Saving money is different from not saving money after middle age.
Saving money is different from not saving money after middle age.
May we all make money and save money seriously.

when we were young, we thought it was all right for one person to have a good life, and the whole family was not hungry.

but when you reach middle age, you will find that this is a time when you need money as soon as you open your eyes.

there are old and young, human contacts, physical decline, home loans, car loans, daily expenses …... You can't move without money.

in the adult world, money is the bargaining chip for survival.

but when you can earn, you should also learn to save, understand the hard work of making money, and also know how to save money.

I have heard a saying: "if you earn hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year, you will not save money, but you will lose to life."

working hard to make money is a necessary condition for all good life, but saving money can give us many ways in the face of suffering.

to put it simply, the more you deposit, the more safe you will be.


the first step in saving money is to save money. By persisting in cooking at home, not ordering takeout or drinking milk tea, you can save 70% of your food expenses a year.


Don't buy what you like, keep it in your shopping cart for a week, and you'll find that your demand for it is not so strong over time.


idle items of some value, children's scooters, ovens that have been used twice.

instead of occupying space in the dusty corner, it is better to hang up the second-hand platform, which can not only break up but also recover part of the cost.


take a certain amount of cash each month and put it in a special transparent storage tank.

you will have a great sense of achievement when you watch the bottle fill up bit by bit.


stay away from the ostentatious moments.


in this age when fingerprint payments and facial scan payments are very convenient, set all payments to password payments and give yourself the last three seconds to calm down.


share an interesting saving tip: 365 savings.

print a form, write down the number 1-365 from beginning to end, and choose a different number to deposit the corresponding amount each day. For example, you can choose 300 for your salary, and you can just choose 1 with the elements, so you can save a total of 1 /2 + a year. + 365 million 66795 yuan.

some people find it difficult to hold on, but people who want to save money will always save it.


learn to keep accounts, record your every income and expenditure, and know your balance, which is also a reminder of your reasonable distribution.


if you need to buy something, it's best to buy it within your ability, but don't buy what you don't want to buy.


reduce the frequency of credit cards, spending, etc., check how much you have before each payment, and refuse to spend in advance.

and, never borrow, don't borrow, don't borrow.


make a shopping list before going to the supermarket. Don't hoard goods because of big discounts. Just buy what you need, not what you need.


use cash to pay more, the same 1000 yuan, mobile phone payment does not feel real, but you will feel distressed to spend cash one by one.

only by watching the white banknotes slip away can you have an idea of money.


to control your desire for consumption and vanity, refinement is more of a ritual of life, a pleasant and peaceful attitude towards life.


many platforms actually have points exchange activities to exchange some consumables, such as paper towels, detergent and so on.


you can set a small amount for yourself and transfer one for every amount you spend in your life.

Don't underestimate these few dollars. the unconscious attitude of saving money will give you a great sense of happiness at some point.


compulsory saving is the key to saving money.

immediately deposit part of your salary to another special deposit card, this card is not bound to mobile phone payment, nor does it open money transfer.

I won't touch the money unless I'm in a hurry.


ask yourself three questions before you go shopping:

what is the price /performance ratio of this thing? is it worth buying?

will it have a good impact on my life? do I really need it?


be used often? is it OK not to buy it?


Don't read a lot of discount information to save money, and don't pay for it.

do not buy the province 100%!


set budget caps and savings targets every month. If one item exceeds the limit, you will cut back on other projects and control the overall budget.


take the initiative to learn simple financial knowledge, financial management, insurance, deposit is a good choice.


Spending more time with friends who can manage money and save money will also make it easier for you to save money.


Don't just buy things cheaply, be happy when you buy them back, but sooner or later you will spend more money on more expensive ones.


to reduce ineffective social interaction, many people are not worth spending time and money to please.


exercise = save money, not getting sick is the biggest saving.


Taobao shopping really needs to be compared, except for the cheapness.Maybe you won't have the desire to spend after studying for a long time.


Don't shop blindly when you are in a bad mood, because most of the items you buy on impulse are useless.

if you buy on impulse, you may regret it when you are in a good mood.


be sure to prevent fraud, be careful and have a sense of risk when it comes to money. If you work so hard to earn money, try to save money, you must keep it.


if you want to save money, there are nothing more than eight words: increase revenue and reduce expenditure.

but saving is not stingy. The correct concept of saving will not lower your quality of life. People who really save money will not wronge themselves.


invest in yourself, learn more skills, and accumulate more experience and contacts.

Life will be better and better if you have a full heart, rich spirit and money in your pocket.

Life is always ten thousand times harder than we thought.

as ordinary people, our lives of saving money and not saving money are really different.

there is no need to ask for help if you can solve a problem with money.

if you have money, you will have dignity, confidence, and will not be looked down upon by others.

therefore, no matter how much you earn, you must form the habit of saving money. Conscious saving is the strongest backing to resist the risks of life.

, may we all make money and save money seriously.

because it's really expensive to live.