People with good character on Wechat will reply to you like this.
People with good character on Wechat will reply to you like this.
People's character cultivation is reflected in the details of life.


come early and good night


I once heard someone say, "A micro product is a person's character."

admittedly, Wechat is a mini social circle and the most commonly used business card in interpersonal communication.

every voice and character a person makes on Wechat often hides his true character.

people with good character will reply to messages like this on Wechat.

respond to everything

I have seen such a question: "what kind of people are very reliable at first sight?"

the answer with the highest likes is: "answer every question and receive a reply."

replying to messages means knowing the responsibilities you have to bear at work and knowing the thoughts you receive in human feelings, which is not only a sign of your own upbringing, but also a sign of respect for others.

A while ago, the company received an important activity, requiring all employees to hand in materials the next day.

when the incident happened suddenly, the team leader sent a message to everyone in the WeChat group.

some people replied and received it quickly, and some people were delayed because of other things, and they also replied immediately after solving the problem, but until the end of work, colleague Xiao Chen did not respond at all.

the group leader was angry: "to send you a message is to look forward to your communication, not to wait for your approval." You can reply late, but not zero. "

later, a person with the same ability as Xiao Chen came to the group, and the response was positive and timely, and the boss was naturally more willing to give him more opportunities.

over time, Xiao Chen was fired. Interpersonal communication, pay attention to get along comfortably, come and go, value response, resist silence.

as Daniel once said, "how comfortable you are determines the height you can reach."

people with high character cannot guarantee that they will pay attention to everything, but they can respond to everything and go far.

people with low character, there is no return to any news, it is unreliable to do things without respect for people, and the road is not smooth.

on Wechat, people with good character are accountable for everything, worth handing over, and can get things done.

sincerity is not perfunctory

the Chronicles of the Pipa says: "I would have turned my heart to the moon, but how could the moon shine on the ditch."

No matter how good the feelings are, they can't afford to be perfunctory, and no matter how warm they are, they can't afford to ignore them.

feelings go in both directions, and people with good character know that they are truly valuable and will sincerely respond to enthusiasm and pay.

Human feelings are not an one-man show. People with poor character despise the wishes of others and take blindly but never appreciate them.

the last relationship of my best friend met an indifferent person. Two people are long-distance lovers, it is very important to maintain communication and maintain a relationship.

when a best friend encounters something interesting, she will happily post Wechat to share with her boyfriend, but she will only reply: "mm-hmm" and "Oh", which makes her best friend lose her interest immediately.

A best friend always pays attention to the weather in her boyfriend's city and sends a message to remind her to change her clothes when she sees a drop in temperature, but even if she is friendly to the man from the bottom of her heart, the reply is only a few perfunctory words.

it's obviously a dialog between two people, but it's like a best friend talking to herself.

in the past, communication was inconvenient, and communication tried to be concise and to the point. Saying less does not mean that people's character is cool and thin, but now Wechat technology is developed, and perfunctory too much symbolizes the insincerity of people's character.

Yi Shu once said: "people get colder day by day, and leaves turn yellow day by day."

emotion must avoid one person sincerely pay, one person helplessly perfunctory, trample on the sincere person, the character is worried, is not worth entrusting.

in fact, life has been in a hurry for decades, nothing more than being a man before doing things, treating people sincerely and cherishing everything, and their character is naturally good.

on Wechat, people with good character can be trusted without indifference.

Don't play the emotion card

there may also be such people in your circle of friends who never get in touch with each other and ask for warmth when they have anything to do.

but as Sadie said:

"anyone who wants to get help in times of misfortune should give more on weekdays."

Deep friendship needs to be accumulated over the years. People with good character do not play the emotional card and never pay first.

my cousin has a junior high school classmate who suddenly comes to chat when she borrows money to do things.

at first, my cousin was moved by her sudden concern, until she found out that every time she chatted, she had to ask for something, either asking for money or asking her cousin to help find a new job.

but once my cousin helped her, there was no movement, and every reply was as awkward as a stranger.

recently, my classmates sent me Wechat to invite my cousin to the wedding: "We have such a good relationship, you must come."

however, my cousin knows very well that the students just want free money, and once the matter is over, they will not get in touch with themselves.

Wechat can express emotions and witness emotions better. For people with good character, every Wechat post contains deep feelings and needs to be managed attentively.

Human feelings are cold and warm, thick accumulation can lead to thin hair, and people with noble character never disdain to make friends first in present use.

Gibran said: "the meaning of life lies in the connection between people."

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emotion must not cram temporarily. People with low character will only bother to communicate afterwards and are unwilling to communicate at ordinary times.

daily contact, you can see character, pay attention to daily communication, is in the process of accumulating character.

on Wechat, people with good character accumulate human feelings and have a pattern to see far away.

Bacon once said:

"No skill is more popular than good character and attitude."

people's character cultivation is reflected in the details of life and runs through Wechat's every move.

A person with a good character will not be unable to read the news, will not be perfunctory in receiving the message, and will not make friends with each other in daily communication.

all over the world, may you respond enthusiastically every time you give, and each contact coincides with your beloved.