Seeing that the "stars" were driven away during the epidemic in Shenzhen, I finally understood where it won.
Seeing that the "stars" were driven away during the epidemic in Shenzhen, I finally understood where it won.
This is a city full of warmth and warmth.

the view of life of the table


the news that Huang Bo and Mei Ting were expelled by residents while filming in the community went viral on Weibo.

according to reason, the biggest problem when big stars come to filming in the community is the fear of congestion and onlookers, right?

but, directly "drive out



What's going on


it turns out that the TV series was filmed in a residential area in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen residents, who have just been rescued from the epidemic, are afraid that outsiders will carry the virus, the community will be closed, and the opening of school will be affected.

people in Shenzhen hate viruses and blockade, and they prefer a safe environment free of viruses to "Huang Bo and Mei Ting".

this is not to say that "Huang Bo and Mei Ting" is bad, but in special times, the people of Shenzhen care more about real things.

I have to say that this "style" is really "pretending" for the people of Shenzhen.

once upon a time, stars were superb in the eyes of many people.

I have seen airports clogged with star chases;

have also seen stars who barely escaped under the "rescue" of the security guard.

but this is Shenzhen!

compared to "making good money", compared to "children starting school normally" and "a safe environment without virus", nothing is more important than this.

after the incident, countless netizens left comments and likes in the comment area:

it's you, Shenzhen!

Shenzhen is one of the fastest cities to pick up stars in this epidemic, and it is also the city that has been most widely praised.

Shenzhen has won praise from the whole people for its on-and-off epidemic for more than two years.

how difficult was it to fight the epidemic in Shenzhen?

on the one hand, it wants to prevent and control the epidemic; on the other hand, it has to prevent illegal immigrants; on the other hand, it has to do its utmost to support Hong Kong.

it is the city with the highest population density in the country and the port of entry for international flights, with complex personnel.

people who do not live there have no idea how difficult it is to fight the epidemic in Shenzhen.

In the end, however, Shenzhen "killed" a bloody road in the face of many difficulties, ending the epidemic in the shortest time.

some people say that Shenzhen has opened up a new way for the whole country to fight the epidemic.

I have to say that Shenzhen has a lot to learn from this epidemic.

"packed takeout,

props up the supply in Shenzhen

the place where this round of epidemic situation in some cities has been criticized is that it is impossible to grab food, and there are problems in material supply, causing dissatisfaction among the masses.

The reason for this is that there is something wrong with the original distribution system.

many takeaways and couriers are sealed at home, resulting in a serious shortage of transport capacity.

they have arranged such distribution to neighborhood committees and communities, which may be due to too many and heavy tasks and inexperience, so there are big problems.

when Shenzhen closed the city, a very important decision was made:

professional people do professional things, the city's merchant super personnel, catering employees, takeout distribution personnel are not sealed.

these people are the "rations carriers" who are most familiar with the terrain in the city.

they got through the last journey of material delivery and ensured the normal flow of materials.

do you remember the takeout man in Shenzhen who took the quilt for takeout?

he brought a quilt to deliver food for fear of being sealed. However, the government arranged temporary accommodation for these takeout workers who could not go home in time.

in Shenzhen, there are almost 100000 takeout workers like this, and it is their sacrifice and dedication that prop up the supply of materials in Shenzhen as a whole.

at the beginning of the epidemic in Shenzhen, some people listened to rumors and scrambled for supplies in supermarkets.

Shenzhen Supervision Bureau responded domineering: "

Don't rob! Are you afraid of no food in Shenzhen?


volunteers also shouted at the door of the supermarket:




is to use the efforts of the whole city to fight the epidemic, do not think that Shenzhen can not buy vegetables and rice!


such a response is really reassuring.

it is precisely because of Shenzhen's advance prediction that the masses are not anxious and become peaceful and optimistic during the closure of the city.

powerful nucleic acid detection system

compared with nucleic acid testing in other cities, the nucleic acid testing sites in Shenzhen are different because of the large population, few detection sites and the spread of infection.

long before the city was closed, nucleic acid testing sites in Shenzhen were laid out in the streets.

in every neighborhood, every building, every subway entrance, there are nucleic acid testing sites everywhere, and they are all free.

In order to make it more convenient for people to make nucleic acids, Shenzhen has also specially developed Mini Program.

kindly tell which nucleic acid testing site has fewer people, so you don't have to wait in a long queue and do it as soon as you come.

not only that, there are mobile nucleic acid inspection cars on the street.

people who do not make nucleic acids will do nucleic acid testing as soon as they are caught, and the results can be obtained in 3 hours at the earliest, which provides great convenience to the residents.

Don't think that they only have cars that do nucleic acid tests. Shenzhen also has vaccination vehicles that "wave and stop".

Nucleic acid testing can be done at any time, and vaccination can be stopped as soon as it beckons.

it is the omni-directional infiltration like this that causes almost every Shenzhen resident before the city is closed.More than 10 rounds of nucleic acid detection were completed.

everyone should be inspected and must be inspected, and no "fish that missed the net" should be spared, and no positive situation should be allowed to occur without detection.

the government has spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to maintain stability.

and the people of Shenzhen, without saying a word, quietly cooperated with the government and carried everything.

