Shanghai's "most frustrated nail households": six apartments plus 100 million, dominate the road for 14 years, the last penny did not earn more
Shanghai's "most frustrated nail households": six apartments plus 100 million, dominate the road for 14 years, the last penny did not earn more
Life is not long, we should all learn to be open-minded.


one night in 2015, a car on Huting North Road in Shanghai suddenly rushed into the yard of Zhang Xinguo's home. The shrill sound of emergency brakes made Zhang Xinguo and his family feel palpitations.

another traffic accident.

two days ago, he helped the traffic police deal with a traffic accident in front of his house, and today he came again.

for many years, Zhang Xinguo has to go to the traffic control department to assist in the investigation of frequent accidents on this section of the road, which really annoys him.

but most of these accidents are caused by his house in the middle of the road, and he has an obligation to cooperate with the investigation.

so why is his house built in the middle of the road?

there are frequent traffic accidents here, why doesn't he move out of this place of trouble as soon as possible?

things start more than a decade ago.

in 1996, Zhang Xinguo, who lives in Jiuting, Songjiang District, Shanghai, spent 200000 yuan on the roof of his house and built it into a small three-story building.

usually people live on the second and third floors, and there are facades on the first floor that can be rented out to make money. The rental fee alone is 50,000 a year.

whenever the villagers from far and near come to his house, they can't look away. When they look at it again and again, their eyes are full of envy.

the envy of all the neighbors made Zhang Xinguo feel a great sense of satisfaction. Owning this "leading" building has become the thing that he is most proud of.

later, with the rapid economic development of Shanghai, a large number of foreign people poured into this international metropolis.

around 2000, Jiuliting was still a suburb, and the rent here was relatively cheap, so more and more people chose to rent here.

with the increase of population and vehicles, the per capita residential area is becoming smaller and smaller, due to private construction, the original road has become congested, the road surface damage is extremely serious. When it rains, the water is very deep, which seriously affects people's travel.

in 2003, the relevant departments planned to build a road on Huting North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, where Zhang Xin's country is located. The original narrow roads will be rebuilt and widened, and all the residents here will be moved out.

those residents with poor housing conditions are excited when they hear about the demolition. After all, it is so crowded here that they can't wait to change to another place and get some fresh air.

although housing is not a problem in Zhang Xin country, the overall environment here is still not satisfactory, so they also hope to demolish it.

because demolition can not only get several new houses, but also demolition, temporary settlement and later decoration.

Zhang Xinguo thinks that with the housing area of his family, he can still get a larger house, so he will get a little more money.

but the truth is not what he thought.

A valid homestead certificate and a boy can be divided into three houses, large, medium and small, totaling 280 square meters.

there is also a set of multi-child policy to compensate for 120 square meters of housing, as well as 2.3 million demolition funds and 400000 late decoration subsidies.

and girls have no room allocation.

Zhang Xin country has a son and a daughter, according to the policy, can only be allocated four houses and the corresponding demolition funds, decoration subsidies.

it made him feel like he knocked over the five-flavor bottle. I thought that with the size and magnificence of my house. I'm sure I'll get more houses, but according to the hard rules, these don't work at all.

those who are not as big and dilapidated as his family, but have more sons than his family, have more shares than his family, which gives him a solid pimple in his heart.

what puzzled him even more was that in a family he knew, one of his sons had been lost for many years, gave his son's name and divided three more houses, large, small, medium and small.

since all lost boys can get a house, is it always possible to ask for a house for their married daughter?

however, the developer's policy is rigid, equal treatment, not because of your personal requirements and break the rules!

he went to the developer and put forward his idea, and the opener directly refused.

this made him indignant: the policy was so rigid that it was simply not humanized! The policy is set by people, and it should also be humane and warm. Can't you be accommodated in this situation in your own family?

in a policy, there are always people who are happy and others are sad, while Zhang Xinguo is the one who is most worried.

the happy people moved away quickly, and only the worried Zhang Xinguo family stubbornly stuck to it.

since he has no advantage in fighting for his son and daughter, he has two homestead certificates.

one is the name of my father-in-law, the certificate of the house I now live in, and another from 1951.

however, the developer does not approve of this old certificate of 1951. They only recognize the new homestead certificates recognized after 1991.

this makes Zhang Xinguo feel like a grasshopper, but he doesn't recognize their reasons, and he has to find a way to protect his own interests.

he learned to look up information on the Internet, go to the Archives Bureau, and often go far away to listen in on cases of demolition compensation to accumulate experience.

