People who have really seen the world (good article in depth)
People who have really seen the world (good article in depth)
Gentle and powerful, humble but meaningful.

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Zhihu was asked: what are people who have seen the world like?

there is a highly praised answer as follows:

"people who have seen the world will be fastidious and can make do with it; they can enjoy the best and bear the worst.

can accept the world, but also can bear the warmth of the world; gentle and powerful, but humble has meaning. "

will pay attention to

A friend of Jiang Xun bought a luxury house worth 100 million yuan and spent a lot of money to hire the most famous Japanese designer to decorate it.

once Jiang Xun went to his house and found that he had lived for two years and the plastic film of kitchen utensils had not been torn off.

friends keep showing off:

"look, that's Ming-style furniture."

this is the most expensive bed in Italy.

"this is my custom-made sofa from Germany."

Jiang Xun sighed in his heart: is the Taoist just pretending to show it to others?

in life, many people eat, must go to high-end restaurants; dress, must bring the famous brand logo; to travel, non-top hotels do not stay.

these people seem to be fastidious, but in fact, they are "fastidious" and cannot hide their inner impetuosity.

Nan Renshu has a good saying: "it is not life that determines taste, but taste determines life."

fastidious, often has nothing to do with money, but to live a dull life, a sense of texture.

Zhang Yihe talked about Kang Youwei's daughter Kang Tonbi in the Last aristocrat.

in 1966, the Kang Tongbi family ran into difficulties and ran out of money.

"I love flowers, they are gone. I love music. Music is gone. "

Kang Tongbi wept secretly: "for me, the meridians are completely cut off!"

but even so, she always goes out in a rolled-edged cheongsam, soft-soled embroidered shoes, an elegant bun and a strand of silk scarf around her neck.

if you can't afford bread and milk, deep-fry the steamed bread slices until golden brown and spread with fermented bean curd.

when the daffodils blossom, she puts a red paper circle on each stem to add a touch of scenery to the empty house.

there is a big tree given by Emperor Guangxu in the house. She will set up refreshments and sit under the tree to taste the flowers.

Zhang Yihe does not understand: "how can you be so fastidious when you are so poor?"

Kang Tongbi said, "because this is what a person looks like."

pay attention to neither pretending nor acting, but an elegant attitude towards life.

Don't neglect three meals before you have the energy to deal with the challenges and changes of life.

only by not dressing perfunctorily can we calmly face the injustice and suffering of the world.

even if life abandons you, no matter how embarrassed you are, you should live a poetic life.

can make do with

Liang Shuming once said:

"Chinese people's attitude towards life is essentially aesthetic, enjoying life, not paying special attention to whether the material is rich or not, but a little bit of enjoyment."

Liang Shiqiu took refuge in Chongqing, where he named the place "Ya she".

Don't think that "elegant house" is such an elegant and comfortable place. In fact, the walls are bamboo strips, with windows but no glass. When it rains heavily, it is a mess, and the cold night with bleak north wind is even more difficult. The house was infested with mosquitoes and rats, and the floor creaked on it.

the shabby house in the eyes of others has many advantages in his eyes.

the elegant house is high enough to enjoy the moon; there is not even a decent piece of furniture in the house, which he finds convenient to take care of.

although the environment of the elegant house is not satisfactory, he reads books, drinks tea, enjoys flowers and scenery, and turns his hard life into a "paradise".

A person who has seen the impermanence of the world can build a heart that is "not happy with things, not sad with oneself".

the situation changes with the heart and is at ease with the situation.

when some people are used to expensive food, they dislike whole grains; when they are used to living in luxury houses and courtyards, they are picky about bungalows.

but people who have really seen the world can enjoy red wine and western food, eat roadside stalls, walk gracefully in the city in high heels and stroll along country roads in flat shoes.

they can enjoy the best and accept the worst, either high or low.

know how to enjoy

writer Li Na once told a story.

one day she went on a trip with a group, but the whole trip was unexpected.

first of all, when the plane was delayed for several hours, some people cursed and clamored to make up for it; some people called their friends loudly and complained that their good mood had all been ruined.

first her mother read to her, and the little girl listened to it with relish. later, the mother and daughter played crossword games as if everything around them had nothing to do with them.

on the first night of staying at the hotel, it rained heavily and the originally arranged bonfire party had to be cancelled.

many people complained that they were sleeping in the hotel and playing with their cell phones, while the mother and daughter went out for a walk with umbrellas.

when she came back, the little girl was holding a bunch of wild flowers. Her trousers and shoes were covered with mud, but her face smiled brightly.

is also happy to share with you that she is new outside.Animals and plants I know.

Li Na said that on the same journey, some people saw bad weather, while others saw different scenery, and the gap lies in one's vision.

the difference between seeing the world and not seeing the world can be seen by the different reactions when things happen.

when some people encounter a trivial matter, they lose their face and worry about themselves.

someone can find a good and interesting side in any situation.

obviously the latter has a broader vision and a larger pattern.

Ma Dong said:

our lives often ignore a river because we see a boat. When we first entered the society, we often heard people complain about the falsehood, evil and ugliness of the world, and that there was no poetry and distance in this society.

because we have never seen the aurora borealis and do not know the grandeur of Kilauea volcano, just because we cannot see it, it does not mean that it does not exist.

it's not that there is no scenery, but the height is not enough.

when you are on the top of the mountain, you can't see the shadows that are hidden from your eyes; when your heart is facing the sun, life is a smiling face.


Life is not an easy road, sometimes peak, sometimes low.

entrepreneur Feng Lun said:

"it is not difficult for a person to fall and get up again. The difficult thing is that he can go further from the highest to the lowest. This is not what ordinary people can do. This is the person who has seen the world."

Circulation is the norm. People who are satisfied with their wishes in times of prosperity and fall in times of adversity are always the weak in life.

can enjoy the surprise of life and bear the heavy blow of the hammer of fate.

some time ago, when I reviewed desperate Housewives, I couldn't help admiring Carlos.

the appearance setting of Carlos is Wang Fei level.

A successful career, a lovely wife by her side, a proper winner in life.

but the sudden accident got him involved in a lawsuit, not only losing all his wealth, but also in prison.

falling from the peak to a prisoner, the pain and loss are indescribable.

when he watched the police remove their valuable personal belongings and the huge house suddenly became empty, he did not collapse.

starting from the lowest level of work, he lost face, shouldered the heavy burden, and became the most powerful support for the family.

I appreciate his attitude towards life, good or bad, as the scenery of life.

when he is proud, he is the all-powerful winner of the business world; when he is down, he is the best worker at the bottom;

what does it mean to see the world? In my opinion, it means "able to handle things".

is calm in the face of mass criticism, calm and calm in the face of ups and downs.

when you stand the test of fate, the wounds you have suffered will eventually become your hard armor, and those who can't kill you will eventually make you stronger.

finally, I would like to share a paragraph with you:

"when you understand impermanence, you will not show it. The magnificent scenery of today may be a mess tomorrow;

You know that your beautiful figure will look its absolute best whatever you choose from our collection of formal dresses for pregnant ladies. Find your favorite and it will remain its fashion look over time.

when you understand impermanence, you will not be sad. If there are gloomy clouds today, it may be sunny tomorrow.

when you understand impermanence, there is no joy. Loss, what is the injury, the gain and loss is constantly changing;

when you understand impermanence, everything feels normal. Really see it all the time, look at the impermanent heart, and get real peace and serenity. "

in the days to come, may you live a flexible life with an acceptable attitude, smile and watch the flowers blossom and fall, and watch the clouds roll.

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