She finally announced her divorce. Congratulations!
She finally announced her divorce. Congratulations!
Divorce is not an abyss. You have to believe that you can pay for any choice.

recently, the variety show "starting again late in Spring", a variety show entitled "full divorce", has aroused a lot of heated discussion.

one of the female guests of "waking up in the world" went viral.

it turned out that her ex-husband had contracted the bad habit of gambling and threatened her to help pay off her gambling debts under the banner of "family".

she started eating contraceptive because she didn't want her child to be born and grow up in such an environment.

program, the disgrace behind the divorce is gory.

and these three "hit the nail on the head" stories are even more distressing.

whether you marry a man or a dog,

you'll know when you get sick.

in yesterday's Exhibition Hall, the item of guest Lu Ying is "a coat".

when asked why it was "my ex-husband's coat", Lu Ying smiled and shared, "he is so cold that he wants to keep his coat with him. This is the warmth I once felt."

29-year-old Lu Ying, a beautiful ballet teacher, divorced less than half a year after she married her husband, making her divorce the fastest among the guests.

when it comes to the reasons for divorce, it is simply surprising.

in a routine physical examination after marriage, Lu Ying was found to be suspected of glomerulonephritis and needed a kidney biopsy.

at that time, her ex-husband asked her, "do you want to have a kidney puncture first, or do you want to be a child?"

Lu Ying chose to operate first and wait for her body to recover before considering having a child.

her ex-husband had no objection and took good care of Lu Ying in the ward until she was discharged from the hospital.

although she was ill, Lu Ying did not feel unfortunate. After all, she met the person who never gave up.

who knows, everything is just a bubble of happiness.

when Lu Ying got home from her illness, all the other person's thoughtfulness came to an abrupt end.

her ex-husband never visited her at home again, and even took the initiative to find Lu Ying's father and put forward the idea of divorce.

for the sake of his daughter's recovery from illness, Lu Ying's father implored her ex-husband to mention the divorce later.

but sadly, Lu Ying noticed the sudden change of her ex-husband.

I don't know why, she wants to ask her husband out to dinner and have an open heart chat.

before the meal could be eaten, the other party couldn't wait to ask for a divorce.

it is Lu Ying's heart that is cooler than noodles.

the ex-husband said openly: "Marriage is to get better and better in the future. Now that you have this disease, you will not get any better in the future. This marriage is meaningless."

the sudden "divorce" left Lu Ying's body, work and life "paralyzed."

the oath at the time of marriage-"love her, take care of her, respect her, accept her, and always be faithful to her in sickness and health" seems to be a joke.

because of the treatment, there is no way to have children for the time being, so it is too heartless to get rid of the relationship quickly.

it is said that when couples in need see true love, illness is more like a demon mirror of marriage.

if you don't love someone, you'll know when you get sick.

in the hearts of those who really love you, your health and safety are more important than anything else.

he will not regard you as a "tool" to have children, let alone abandon you and give up your love and marriage when you are seriously ill.

it's obviously a movie for two,

but there is always a third person's name

the second guest, Liu Liqi, discovered that her husband was having an affair just after giving birth.

when she was determined to divorce, she was shaken by her relatives and friends around her.

even the lawyer advised her: "the child has just been born, in order for the child to have a complete family, be patient."

for the children,

she put up with it for four years.

I always think that if I turn a blind eye, I may be able to survive.

but during the four-year marriage, there have always been different third parties.

what is even more exaggerated is that her ex-husband has taken her to the movies many times, all of which have just been seen with the third party.

sometimes I still rush to the market, with an interval of only half an hour between the two films.

even if he spends his honeymoon abroad, his ex-husband will use his mobile phone to get in touch with his new love at home.

Liu Liqi's crazy cheating made Liu Liqi feel hurt and even suffered from depression.

some people say: "there are only zero and countless infidelities."

I think so.

A person who has an affair, you can never expect him to wake up.

the best gift to yourself is to learn to say goodbye to a scum man.

it's not terrible to lose a relationship. The terrible thing is that you indulge in the wrong love.

so instead of spending your whole life wrong and wasting your time and youth on someone who doesn't love you, it's better to let go of your obsession and turn around as soon as possible.

divorce is not the loss of everything,

is just one of thousands of chances in life

"give it back to you, I won't save". This is a passage left by Wu Yating in yesterday's Exhibition Hall.

the item on display is a cardboard box with a stack of ticket stubs, which is her memory with her predecessor Wang Yuexin.

Wu Yating and Wang Yuexin used to be a "model couple" in the entertainment industry.

the two met at a party and fell in love at first sight.

before long, Wu Yating became pregnant unmarried, but unexpectedly, the child did not develop completely and did not have a long heartbeat.

this made Wu Yating very sad. She asked Wang Yuexin, "do you still want to get married?"

at that time, the other party said firmly: "I want to marry you because I love you, not because of the child."

Get ready to display your unique femininity in our formal dresses with jackets. Shopping with us is a guaranteed wonderful experience.

while Wu Yating was moved, she also recognized the man in front of her.

it is a pity that the two have to part for a variety of reasons.

during the recording of the first episode of the program, there is a "call your ex" session.

Wu Yating was embarrassed and said, "I haven't called my ex since the divorce."

Wu Yating hurriedly explained, "this is my number in Shanghai. I have it all the time. You haven't saved it yourself."

the guests present could not help feeling: "can't you even recognize each other's voice?"

fortunately, Wu Yating was relieved: "I don't think my marriage is a failure, it's just an experience."

Yes, divorce is not the loss of everything, but one of thousands of chances in life.

as Wu Yating announced on Weibo:

"at the age of 26, I put on my favorite white gauze, got married and became a wife.

27 years old, I have a new identity and become a mother.

later, when I had a younger brother, I became a busy and happy mother of my second child.

at the age of 33, I don't have any prefix. I don't want to be anyone anymore. I'm Wu Yating. "

even if we embark on a different path and no longer return together, the sincerity that has been paid is still shining.

even if I become a stranger to you, even if you can't hear my voice, I am willing to send you my blessing.

bless you, but also bless yourself who can make peace with the past.

program, seven ordinary guests, holding the blade of memories, slowly revealed the reasons for their "giving up" to their partner.

and Fu Seoul shared his own feelings about marriage in the program, which is even more thought-provoking:

"Marriage is when two people make an appointment to go far away together. After getting on the bus, they find that they have been fooled, because they want to be waiters for each other."

such a good marriage is that the scenery along the way is extremely good, and each other has the right to get off at any time, but in the end, after seeing the scenery, they still do not choose to get off. "

in fact, when marriage encounters rocks, there is no need to blame yourself, let alone fear.

if you can't mend this relationship, let go of those painful memories and encounter the next period of spring scenery.

divorce is not an abyss. You have to believe that you are good enough to pay for any new choice.

moreover, life is vast, and we don't have to live in love and hate all our lives.

"May there be light in your eyes, smile on your face, joy in your heart and distance under your feet.