, he repeatedly approached the developer and the demolition office and asked them to admit his house land certificate for 51 years, but he still hit a brick wall again and again.

he looked for more, and he was bored. In the end, he was left there by the demolition office, ignoring him.

the indifference of the developers and the demolition office made Zhang Xinguo even more angry. He was so determined that he had to fight even if he didn't steam steamed bread.

when the demolition office came to the door again to mobilize him to move out, the fire in his heart sprang out, asking for 300 million yuan to open his mouth. Otherwise, no one will touch a brick on him!

his unreasonable demands also left the demolition office at a loss what to do. The two sides were so deadlocked that no one would compromise. So, it was left there.

however, no matter whether Zhang Xinguo agrees to relocate or not, the road construction project should be carried out normally.

when the road was extended to his home, it had to go around from the front of his house, and four lanes became two lanes here.

from then on, the Zhang Xinguo family began to really sleep on the road.

however, sleeping on the road is not easy.

there has been no peace in his family since the road he lives on has become a main road.

because the road suddenly narrowed here, causing congestion, impatient drivers kept honking their horns, one after another, giving people a faster heart rate and a sense of urgency.

what is even more worrying is that day and night, regardless of time, the noise on this section of the road is better than that of other places, and there is no silence for a moment.

in addition to the noise, there is also the strong vibration of large trucks passing by. Whenever a large truck passes through the section of Zhangxin National Road, even the ground is shaking.

sleeping on the bed at night, the bed shakes with it, no less than an earthquake.

these situations accompany them day and night, and the family becomes more and more anxious.

in addition to mental torture, there is also psychological fear.

this is also an area with a high incidence of accidents, where frequent car accidents frighten their families.

one night, a loud noise woke the family up. They knew that there must have been another car accident.

Zhang Xinguo knew that the next day, he had to assist the traffic police in dealing with the accident.

before, Zhang Xinguo had assisted the traffic police in dealing with too many such accidents, and sometimes he was very sad to see the tragic scene.

the drivers who have accidents here are mostly drivers who are not familiar with the road conditions here. Every time they saw a "behemoth" standing in the middle of the road, they burst out cursing with anger.

sometimes they even get out of the car and run to knock on a window of a new country for abuse, while their family can only close the door and dare not respond.

the life of the family has become a mess because of the house. It was in this environment that Zhang Xinguo's mother-in-law died of a heart attack. And his wife complained, "this is simply no place for people to live!"

this series of circumstances has slowly shaken Zhang Xinguo and his family's insistence on this.

and some surrounding policies that benefit the people, such as hospitals, schools, vegetable markets, and so on, cannot be built because the problems of his family have not been solved.

the residents are upset, and Zhang Xinguo is also uneasy, feeling ashamed to everyone, and harming everyone's interests because of their own personal interests.

the original neighbors also came to his house intentionally or unintentionally to show off their spacious and bright elevator room, convenient transportation and convenient living environment.

all this makes Zhang Xinguo's repressed heart nowhere to rest. In the dead of night, he is always thinking about whether his efforts over the years are worth it.

on the other hand, Zhang Xinguo is getting older. He didn't enjoy life well these years after retirement, and he just dealt with these bad things. He didn't want to go on deadlock and couldn't afford to spend any more.

but he can't turn down his face and take the initiative to negotiate with the developer, and in his heart, he really hopes that someone can come forward and solve these things fairly and reasonably.

in 2016, this man appeared.

at that time, the Jiuliting Community on Huting North Road established the relocation Office, with Lu Hui as the director of the relocation Office.

as soon as he took office, he heard that Zhang Xinguo, a local "nail household", was very difficult to deal with, so he decided to go to the door with another staff member personally to find out the truth.

in the beginning, every time Lu Hui visited, he only talked to Zhang Hsin-kuo, cared about their health and greeted the children's study, and never mentioned the relocation.

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this kind of sincere communication quickly moved Zhang Xinguo.

when he came and went, Zhang Xinguo went from vigilance to familiarity with Director Lu Hui at the beginning, and then opened his heart and poured out all the life and suffering of his family living on the road over the years to Director Lu Hui.

Director Lu Hui talked with him in depth for more than 2 hours and analyzed the results of moving or not moving.

if he does not move, the court will start the demolition process, and his family may only get one house; if he agrees to move out, his family will still enjoy the same demolition policy.

this time he was so straightforward. In his words, Director Lu Hui considered him from his point of view and gave him trust. His breath was finally cleared up, and his heart was at ease, and the matter was settled easily.

in this way, the relocation of Zhang Xinguo was quickly resolved this time.

according to the same policy as before, he received a total of four houses, plus 2.7 million compensation for demolition.

in 2017, Zhang Xinguo spent too much time on it.The house, in the rumble of two excavators, soon turned into a pile of debris and rubble, and the "bunker" that had been entrenched on the road for 14 years was finally solved.

as a matter of fact, Zhang Xinguo didn't get much benefit when he got to the end. At that time, he said that he no longer cared about how much house and money he got, and all he wanted to fight for was one breath.

and this dispute has lasted for 14 years!

14 years, his dispute has become a big pimple, lying in the hearts of everyone in the family, restless, eating and sleeping soundly.

14 years, the outside world regarded them as an alternative, sarcasm, sarcasm, abuse, and suffered a great spiritual blow.

14 years of "sleeping on the road" have made the family suffer a lot, but some of them are unspeakable.

if Zhang Xinguo had rationally considered this matter: the policy of the developer and the demolition office were unified, and he would not suffer from things other than people, but he would not be "skillful" either, and no one could dissociate himself from the rules or be special.

maybe he wouldn't have been like this for 14 years.

when one thing cannot be changed with certainty, if you stick to it to the end, you will be against yourself.

Life is not long, we should all learn to be more open-minded and have more tolerance and understanding of the world.


, may we all learn to take a step back, untie life at the right time, and free ourselves from our troubles.