No matter the storm or the sun and night dew, they stood firmly in the line, waiting for the test.

some people say that they have not stabbed more than 70 times and have no cocoons in their throats, so they are embarrassed to say that they are from Shenzhen.

the people of this city are not ostentatious, low-key and simple, and their love and support for the city are deeply engraved in their bones.

A large number of flexible and caring measures

There is no doubt that it is Shenzhen.

"Shenzhen Health Committee" is a kind of "belief" in the hearts of many Shenzhen people.

soon, his voice was answered.

Shenzhen Health Committee helped him contact relevant personnel and community party committee in Nanshan District.

that night, they came to the door to explain the reasons for the closure and told the shopkeeper:

Community epidemic prevention workers now need a lot of breakfast every day. I hope he can provide it.

later, the shopkeeper said, "

when I heard them say that, I almost burst into tears and broke through again. "

and this is not the first time for the Shenzhen Health Commission. Before a pregnant woman was in a hurry to be hospitalized, the Health Committee sent me a domineering "phone call", which received 20,000 likes.

in fact, not only the Shenzhen Health Commission, but also many places in Shenzhen embody the spirit of humanized care.

small and medium-sized enterprises have difficulties in production and operation, so the government directly reduces rent.

A tenant received a subsidy from the government and burst into tears.

some people are quietly killing pets for harmless treatment, while Shenzhen is the first to set up a "pet cabin" under the epidemic.

an honorary certificate of "Anti-epidemic Little Hero" issued to pets at the end of the epidemic caused a lot of netizens to cry.

after the closure of the city, Shenzhen launched a psychological counseling channel.

the Bureau of Education also has a psychological counseling hotline for primary and secondary school students.

Shenzhen is doing its best to give the citizens the best protection, both physically and psychologically.

in order to allow residents in the closed area to eat hot food, Shenzhen requires that lunch boxes are delivered to residents at more than 60 degrees.

there are many similar actions. Shenzhen is telling the public with practical actions:

what is the flexibility under the principle, what is the temperature of human nature!

this is Shenzhen!

some time ago, Hong Kong star Yuan Yongyi was doing a hot search as a volunteer in Shenzhen.

However, what you don't know is that there are countless volunteers in the hot land of Shenzhen.

enter the community and sweep the floor from door to door


check the health code; braving the wind and rain to deliver hot rice to the medical staff.

they are usually civil servants, teachers, ordinary migrant workers and stay-at-home mothers.

but when the epidemic hit, they put on red vests and protective clothing, and became soldiers in charge.

when Shenzhen was conducting a voluntary recruitment, the Mini Program recruited was suddenly crowded.

more than 2 million Shenzhen volunteers learn to scan the code, train to do nucleic acid testing, and take great pains to sweep the building.

they rush wherever there is a need.

these ordinary people fighting for their homeland have been honed into a civilian force that comes as soon as they are called and fight as soon as possible in the epidemic.

No one is a bystander.

everyone is trying their best to protect the city.

the decision-makers in Shenzhen have strong speculative and error-correcting abilities.

at first, Shenzhen's epidemic prevention model was precise prevention and control.

but it was later discovered that such a method could not resist the strong attack of Omicron at all.

then changed to the city closure mode, and soon Shenzhen achieved zero social clearance.

Shenzhen's executive layer has a strong ability of cohesion and unity.

everyone has made himself a line of defense.

in order not to affect their families and neighbors, many takeout boys sleep in groups in the bridge hole.

in order not to affect the operation of the company, many office workers sleep directly in the company.

everyone cooperates with the government's epidemic prevention policy and strives to minimize the risk of transmission.

here, there are no man-made gods, no one to question, no one to denigrate, everyone is holding their breath, twisted into a rope, quietly self-healing.

this is Shenzhen, with a strong decision-making layer at the top and a strong executive layer at the bottom, watching and helping each other to overcome difficulties together, ushering in the spring of Shenzhen.

I like Shenzhen very much and have been there many times.

its speed and passion, heroism and responsibility are convincing and fascinating.

from the original fishing village to today's modern metropolis, high-rise buildings built into forests overnight, urban boundaries expanding like a tide, amazing population and GDP, this is the speed of Shenzhen.

more than 2 million volunteers, with the first per capita donation, more than 4 million unpaid blood donations in the country. In the beating pulse, it is the temperature of Shenzhen;

the sea accepts all rivers, but tolerance is great. Those people from all over the world, those local accents from all over the world, slowly precipitate into the thickness of Shenzhen.

This is a city where people can work miracles.

this is also a city full of warmth and warmth.

there is no condescending, not absurd and grandiose, everyone is just low-key and down-to-earth, fighting and striving in this hot land.

this is Shenzhen, no matter where you come from, no matter what language you speak, as long as you are here, you are really from Shenzhen.

for Shenzhen, you can doubt it, challenge it, but can not stop too many people, yearn for it, love it, thank it!