People's Daily: 18 little things to improve happiness, it is recommended to keep them forever!
People's Daily: 18 little things to improve happiness, it is recommended to keep them forever!
In fact, the password of happiness is in our own hands.

"Why does the more people have, the less happiness they feel?"

someone replied:

"when a person sets the threshold for happiness too high, no matter how big the surprise is, he will shut it out."

Happiness never needs to be successful or flawless.

it is hidden in the dribs and drabs of life, in the little luckiness that you never expect but experience all the time.

to improve your happiness, take a look at these 18 little things recommended by People's Daily to help you get happier and happier.


learn a new skill

as the saying goes:

"many skills do not weigh down the body, and people with high skills are bold.


people live a lifetime, learn as many new skills as possible, so that they can have the core competitiveness and take the initiative in life.

when there is no way out, skill is the tool to make a living; when food and clothing are safe, skill is the cure for fatigue.

the study found that 90% of a person's knowledge in his life is completed by self-study.

so don't panic and fear new skills that need to be learned from scratch.

Life never starts too late.

Don't set limits on your life, don't let your time be wasted, start from scratch and play steadily.

one day, you can achieve self-growth and leapfrog.


reward yourself with small gifts once in a while

"learn to reward yourself so that you can get twice the result with half the effort."

set some small rewards for yourself on the way to achieving your goals.

is not only a reward for this period of time, but also a support for the future.

maybe it's a cup of milk tea, maybe it's a bunch of flowers, maybe it's a trip, maybe it's just a delicacy that I've been fond of for a long time.

this gift, big or small, is just a reward that not only brings us pleasure and satisfaction, but also inspires us to move on to the next better journey.


Don't worry about setting aside half an hour to read every day

someone on the Internet asked: "Why do people read books?"

Professor Luo Xiang, a criminal jurist, replied: "the real purpose of reading is to pursue wisdom, not pure knowledge."

Reading can change your appearance, but if you don't read for three days, you will look abominable.

Reading can enlighten wisdom, but when you don't see it for three days, you should be impressed.

Reading can nourish the soul, but books are colorful and gorgeous.

in this noisy and impetuous world, why not calm down and take half an hour to read quietly.

if you read too much, even if it may not bring you enough good luck, it will give you spiritual refuge and make you a better self.

with long-term accumulation and perseverance, we will eventually become a chapter of export and show our wisdom.


exercise regularly

A study in the Lancet, a medical journal, found that long-term lack of exercise will reduce tissue and organ skills by 30%, and various diseases will follow.

In recent years, personal health has become the focus of attention of the whole people.

Red jujube with Chinese wolfberry, manual heat preservation cup.

everyone is trying to keep fit as much as possible, but they forget that the best way to take care of their body is to exercise.

people who love sports will not be in poor health.

maybe exercise won't have an immediate effect, but in the long run, you can see a completely different change.

the second half of life is about health.

overcome inertia, exercise regularly, and every drop of sweat you shed will lead to a better life.


watch a good movie regularly

some people say: "after the emergence of the movie, our lives are at least three times longer than before."

A good movie comes from life and is higher than life.

Let us feast our eyes, have a moment of leisure, and let us have endless aftertaste, insight into all aspects of life.

in the True Story of Forrest Gump, he knows how to stick to it; in Thousand and thousand fathom, learn to say goodbye; in A Chinese Odyssey, he understands the true meaning of love.

in a stressful life, give yourself a separate space to watch a good movie.

while relaxing yourself, we also experience other people's lives and different spiritual worlds.


cook a delicious meal for your family

the most moving love word in the world is: "cook for you and eat delicious food."

the romance of life is not only romance, but also firewood, rice and oil.

cook a meal for your family, feel the breath of life in the thick smoke and fire, and experience the happiness brought by food.

the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

behind every kind of food, there is the interest of market life, which is a portrayal of ordinary life.

the most lasting confession is to concentrate the long-lasting water of a lifetime into a simple vegetable and a meal.


take pictures of beautiful scenery

Life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of eyes to find beauty.

although there are many ditches and ridges on the road of life, there is no shortage of flowers.

the willow branch by the river, the stone at the foot, the sunset in the sky.

Beauty is everywhere.

when you encounter these inadvertently beautiful scenery, you might as well take out your cell phone and take pictures.Under these amazing fragments of ordinary time.

not only record the beautiful moments, but also add color to life.


keep the room clean and tidy

Akita Guangyang said in "sweeping Power": "your life is actually like your own room."

if your room is in a mess, I'm sorry to tell you that all your good luck will slip away. "

whether a person's room is clean or not determines his attitude towards life and hides his happiness.

A disorganized room not only brings negative energy, but also produces negative emotions and affects your body and mind.

and the window is clear and orderly, but it will make people fall in love and feel happy at first sight.

if you want good luck in life, you might as well start by cleaning your room.

throw away things you don't need, get rid of excess waste, and get rid of your obsession with things.

when you clean up the room, life will become bright and warm.


get enough sleep every day

once read a sentence:

"A person's best state is to sleep comfortably every night and wake up energetically every morning.


