Read more about the good of others and often practice your own heart.
Read more about the good of others and often practice your own heart.
Remember the goodness of others, happiness will increase, right and wrong will decrease.

Life is in a hurry like a journey, meeting is fate.

some people are good to you because you are good to them;

some people are kind to you because they know you are good.

but no matter what kind of goodwill, it is worth remembering.

remember the goodness of others, happiness will increase, and right and wrong will decrease.

remember to be grateful for other people's kindness to you

everyone will meet important people in their lives, maybe they are people who care about you, maybe they are strangers.

We should learn to remember the goodness of others and be grateful for their kindness, because to be kind to others is to be kind to ourselves.

I have seen a piece of warm news.

an old woman in her seventies came to the bus stop and gave more than 100 sachets made by herself to the bus drivers.

it turned out that one morning, the old woman and her wife were going to take the bus. Before they got to the station, they saw from a distance that the bus was ready to start.

worried about not getting on the bus, the old woman waved to the driver to wait for her as she ran.

when the driver saw this, he stopped the car and waited quietly for the old couple.

after the two old people got on the bus, the driver told them not to chase the car like this in the future, which is very dangerous. if they see the elderly, they will stop and wait for them.

the granny was moved by this sweet remark.

later, in order to thank the kind driver, Grandma bought a drink to wait for him at the station.

Grandma found that drivers seldom had lunch on time at the station, so she often boiled dumplings or soup at home and went to the station to give them to the drivers.

and drivers often visit grandmothers and don't forget to bring gifts during the holidays.

whenever the grandmother's family needs help, the drivers also actively lend a helping hand.

they get along well and are as close as a family.

as the old saying goes, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who come and go are blessed."


Life is an echo, a gift of roses and a fragrance in the hands.

Love can be exchanged for love, trust can be exchanged for trust.

there is a saying: "if you plant a good cause, you will get a good result."


when you want to reap the favor of others, you should first sow the seeds of kindness in other people's hearts.

Human feelings need to go back and forth in order to feel the flow of love.

everyone is a mirror in your life, and if you frown at it, the mirror will not reflect a good face.

but if you have a grateful heart, life will reflect more sunshine to you like a mirror.

learn to let go of what others have done to you

in the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Shi was suppressed many times by his colleague Zhang Dun.

the farthest time, Su Shi was demoted to Hainan.

in that year, Su Shi was 62 years old, and Zhang Dun wanted him to die in the wilderness.

at that time, Hainan was a wilderness, often infested by poisonous snakes and surrounded by miasma.

most of the local residents are Li people, who are not Sinicized and live a primitive life.

Su Shi also felt that he was unlucky, and as soon as he arrived in Hainan, he wrote to his family and told his family about his future.

he followed the local people to eat taro and drink white water every day to make a living, and soon became skinny.

the harsh climatic environment tortures Su Shi's physical and mental will.

the third year of being demoted to Hainan

65-year-old Su Shi was suddenly ordered.

he can finally leave Hainan.

Zhangton, who was tricked by fate and harmed him and exiled him to Hainan, was dismissed.

Zhang Dun's son was worried that Su Shi would retaliate against his family, so he wrote to Su Shi, hoping that Su Shi would be lenient to his sick father.

instead of retaliating against his colleagues who had hurt him, Su Shi gave

Zhang Dun

send a prescription asking him to take care of his health and strive for reunion with his family as soon as possible.

in his reply to son Zhang Dun, Su Shi wrote the following sentence: "but in the past, it is of no use."


Yes, what's the use of worrying about the past?

because the capacity of a heart is limited, if you hold hatred, you can't hold too much love and warmth.

read the goodness of others, fix your own heart

Life is a generous gift, one flower, one grass, one person, one thing, is the best arrangement.

but most people often can't remember the goodness of others, but pay attention to all the bad things of others.

I have seen a question on Zhihu: "how fragile can the relationship between people be?"


below there is a high praise answer: "the coldest thing to get along with people is to help them a hundred times and never be grateful."


once he didn't help, he was held a grudge.

people are forgetful animals, because once unhappy, they forget all the good things before.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: people's kindness to me must not be forgotten, and resentment must not be forgotten.

in life, who can guarantee that he will not take half a step wrong?

holding on to the faults of others will only lead to endless entanglement and resentment, causing serious internal friction to yourself.

therefore, to be a man, remember more people's kindness and less people's mistakes.

remember that the best thing about others is to live up to fate.

it's not easy to meet. Remember those who are kind to you. Don't let grievances take up acquaintances.The time to know.

the sea of life will always experience the warmth of human feelings.

if you always hold a grudge in your heart and hold on to the faults of others, you will only get endless entanglement and resentment and cause serious internal friction to yourself.

and when you try to remember the goodness of others, your heart will be warm and pleasant.

to be a man, remember more people's kindness and less people's mistakes.

between friends, think more about each other's help, the friendship will be strong.

between relatives, think more about each other's advantages, the family will be harmonious.

between lovers, remember each other's efforts, and the relationship will last long.

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