Smart people, not social (deep good text)
Smart people, not social (deep good text)
Being alone is the floating world of a wise man.

the prosperity of the world is full of laughter, but I am free at the temples.

the best state of life is to stand outside the hustle and bustle of the world and feel the breadth of the sky and the breadth of the earth.

quiet but not worried, annoyed but not annoyed, alone but not alone, leisurely but not idle.

in the process of getting along with yourself, Jingmei has not only made time, but also been involved in the years.

as described by writer Mu Huixue:

"give up the complex interpersonal relationships and leave the sinister vast tide. The heart is no longer anxious for success because of impetuosity. And no longer ask for trouble because of keeping up with the comparison. "

people who are really smart give up all kinds of social activities early on.

the hustle and bustle that is too lively is the consumption of oneself

"A thousand trees blossom in the east wind night, and the stars are like rain. The road is full of incense on BMW carved cars.

the sound of the Phoenix Xiao moves, the light of the jade pot turns, and the fish and dragon dance all night. "

spread out the long scroll of the years, look around, every day in life is staged a variety of noisy carnival.

No one likes to be alone, the world of mortals has a long way to go, if there is no one hand in hand, this life is more lonely!

but who has seriously thought that when the hustle and bustle ends and the crowd disperses, how many people are really happy?

Fu Yuanhui, the "wild girl" who won the third place in swimming at the Rio Olympics, was beaten like this by her mentor, Xu Guoyi, deputy head coach of the Chinese national team swimming team:

"these popular lively scenes are all temporary, and the duty of being an athlete must be to return to the training ground and the competition field."

you will only get attention if you make achievements in your job, otherwise you will be devoid of people. "

Learning to bid farewell to the noise of the outside world and find peace of mind and solitude is actually a more important ability than going out to communicate.

instead of consuming yourself in the illusion of nothingness, it is better to keep your heart and quietly feel the beauty of the world.

to experience the simplicity of "there are great scholars in talking and laughing, but not Bai Ding" in Liu Yuxi's poems;

to appreciate the indifference of "picking wild flowers by the fence and accidentally seeing Nanshan" in Tao Yuanming's poem;

to realize the open-mindedness of "the boat dies and Jiang Hai sends the rest of his life" in Su Dongpo's poems.

through the world of mortals, see all the vicissitudes of life, but also understand the beauty of a person.

quiet is also a kind of prosperity.

not all people deserve to know each other deeply

"it is enough to have a knowledge in life, and the world should cherish it with the same mind!"

the poem given by Mr. Lu Xun to qu Qiubai expressed the feelings of many people.

Friends are the most beautiful encounters in life, such as a breeze in a hot summer and a warm sun in a world of ice and snow.

but there is an old saying that the road knows horsepower, but it takes a long time to see the hearts of the people.

not everyone you meet can walk with your own wind and rain, give your time and heart, and you may not be able to get back your sincerity and sincerity.

once read such a story in Historical Records.

A Gong Zhai was sent to Kaifeng as a high-ranking official. When he was in office, many guests came to visit. For a time, there was heavy traffic outside the gate, and people came and went.

but after he was removed from office, the friends who had visited him before stopped coming, and only a few sparrows stayed outside the door.

later, he was reinstated, and those "friends" saw this and wanted to visit again.

at this time, Lord Zhai was filled with emotion and wrote down a few lines of big words:

"Friendship is known when you die; when you are rich and poor, you know that you are friends; if you are expensive and cheap, you can see your friendship."

Life comes and goes, gathering and falling apart is the norm.

one second, you may still be going back and forth between preparations; the next, you may be separated in the vast sea of people.

therefore, there is no need to bring too many people into life.

True friends will not be estranged by distance, nor will they be neglected because they are down and out.

On the contrary,

is a kind of understanding, a kind of knowing each other, a kind of indifferent companionship after cherishing each other.

be alone and be happy

Yang Jiang said:

"We were so eager for the waves of fate that at last we found that the most beautiful scenery in life was the calmness and calmness of our hearts.

We were so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world, and in the end

just know that the world is your own and has nothing to do with others.


there are all kinds of fireworks in the world, and it is inevitable that we will not be disturbed when we wander through it.

but after the hustle and bustle, you should learn to be wonderful.

create a pure land in the noise, with calmness, calmness, elegance, peace of mind, humiliation and disgrace, and add color to one's own life.

calm down, read a book, make a cup of tea, see a movie, enjoy the flowers.

just like musician Li Jian, he doesn't need much communication, but also gives up a lot of social activities and rents a courtyard house, which is quiet but leisurely.

"settling down a person's time" says:

"A person's life can be dull, boring, stagnant, or a fulfilling, wonderful, colorful adventure."

when you give up the prosperity and away from the hustle and bustle, you will find that it is easier to see poetry and distance when you are alone.

being alone is the floating world of a wise man.

the heart is clean, but the mind is calm and clear.

the poet Bai Luomei once said:

"A person, a book, a cup of tea, a dream. Sometimes, loneliness is so exciting, and only now, the worldThat's why things are so calm. "

in life, keep a meditation and give up an impetuous one, so that you can get rid of the shackles of human feelings and live a more enjoyable and peaceful life.

watch the pretrial flowers blossom and enjoy the pleasure of being alone;

look at the clouds in the sky, quiet and at ease.

this kind of life is the most abundant.

, may you and I have peace in our hearts, be alone and enjoy the fragrance of life in the fresh and elegant room.