Sleep, one of the most common little things, has become the most insurmountable problem for many young people.

because of stress, I can't sleep all night. I don't want to sleep because I stay up late to play with my cell phone, because overtime can't guarantee enough sleep.

the body is also dragged down by long-term consumption.

as the saying goes, "the tonic of medicine is not as good as that of food, and that of food is not as good as sleep."

the best way for a person to maintain good health is to have a regular schedule and have a good sleep.

this is respect for life, attention to health, and responsibility for yourself.

ensure at least 8 hours of adequate sleep every day, so that the brain can get an effective rest, so that you can move forward more energetically on the road of life.


take a hot bath when you are tired

A University of Texas study found that taking a bath or taking a bath about 90 minutes before going to bed can fall asleep 10 minutes faster than usual.

whether you are tired or tired after exercise, you might as well choose to soak in a hot bath at a water temperature of about 42 °.

lie quietly in the bathtub, caress and massage and empty yourself.

this rare 20 minutes is not only a kind of health preservation, but also a kind of decompression.

the unhappiness, resentment and sadness of the accumulation, as if covered with dirt, have been cleaned up, and the body and mind have eased down accordingly.

after washing away the lead and impetuosity, we can go back to basics and fight easily.


enjoy the ease of being alone

the philosopher Schopenhauer said: "We bear all misfortune because we cannot be alone."

people who do not know how to be alone, or at a loss, or lonely, or bored, are always confused and accomplish nothing.

on the contrary, people who know how to be alone will shut out the carnival and make efficient use of this rare lonely time.

or hold a book in your hand to fill your heart, or close your eyes and enrich your soul.

High-quality solitude is a kind of ability, a kind of practice, but also a kind of realm.

when one learns to be alone, one can hear the inner voice gurgle.


sort out a personal playlist

"in my life, I am most afraid of reading a person and understanding a song."

most of the time, we listen to melodies and understand life.

different music not only brings us different feelings, but also experiences different emotions in the lyrics.

in the days to come, create your own mood playlist in your favorite music APP.

with the difference of music, give sadness an outlet, give sadness a space, share happiness and let happiness pass on.

in the sound of music from headphones, I slowly wash away all my troubles and cure all my sadness.


take ten minutes to review before going to bed

Life is like chess, complicated.

if you make one mistake, you may lose the whole game.

if you want to avoid detours, you must know how to review in time.

give yourself 10 minutes before going to bed to review your day from a bystander's point of view.

record every mistake, reflect on yourself, and improve it in time.

in this life, what people fear most is never making mistakes, but not knowing how to introspect.

like many successful people, they succeed not because they never make mistakes, but because they know how to sum up and review themselves in their mistakes.

Review is the best helper for self-examination. Only when one dares to face his own mistakes can he correct them and improve constantly.


record the happy moments of the day

writer Bi Shumin once said, "Don't always hope for vigorous happiness, it's probably just coming quietly."

everyone yearns for happiness and hopes to be happy forever.

Happiness is actually very simple: a small thing, the help of a stranger, can make your heart happy.

starting today, record the moments that make you happy every day.

be praised by others, hear favorite songs, buy favorite clothes, taste the food you have been longing for for a long time.

after a long time, you will find that the happiness and warmth you once longed for are hidden in every daily life.


play to find a hobby that you can stick to

Zhang Chao said: "Flowers cannot be without butterflies, mountains without springs, stones without moss, water without algae, and people without fetish."

the flowers are more delicate and beautiful with butterflies, the green hills are deeper with clear springs, the stones are more beautiful with moss, and the streams with floating algae are more smart.

in life, cultivate at least one hobby that can last a lifetime.


painting, calligraphy, fishing, dancing.

in continuous learning, self-cultivation; in the busy life, more relaxed and comfortable.

choose a thing to become a fetish, choose a good thing to end old age, not money, fame and fortune, only for inner joy.

when you immerse yourself in it, you will be satisfied with yourself, and your life will be interesting and lively.


give up the bad habit of procrastination

in psychology, there is a famous "two-minute law".

means that if you want to do something, you must do it within 2 minutes.

otherwise, you may procrastinate for a long time or even never do it.

procrastination is always the biggest stumbling block on the road to success.

only by overcoming one's own inertia can one go further.

"nothing is difficult in a diligent world, but nothing is difficult in a lazy world",

learn to do things today, get things done today, anything you do, push yourself, and there will be different results.

in the future, when you want to procrastinate, you might as well act immediately.

make good use of the critical 2 minutes, and the outcome will be very different.


bid farewell to meaningless social interaction

A foreign survey report shows: "the more friends in the social network, the more likely people are irritated, and the happiness index will decrease accordingly."

many people in life try their best to integrate into all kinds of circles and feel that many friends have multiple paths and multiple circles are easy to go.

but they did not think that the wider the circle, the more complicated the interpersonal relationship, and the more chaotic life became.

the best way to live a simple life is to say goodbye to meaningless socializing and keep your time and energy to yourself.

learn to subtract circles and add to life.

only when a person's circle is simple, his life will be easy and pure, and he will cultivate himself.


make your own savings plan

the movie True Love says: "what I love is not money, but the kind of independent and free life that money brings."

saving money is the greatest strength in one's life and the most self-discipline that adults should have.

because there are many times when we don't know which comes first, tomorrow or accident.

and whether money is important or not is not up to you, but when you need it.

learn to save money and make a savings plan for yourself.

if you want to save money, try to make a savings plan and record your expenses.

the money can be divided into several parts, in addition to being satisfied with daily expenses, it can be used to invest in oneself to cope with unexpected needs.

when you have money in your hand, you won't panic.

when you know how to plan ahead, a little adds up, so that you can face the wind and rain

keep dignified and live calmly.

Haruki Murakami said:

"when you treat the seemingly boring little things in life with a serious and interesting attitude, you will reap a small but certain amount of happiness and feel that life is wonderful.


Life is short and happiness is not easy.

if we always compare and compete, it will be difficult for us to enjoy ourselves.

in fact, the password of happiness is in our own hands.

rather than envy the fish in Linyuan, it is better to retreat and form a net.

grasp the little things, taste the true meaning of them, happiness is in the corner of life.

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