People who are too kind-hearted are hardly rewarded.
People who are too kind-hearted are hardly rewarded.
It is always a noble sentiment to do good deeds and accumulate virtue.



As the saying goes, "the good guys are not rewarded, but the bad guys are happy."

Why is this? Does God have no eyes? Is there any reason for this?

Little window Youji says: "treating others with more than enough grace can maintain an insatiable heart."

good people tend to worry too much, abide by laws, morals, and codes of conduct, like to think of others, often have an uneasy conscience, and often have a lot of mental pressure.

while the bad guys have no scruples, do whatever they want, and have no suffocation in their hearts, their health may be better.

kindness is a virtue, but if you become an overly good person with no bottom line of principle, it will be a disaster and will bring bad retribution to yourself.

good intentions may not be rewarded.

A few days ago, Xiaoxiang Daily reported an incident that can be called the realistic edition of "the Farmer and the Snake".

Ms. Li in Zhejiang has a school district house. Her brother-in-law's daughter goes to school, and the school is near that house.

without thinking much, Ms. Li transferred the house to her brother-in-law.

something unexpected happened in the sky, and Ms. Li's husband died unfortunately. Ms. Li wants to sell the school district house in order to pay her debts.

unexpectedly, her brother-in-law took advantage of the danger of others and forcibly occupied the house, saying that the house belonged to him in the first place.

Ms. Li's heart was cold, so she had no choice but to take her brother-in-law to court and finally take back the ownership of the house.

the house has been taken back, but the heart is cold, and it is impossible to warm up easily.

there are many people in this world who put their noses on their faces. They will smile at you and say that you are really a good person. At the same time, they will throw all the things that should not be borne by you to you, please and force you.

once you accept it, they will get worse, not for everyone, but never less.

Journey to the West said: "grace will repay kindness to others, but turn kindness into enmity."

some people are mercenary at heart, and they take it for granted to accept help from others.

this kind of person will not be grateful if he gives him a hundred yuan every day. One day if he doesn't give it, he will turn his face and don't recognize him.

the most terrible thing is that after being beaten and betrayed again and again, you may no longer believe in goodness and agree that "good is rewarded with good."

No one is born a saint, and no one is kind enough to withstand torture and destruction again and again.

the ancients said, "there are a hundred good friends and many bad friends."

kindness is precious. Don't let your kindness be buried in the hands of insidious and selfish trash people.

it is very important to understand human nature and know the ways of the world. It is very important to be a good man of wisdom. You can never be a bad man like Mr. Dongguo.

Shi En, choose a partner and give it to someone who is worth it with your kindness.

there is some help, but to help is to harm others and harm yourself

the ancients said: "compassion has many evils, and it is convenient to get out of indecency."

kindness requires wings of wisdom to really help people.

to help others, it is necessary to "help the poor or not help the poor". In the face of an emergency, quickly lend a helping hand; poor body and poor heart, only rely on him to cross by himself.

Wu Mengda became famous a long time ago, and there were many temptations in Hong Kong. He soon fell into the quagmire of gambling, became addicted to drinking, and soon owed a lot of debt.

at that time, he asked his friend Chow Yun-fat for help, but he was turned down by Chow Yun-fat.

Wu Mengda was very desperate, but he had to pay off his debts. He had no choice but to get rid of his bad habits and devote himself to his acting career.

after ten years of accumulated strength, Wu Mengda finally returned to the pinnacle of her career and won the Best supporting Actor Award for "Love in Heaven".

on the podium, he thanked the director and the crew. The director reminded him: "you should thank Brother Fa. He strongly recommended you."

think about it carefully, if Chou Yun-fat borrows money directly, it is tantamount to investing money in a bottomless pit, making Wu Mengda sink deeper and deeper.

Shen Jian said: "punishment without punishment is called indulgence of evil."

whether right or wrong, to lend a helping hand blindly is not to do good deeds, but to push each other into the abyss of darkness.

it is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish; it is better to help others for a while than to help them for a lifetime.

when the other person is unable to save himself, he should give him a hand. If he can save himself, just sit on the sidelines and let him save himself.

if you don't help, the other person will suffer for a while and be happy in the future.

not helping, sometimes is the greatest help, is the greatest kindness, is the highest wisdom.

to be a good person, it depends on your ability

"Zengguang Xianwen" said: "the strength is not heavy, the words are light, do not persuade others."

within the limits of your ability, you must help; beyond the limits of your ability, do not overexert yourself.

A man with a swollen face and a fat face will only harm himself.

I once saw a story on the Internet in which several colleagues from the unit took the exam and unanimously recommended Xiao Hong to lead us to prepare for the exam.

Xiao Hong agreed, because among these colleagues, she has the best learning ability and is recognized as high achiever.

in the days that followed, she enthusiastically looked for materials and workshop topics for her colleagues, and gave lectures from time to time.

after the exam results came out, Xiao Hong was dumbfounded: all her colleagues passed, but she didn't pass the exam.

As the saying goes, "if you don't have such a big head, don't wear such a big hat."

do not only do your best, but also do what you can.

if you go into the water to save people, you must know how to swim, otherwise you will not be able to save others, and even you will drown.

for a fewWords of praise, strong help, make a disgrace, it is not worth it.

Mencius said: "focus on yourself when you are unknown, and care about the people when you have status."

when economic conditions and personal strength permit, you might as well help the world at the same time, but your ability is limited, so you still have to take good care of yourself first.

there is often a fine line between a good man and a fool, a "principle" between them, and a "principle" between kindness and cruelty, and a "ignorance" between them.

A person who does not know how to refuse will not grow up, and a good man without principles will only become a laughingstock in the eyes of others.

what's more, there is no one in the world without whom, and without your help, others can still live.

it is always a noble sentiment to do good and accumulate virtue.

it's just that when you are a good person, you need to find a good partner, stress wisdom, and have ability.

master the right way, sow the seeds of kindness into other people's hearts, and the world will become beautiful because of you.