Seven days after Zhang Wenhong was "forced off the net", the truth finally could not be hidden: he really deserved to be scolded miserably?
Seven days after Zhang Wenhong was "forced off the net", the truth finally could not be hidden: he really deserved to be scolded miserably?
When the pointer of public opinion turns, you and I can't predict who will be "aimed" next. Just when we thought that the epidemic was going to be over and "spring" was coming.

the epidemic alarm sounded again!

in just one month, it quickly swept through more than 20 provinces across the country, taking everyone by surprise.

almost overnight, the virus disrupted our lives again.

especially recently, the epidemic in Shanghai is really worrying.

on April 3 alone, there were 425 new confirmed cases and 8581 asymptomatic cases.

makes people panic. I don't know when it will be a leader.

some time ago, Dr. Zhang Wenhong posted a Weibo message that hit the nail on the head and told the truth:

"COVID-19 is not that scary, but the battle is hard to fight."

once this Weibo post was released, there were a lot of comments.

and Zhang Wenhong also got into trouble because of this "dangerous" speech.

after many people read the article, their grievances were ignited and pointed the finger at Zhang Wenhong.

he even blamed him for the seriousness of the epidemic.

these crazy verbal attacks are frightening across the screen.

however, this is not the first time Zhang Wenhong has been reviled and criticized.

in April 2020, in a live broadcast, Zhang Wenhong called on parents:

"when conditions permit, children should be allowed to drink milk and eggs instead of porridge at breakfast to ensure nutritional protein."

was originally a simple science popularization, but as soon as this remark came out, some people couldn't help it.

many people surrounded and suppressed him wantonly, and even labelled him as "worshiping foreigners and fawning on foreigners".

in addition, Zhang Wenhong's private life is also snooping.

someone on the Internet exposed his payroll, rumored that he earned 1.84 million a year, and claimed that he had received a high bonus:

"Zhang Wenhong went to Wuxi and was awarded a villa and 12 million in cash."

later, both Zhang Wenhong and the hospital responded, clarifying that the rumors were not true.

however, he still could not stop the keywheel man's mouth and came out one after another to accuse him of being unworthy of his profession as a doctor.

the sound of wild geese passing by, behind the dirty water is the naked evil of human nature.

but they are splashing this basin of dirty water, so how can they stop it easily?

then came a new round of slander and reports, and Zhang Wenhong was once again mired in a storm of "academic misconduct."

was falsified by the so-called Big V, framing his doctoral thesis and plagiarizing other people's experimental results.

some people even began to vilify him by drawing cartoons and P-maps.

looking at these convincing "evidence", many netizens believe it.

fortunately, after the official emergency investigation, the truth was announced:

"Zhang Wenhong's paper meets the requirements and does not constitute academic misconduct or academic misconduct."

it is just that, even with proof, it is still difficult to stop some self-righteous "onlookers".

some people even think strangely that Fudan University is harboring and conniving at Zhang Wenhong.

looking at the abusive Dr. Zhang Wenhong, Uncle thought of Professor Luo Xiang who had been forced out of the net before.

Luo Xiang, a first-class professor at China University of political Science and Law, quickly became popular on the Internet with humorous and simple videos of law popularization.

unexpectedly, in September 2020, he was suddenly attacked by netizens for posting his reading experience on Weibo.

Weibo content is perfectly common, he wrote:

"cherish virtue, but do not be a slave to honor, for the former is eternal, while the latter will soon disappear."

unexpectedly, some people interpreted him too much, thinking that he was an insinuated, satirized and commended medical worker.

for a while, spectators swarmed in, and the comment area was full of foul language.

even if Luo Xiang came out to explain quickly, there were still countless malicious attacks.

Instead of calming the storm,

poured a ladle of hot oil into it.

there are all kinds of questioning and abuse, trying to drive him into the quagmire of stigmatization.

as a last resort, he had to throw in the towel, quit Weibo and has been silent ever since.

in the keyboard chivalrous eye, any point can become the fuse for them to hit the keyboard.

Once the trigger is triggered, all kinds of clues will drown your life like a scourge.

as Keigo Higano said:

"No matter how kind and righteous a good person is, he cannot fill the black hole and malice in the heart of the bad guy."

where there are rivers and lakes, there are people to be feared.

what is even more sad is that the tragedies caused by cyber violence in recent years have never stopped.

think of a moment:

Keyboard Man has two "weapons", a keyboard and a moral ruler.

those keyboard warriors commit "violence" in the name of chivalry.


ruler is used to kidnap people, and the keyboard is used to destroy people.

On the other hand, I have lost even the most basic moral bottom line.

some time ago, the word "Uniqlo" became popular again.

it is rumored on the Internet that a woman gave birth in the Uniqlo fitting room.

the video shows a young woman holding a newborn baby and holding a bag with blood in her hand.

