People who are self-disciplined and undisciplined will lose their whole life ten years later.
People who are self-disciplined and undisciplined will lose their whole life ten years later.
To make a good habit a habit is self-discipline; to make a bad habit a habit is depravity.

A special award message was given to a special post-90s girl at the 2021 Chinese character award gala:

you think you're just like us; we think, yes; but you're so unusual.

the special winner, Jiang Mengnan, fell into a silent world when he was half a year old and was accidentally deaf in both ears.

Life played a black joke on her, but Jiang Mengnan spent 20 years assiduously reading "lips" and developed the same ability of "listening and speaking" as normal people.

by virtue of her strong perseverance and excellent academic performance, she became the only student in her hometown town who was admitted to a key university and eventually went to Tsinghua for a doctorate.

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Life kisses me with pain, but I sing in return.

with self-encouragement, self-discipline and self-improvement, she overcame all the obstacles in her life step by step and embarked on a road of success that belongs to a small number of people.

Life has no choice but to face life and solve the problems that reality throws on us one by one.

"problem" is the watershed between success and failure, which only those who exercise self-discipline can cross.

the famous psychologist M. Scott Parker repeatedly emphasized in the Road that few people take:

self-discipline is not only the way to solve the problems of life, but also the key to relieve the pain of life.

people with self-discipline will certainly be able to live a wonderful life in the face of many difficulties.

Life without self-discipline,

can't hide from the feathers of life

someone on the Internet asked:

"what is the experience of lack of self-discipline?"

there is such a high-praise answer: you will switch between complacency and regret!

are we often like this in our lives?

are you anxious about the status quo, and you don't have the perseverance to change your determination and practice?

A friend has a literary dream at the bottom of his heart.

Life is busy work and trivial daily life, but the small flames of dreams in my heart often come out to remind her:

"does the whole life go by like this?"

anxiety, letting go, over and over again, time is wasted in the ups and downs of small hands.

people have been torn by reality and dreams, and become more and more unhappy.

in the face of her family's complaints, she got angry and yelled at her husband and son, "how could I do this if it wasn't for you!"

the greatest happiness in life is to satisfy your wishes and achieve your goals.

but without practical action and perseverance, it is difficult to see the highlights of life.

in 2020, 80-year-old Yang Benfen published his first book, Autumn Garden.

the grandmother, known as the "kitchen writer" by netizens, is a retired worker who has never received any professional writing training.

she started writing at the age of 60, often writing lines on a high stool in the kitchen between cooking.

finally, at the age of 80, the novel Autumn Garden, which records my mother's life, was published, with a score of 8.9.

most people are used to making excuses for their idleness, and only a few live a wonderful life with self-discipline.

Scott Parker said:

if people lack self-discipline, it is impossible to solve any problems and problems.

if you can't persevere, you'll never get the desired results.

self-discipline is the beginning of one's self-redemption.

behind every seemingly awesome person, there is blood and tears that you can't imagine.

only by enduring severe pain and plucking away the lazy scales can you usher in the rebirth of Nirvana.

self-discipline is the pursuit of deeper desires

once saw a distracted Thai short film "only you can change yourself".

the short film tells the story of a fat girl:

the girl lives in a remote village. Because she is very fat, she has been ridiculed and bullied by her peers since she was young.

she is miserable and inferior. She wants to be beautiful, but she doesn't know what to do.

the girl's grandmother told her that there were dry eyes on the hill behind the village.

there is a legend that no matter who fills a dry well with water, the Jade Emperor will appear to help her realize a wish.

after listening to Grandma's words, the girl's heart rose with boundless hope, determined to fill the well.

she picked up two buckets and began to firmly carry water into the dry well.

the dry well is finally full, but where is the Jade Emperor?

the girl looked at the empty mountain and looked down at the well full of water. Inadvertently, she saw that the well water reflected a beautiful face and slim figure.

it turns out that in the process of carrying water every day, the girl has unwittingly lost weight.

there is a sentence at the end of the short film:

"only you can change yourself. Do the right thing every day. "

the driving force for change is the desire from the bottom of my heart.

the goal can only be achieved by insisting on doing the right thing.

CCTV host Dong Qing once said:

low-level desires can be obtained through indulgence, higher desires through self-discipline, and top desires through suffering.

the lower the level of desireThe less you ask of yourself;

on the contrary, you need to go through pain and suffering to achieve your inner needs.

Scott Parker believes that self-discipline is an attitude towards life.

its essence is self-awareness and self-management, and it must take care of and cherish itself rather than give up.

to make dreams shine into reality, you must take action and carry out self-discipline to the end.

Life should not be defined, everyone has the right to paint their own colors.

those who exercise self-discipline are bound to bloom their own flowers of life.

four magic weapons of self-discipline

Aristotle once said:

"to be good people, we can't just have good ideas or good feelings, we must act well."

therefore, only when one knows how to manage himself can one become excellent.

and the essence of self-management is self-discipline.

in the Road that few people take, Scott Parker put forward four principles that self-discipline must follow:

postpone gratification

that is, have enough self-control, do not covet temporary comfort.

bitterness before sweetness, infinite scenery in the dangerous peak, the wisdom of life is the choice of self-discipline.

pick the hardest bones first, sometimes it's a very good deal.

turns out that everything is easy.

take responsibility

Elusion can only keep you where you are and give up the rights you should have.

Reagan once told a story about himself growing up:

at the age of 11, Reagan accidentally broke his neighbor's glass while playing football, and the neighbor claimed $12 from him.

when his father made him responsible for his fault, he said awkwardly, "I have no money to pay for it!"

my father said, "I'll lend it to you first and return it to me a year later."


said yes.

finally, six months later, he earned enough $12 and gave it back to his father.

Reagan said that he learned about responsibility from this incident and began to face all the problems in life seriously.

successful people have moments of self-doubt.

but they never evade and compromise, from daring to take responsibility to survive.

be true to the facts

only when we have a thorough understanding of the facts can we deal with problems easily.

the less you know about the facts, the more confused your thinking will be, and the more wrong your guesses and judgments will be.

We must test the distorted ideas in our minds with rational thinking, distinguish between major needs and unimportant factors, and boldly take the right step.

keep a balance

the ruler has its strong points and its inch is short. People have unparalleled abilities and defects, and it is impossible to have superpowers.

self-discipline is to know how to choose and strive to achieve a balance between demand and strength on the basis of controlling desire, facing bravely and recognizing reality.

when the moon is full, there will be losses, and if the water is full, it will overflow. The choice of behavior beyond the scope of ability is that things will turn back at the extreme.

mature self-discipline is the ability to withstand pain without affecting its ability to make the right decisions.

this ability needs to be recovered and adjusted through countless painful processes before it can be achieved.

it is lonely and powerful, with strong self-healing and control, and always pays attention to coordinate its own thoughts and actions.

therefore, people are not excellent only with self-discipline, but with self-discipline.

Li Xiaolai's book "treat time as a friend" has a very eye-catching sentence:

success is doing the right thing in the right way.

this kind of behavior is the highest self-discipline.

the road to success is not crowded, because too few people can exercise self-discipline, and this is a road that few people take.

just like on the marathon track, there are so many people when you start, but very few people actually reach the finish line.

those who can hold on to the end are the strong ones who dare to challenge themselves and have a high degree of self-discipline.

those who cannot let go of suffering only lack the ability to persist and change.

to make a good habit a habit is self-discipline; to make a bad habit a habit is depravity.

if we go along this road, we will reap not only the joy of success, but also the happiness and freedom of life.

, share with you.