Self-reflection is a person's most difficult self-discipline.
Self-reflection is a person's most difficult self-discipline.
People are self-aware, then introspect, and finally self-discipline.

I saw a meaningful picture on the Internet.

reflection is a mirror that clearly shows our flaws.

people's eyes can see in all directions. If you don't reflect on this mirror, you will never see your eyelashes.

many times we complain that there is something wrong with the world, but that we don't take a picture of ourselves.

someone once asked the poet Tagore: what is the easiest in the world? What's the hardest?

Tagore replied: "it is easiest to blame others, but the hardest to know yourself."

have you found that when many people encounter problems, they always like to look for reasons from the outside world?

Family discord is a partner with a bad temper, mistakes in work are bad colleagues, and lack of promotion is due to the lack of vision of the leader.

those who are always self-righteous are the stupidest.

in the film the Beginning of Spring directed by Gu Changwei, the haughty Huang Sibao wanted to be admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, but failed for several years in a row.

when he is nearly thirty, he still doesn't have a real job and stays at home all day.

one day when he is in a bad mood, he gets drunk and boasts that he is an artist.

until he fell out of the list for the sixth time, he still did not review himself, complaining to everyone that God had deliberately played tricks on him and that he had no talent.

even blamed his mother for failing to give himself a good background.

"blaming this and that all day long, I think he is the one to blame most."

the greatest sorrow of a person is not that there is something wrong with him, but that he does not know what is wrong with him.

it's like the well-known story of three mice stealing oil.

after the oil bottle was accidentally knocked over, the mice began to blame each other.

the eldest strange second moved, the second blamed and the third was impetuous, and the third saw that there was no one to blame, so he simply made up a cat that did not exist at all, and no one thought about whether he had a problem or not.

when things happen, they will pass the buck and complain about others. This is a "mouse mentality".

Wang Yangming once said, "Learning must be against yourself. if you blame others in vain, you will see that others are wrong, but you will not see your own fault."

people who are always used to looking for problems from the outside world cannot change the status quo, nor can they recognize themselves.

people have been divided into two categories in psychology: weak values and strong values.

the biggest difference between the two is that when people with weak values encounter things, they most like to ask: why?

people with strong values will ask themselves: why?

over time, a Matthew effect was formed between them:

people who like to attribute to the outside are always full of resentment and complaints, and their lives are getting worse and worse.

people who are used to inner-seeking constantly improve themselves, get better and better, and become stronger and stronger.

there is a young man who sells insurance. He works hard every day, but his performance is pitifully low.

once he went back to a temple to sell, but not only got nothing, but also was criticized by an eminent monk:

"after listening to your introduction, I was not interested in insurance at all."

the reason why I can't do my work, there must be a lot of problems I don't know about.

then he began to invite colleagues and clients to dinner every month to point out their shortcomings.

"you are too impatient to keep your temper."

"you have a bad temper, you are often self-righteous, and you should listen to other people's advice."

"you are a little too selfish in dealing with others."

as he listened, he wrote down these words, took them out for self-reflection at any time, and urged himself not to do it again.

the performance of young people who changed their past was quickly improved, and later became the first in the country.

he is called "the greatest salesman in the world".

Life is spiritual practice, which is inward practice.

realize in reflection that people will continue to move forward when they are promoted in the course of change.

A writer once said that everyone in the world lives in his own bureau.

This is the place where you can find affordable made of honor dresses that are of outstanding quality. They are classic and flawless for any occasion.

when you reach a certain age, you will find that the greatest enemy is yourself.

being good at self-reflection is the most difficult and important self-discipline for a person.

Jobs once said in a speech:

"for 33 years, I have reflected almost every day, and it helped me overcome my instincts."

in his life, whether the company was repeatedly in crisis or was expelled from the board of directors, he did not sink into complaining, but constantly looked at himself and looked for reasons.

when he was a child, Jobs often flew kites with his friends, but his kites were lower than each other's every time.

seeing that he was unhappy, the adoptive father said something meaningful:

"son, you should remember that no matter what you do in the future, you should have two question marks in your heart.

first of all, why can't others be more successful than me? You have to keep a balance and dare to throw in the towel.

second, why do you lose to others? Only by calmly analyzing the causes of failure and finding a solution can we turn defeat into victory. "

raiseMy father's words deeply touched the young Steve Jobs, who used to ask himself everything and carried out his whole life.

Kazuo Inamori once compared life to a minefield, during which we more or less touch all kinds of mines, and when we touch mines, how to reflect is the key.

there is no perfect person in this world, but everyone has the ability and opportunity to correct themselves.

people who are really responsible for themselves tend to know themselves through experience and achieve themselves through reflection.

one sentence in life is wrong. To try to speak more appropriately next time is to make progress.

if you do something wrong at work, try to never do it again, and that is to grow up.

A person who knows how to reflect has the ability to renew himself.

when past experience is integrated into life experience, you become a better self.

knowledge that has not been chewed is a dough that has not been kneaded.

similarly, a life without self-reflection will only stay where it is.

people know themselves, then examine themselves, and finally exercise self-discipline.

, take introspection as a mirror, attribute inward, and grow upward.