Once the

event was fermented, it quickly spread on the Internet, and netizens talked about it one after another.

after the police investigation, the facts were announced.

it turns out that it is not "giving birth in a store" as reported on the Internet, but that after giving birth at home, the woman is ready to go to the hospital and pass by the shopping mall. thinking that the newborn child does not have a package of clothes, she wants to buy clothes and put them on.

but I didn't want to. I was photographed and posted on the net by passers-by, only to make an own dragon in front of me.

but even in the face of the truth, many netizens are still full of malice.

even, standing on the moral high ground, to ask a pregnant woman:

make a phone call directly at home, the ambulance comes to the door, and you come out to run by yourself. You are in good health, but your brain is not very good.

awesome. I gave birth at home and went shopping with the baby in my arms and the placenta.

to say impolitely, is she mentally ill? The children are wrapped in bath towels and cotton-padded jackets at home. Isn't it good to go to the hospital first?

I can't imagine how vicious my heart is to say such a thing.

what is really terrible is never the Internet, but the keyboard warriors who claim to be just and act recklessly behind the Internet.

they are quick to overexert their tongues, question, abuse, and judge others wantonly, but they have no idea what harm their casual words will do to others.

A word can warm a person, but it can also destroy a person.

when comments make no distinction between good and evil and unrestrained speech, they will be free to go too far and lose the bottom line.

and in the rhythm of others following the trend, led by false public opinion, it is easy to become a member of Internet rioters without a brain.

verbal violence is like an invisible weapon, no blood, no trace, but enough to destroy a person.

No participant in a cyber storm will admit that he is venting his malice.

they always feel that every word they output with the keyboard is justice.

in this tragedy, no one is innocent, and every participant is actually an accomplice.

remember that post-95 girl, Kafka Muffin Man?

this hard-working girl, from the complete low achiever, made a little progress by her own perseverance, became a foreign student, and was finally admitted to a graduate student at Boston University.

as she loves life, she often records the details of her daily life by video and shares them on social platforms.

but unfortunately, this girl with a bright smile, in fact, her life has come to an end.

at the end of August 2019, the 24-year-old was unfortunately diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, and the cancer had spread to the liver and bones.

but when she knew the bad news, she neither broke down nor cried.

although she had to drop out of school to see a doctor because of her illness, instead of lying in a hospital bed waiting for her life to die, she went to the gym to train and go out to take pictures to feel the beauty of life.

all this has aroused unprovoked suspicion, some people think that she is selling miserably to cheat money, some people mock her for mastering the traffic password.

in order to give encouragement to others, Mr. Muffin often tells his anti-cancer experiences and stories in a joking tone.

but those who chased after her never stopped cursing.

all the malice poured out on the barrage, drowning her face.

"it's not my turn to do a lot of things, so I can act like a tiger and yell around."

only a few days later, she regretted her death and clarified all her doubts in the most helpless way.

it is amazing that even if the girl dies, there are still some people who don't let her go, even without a trace of guilt.

some people say that they don't feel like a fuzz, but a reasonable person.

some people say that they don't like muffin gentleman, which has nothing to do with whether she is sick or not, because of her character.

even find all kinds of excuses and try to "rationalize" what you do.

the unsatisfactory reality makes some people psychologically distorted and delusional to improve the Internet atmosphere and realize their self-worth through the so-called "freedom of speech".

they criticize others maliciously, point at others with prejudice, and complete a self-righteous moral trial with only a few words circulated.

I have to say, it's ridiculous and sad.

since when can emotions prevail over facts and stand over right and wrong?

the "freedom of speech" we advocate has become a "carnival venue" for a group of people regardless of right and wrong.

in this era of information explosion, many people easily sentence a person to "death" without thinking and filtering.

these violators even feel that they are just letting off steam for a while.

the public opinion and prejudice that can pour in are no lighter than fists and punches for the parties concerned.

because of the invisible war of words, it is often the most critical.

in the world of the Internet, you can speak freely and express your opinions.

however, freedom of speech does not mean nonsense.

it should not be an outlet for anger and violence, nor should it be a weapon to attack others at will.

after all, there is a blade behind the words, and every curse will leave a scar in other people's hearts.

I don't know the whole picture, so I won't comment.

so, before you know the truth, don't rashly stand in line and stir up public opinion, let alone be the one with the knife behind the screen.

even though I'm not the one who reprimanded the keyboard man for hurling abuse.Guys, we can't stay out of it.

because, when the pointer of public opinion turns, you and I can't predict who will be "aimed" next.


, I was born as a human being. May you and I have a good heart, speak rationally, fear the truth, and wish the world less malicious cyber violence and more kindness and tenderness.