Smart people, three do not ask, four do not argue
Smart people, three do not ask, four do not argue
Keep the pure land of your heart and make it easy for the rest of your life.

the ancients said: "Lotte knows fate, go with it, keep an open mind, and do not dispute honor or disgrace."


do not ask, because the action has its own direction, do not argue, because there is a universe in the heart.

wise people, three do not ask, four do not argue.

Don't ask about the past

Wang Yangming said: "the only thing common in this mind is to learn." What good is it to think about the past and the future? You can rest assured! "

there is no point in thinking about the past.

if you always pursue the past, you will ignore the present and miss the happiness and happiness of the present.

in this life, only living well in the present is the right way. Excessive entanglement will only make you unhappy.

Let bygones be bygones, and those who miss them will let go in time.

you know, there is nothing difficult in the world, but the difficulty is whether you want to or not. As long as you want to, everything can be let go.

Don't regret what has happened. Live in the present so that the future doesn't cry because of the present.

reconcile with yourself, reconcile with the past, and leave time for worthy people and things. Letting go is the great wisdom of life.

Don't ask the result

the philosopher said, "it is beneficial for a man to hone and work on things."

when you think too much about everything, it is often because you haven't done enough. Only when you do it in a down-to-earth way can you see the results.

people have to go through trials and setbacks in this life. sometimes, the road ahead may be very vague, and only by going on can we see its true face.

do not experience wind and rain, how to see the rainbow, the return does not necessarily appear immediately after paying, as long as you work hard, you will not regret it.

Life should be full of human resources, listen to the consciousness of fate, and do not ask for a perfect result, but the process has a clear conscience.

the result may not be what you want, but I believe you have gained a lot in the process of pursuing the result.

We work hard just to one day look back on the past and be proud of ourselves who don't ask for results.

Don't ask people's hearts

as the saying goes, "if the human heart is mixed with others, it will be dangerous, and it will be false."

in this world, only the sun and the human heart can not look directly, the human heart is complicated, it is enough to be yourself.

in this life, there are too many people unpredictable, there are too many things can not be investigated, since this is the case, do not follow up.

knowing people but not our hearts, we can't change others, so we just need to keep our original mind and treat everyone kindly.

not confused, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, do not think about the past, so, safe.

We have no control over what other people think and what others do.

all we can do is to control ourselves, keep our mouth shut, walk our own way, keep our heart, and live our own life.

it is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of self-cultivation.

Don't fight for face

sometimes, the more people lack something, the more they show off, and the more they want to save face when they are useless.

the more people have no courage, the more they want to save face. the really powerful people never value face, but Li Zi.

people live to understand that false face is ultimately an empty mirror, and only continuous self-enrichment is the right way.

the real face is not the boasting or boasting of others, but the respect won by one's own character, strength, and values.

face is not given to you by others, but earned by yourself. when you know what you want, face becomes the most useless thing.

do not argue with each other

the book says: "mortal words can be completely silenced when they are happy, their spirits can be restrained when they are carried forward, and their anger and lust can be digested when they boil, which is not the bravery of the world."

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A quick tongue may lead to a moment of pleasure, but in the long run, it often does more harm than good.

there is a final conclusion on right and wrong for a long time, justice is in the hearts of the people, and the struggle of words will not change right or wrong, but will only be exhausting and exhausting.

there is such a saying: "often compete with the same people, do not argue with fools."


that's what it's like to get along with people. Arguing with people who aren't worth it is just a waste of your time and energy.

if you hear unpleasant words, you don't have to worry about it, but you can only make yourself in an invincible position after listening to your ears.

cultivate a tolerant heart, look down on the things around you, and build your inner peace.

do not fight for utility

when Wang Yangming was excluded by his colleagues, he did not take it to heart and opened up a "West Garden" for himself next to Longgang College, indulging in farming.

people's greed is endless, but people's life is limited. Instead of wasting time pursuing fame and wealth, it is better to spend more time improving yourself.

No matter how much fame and wealth can not be exchanged for peace of mind, the more a person strives for fame and wealth, he will be bound by fame and wealth.

when you ask for less, you will naturally have less trouble and break free from the shackles of fame and wealth in order to maintain a detached state of mind.

the more you argue, the less you get, the less you argue, the more you get.

too many people live a vigorous life, but the last thing they ask for is an ordinary life.

people who can find themselves in a mundane life can live out their own splendor.

Don't fight for the last name

"the name is opposite to the reality, and if the heart of pragmatism is more important, the heart of the name is lighter."

that is to say, when pragmatism occupies the whole heart, the heart of seeking name will not appear in the mind.

when the pursuit of fame is greater than the pursuit of pragmatism, it is difficult to do things in a down-to-earth manner, and the heart will gradually become impetuous.

if you don't put yourself in the right place, it is often difficult to achieve something if you are too eager for success. In the end, if you don't get the name you want, you will never recover.

too greedy for fame, it is inevitable to do things at the expense of others, which will eventually lead to a bad reputation for thousands of years.

really smart people will not pay attention to these false names, do a good job at present, live up to their conscience, and gain a really good reputation in a hundred years' time.

it is rare to be confused and confused in this life.

Don't ask and don't argue, but to keep the pure land of your heart and make it easy for the rest of your life.

, share with you.