn't know how to be modest

have you ever met people who always tell them what to do as if they have been there before?

"you don't even know that? I'll teach you! "

"I told you what you did was wrong, but you just wouldn't listen."

"you are just too young to understand."

they are eager to show themselves, but they end up trying too hard.

the ancients said: "the trouble of man is to be a teacher."

everyone has the desire to lead others, but if the sense of boundaries disappears, it will only put both sides in an awkward situation.

really smart people, pay attention to moderation, know how to treat others humbly, never wantonly interfere in other people's lives.

it is a person's rarest self-discipline to restrain his impulse to be a teacher.

amorous, not single-minded

things change quickly, and so do people.

after some people have made small achievements and their lives have become stable, it is easy to have the idea of being "superfluous".

in the TV series Thirty, Gu Jia accompanies her husband Xu Fengshan from having nothing to struggle to become the boss of the company.

as the days get sweeter and sweeter, Xu Fengshan begins to get carried away.

when Lin you, who was light and beautiful at that time, took the initiative to be nice to him, he fell into the "gentle hometown" and completely forgot Gu Jia, who accompanied him through countless dark nights.

in the end, Xu Fengshan paid the price of losing both his life and money.

after middle age, people who are not single-minded often do something out of line because they can't resist temptation.

as a result, the originally happy life came to an end.

do not realize that behind all the indulgence, there are invisible shackles waiting.

when you are alive, you can keep the bottom line and control your desires, so that your days will always be perfect and sweet.

blindly compare with others, lose oneself

have you ever had such an experience:

when you see a beautiful gift from someone else's partner, but the gift you receive is mediocre, you will suspect that your partner does not love you.

when you learn that other people's children do better than their own children, they will question their own children's ability.

keeping up with others seems to be a competition for height, but in fact it is a self-depletion.

"less than above, more than below",

if you can compare with others, you will not necessarily be happy, but if you can't compare with others, you will be very sad.

everyone's mental strength is limited, blind comparison will only lose themselves in the invisible, so that they lose their judgment, can not find the real needs.

there is a saying that is quite true:

"those who like comparison will only end up exhausted physically and mentally, losing and losing the battle."

after middle age, you can find yourself and live like a raging fire if you are more normal and less competitive.

A lot of lies, breaking promises to others

when we walk the world, we have more or less met people who are "liars".

they always promise others with a pat on the chest that they will go through fire and water for it as long as it is necessary.

but when others really have a need, they use all kinds of excuses to evade it.

when dealing with this kind of people, you can never guess which sentence is true and which is false.

may even be miserable because of the other party's failure to keep his promise.

Nobody likes to associate with a person who talks a lot of lies.

they may be able to deceive us once, but time knows the heart best.

as the writer Yimang said:

"people are true friends only if they treat each other sincerely."

only by keeping promises can we win people's hearts and achieve great things.

when people reach middle age, if they want to be popular, they must not break their promises.

do things perfunctorily, can't settle down

in life, there are many utilitarian people who always want to rise to the sky by taking shortcuts.

when doing things, he is careless and impetuous.

as a result, the more careless you are, the more perfunctory you are; the more impetuous your mood is, the worse things are to be done.

thus let oneself fall into the endless cycle of "inefficiency, exhaustion", unable to extricate themselves.

Ma Weidong said: "taking every little thing seriously is the basic quality of success."

any time, you want to stand out, not by temporary opportunism, but by being down-to-earth for a long time.

there is no shortage of people who can do things, just people who are calm and reliable.

if they are really reliable, they can not only do every little thing calmly, but also firmly seize every opportunity and become winners in life.

squander one's health and overdraft

there is a popular question on the Internet: "what reasons do you regret not knowing earlier?"

there is a highly liked answer below:

"I always think that the disease is far away from me, but when the disease comes, I am unprepared."

body is 1, the other is 0.

if you squander your body arbitrarily and overdraw your health, no matter how beautiful other things are, they all lose their meaning.

A boss of a listed company once worked day and night regardless of physical exhaustion.

since then, he has given himself a long holiday every once in a while, during which he only focuses on sports and health care.

after a period of maintenance, his health is getting better and better.

time can be seen wherever you put your mind;

you can deceive others, but you can never deceive your own body.

half of my life is over. Go to bed early and do more exercise when you have time.

only when you are in good health can there be unlimited possibilities in life.

refuse to learn and close yourself

have seen a piece of news:

there is an uncle in Linzi, Shandong Province. Although he has only a fourth-grade education, he loves learning very much.

he set aside a little time every day to learn lathe skills, and as a result, he mastered a lot after two months.

and he also earned a lot of extra income by virtue of this skill.

Charlie Munger said:

"I keep seeing some people getting better and better in life. They are not the smartest or even the most diligent.

but they all love to study, and they are a little smarter when they go to bed every night than that morning. "

people who learn and do not learn will see a different world and will have a different life.

refusing to learn will only make you a frog in a well.

in the second half of life, no matter how difficult the day is and how heavy the burden is, don't give up any chance to learn.

every skill you have worked hard to learn today, and every book you have read, may the next second become your armor against the heckles of an impermanent life.

Wang Xiaobo said in the Golden Age:

"in one's life, there are very few things you can choose by yourself. We can't choose how to live or die, but we can choose how to love and how to live.


everyone's fate is in his own hands, and fate never treats those who take life seriously.

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