People who are really reliable: don't procrastinate, don't talk much, and don't do it.
People who are really reliable: don't procrastinate, don't talk much, and don't do it.
The people who are really reliable must be those who stick to the bottom line and have principles.

reliable, it is a high configuration to get along with others.

because there are many smart people, but reliable people are hard to find.

someone once said: "to find reliable people to do things, smart people can only talk."

you will feel secure and secure when you work with reliable people;

when you work with unreliable people, you only feel uneasy and uneasy.

No wonder some people say, "Reliability is a scarce quality, and it often comes with its own security attribute." When you get along with reliable people, you don't have to be suspicious, worry or worry. "

because people who are really reliable do things: they don't procrastinate, they don't talk much, and people don't do things.

it is a lifetime's blessing and wealth to be able to walk with reliable people.

Don't put things off

there is a question on Zhihu: "what are the characteristics of unreliable people?"

there is a highly praised answer: "procrastinate and wait while naively waiting for a good result."

maybe we all have this experience in our lives:

some people are full of promised jobs, but often fail to deliver on time, and then make all kinds of excuses.

what some people have promised, there will be nothing after that, and you can forget it if you don't ask him.

without the spirit of contract, he pays no attention to what he has said, much less to the situation and feelings of others.

truly reliable people always act in good faith with a sincere heart. They do not promise easily, but once they nod and say yes, they will try their best to do so.

I followed a food blogger on the video platform, a fat post-90s girl who likes to share a wide variety of delicacies.

in a live broadcast, a netizen said that she wanted to eat a cake, but it was difficult to buy, so she agreed to buy it for this netizen.

A few days later, I not only saw the video update of this cake, but also found the netizen's message in the comments, saying that I was surprised to receive the cake from the blogger and was very moved.

on another occasion, she promised to make a cookie, so she bought the material the next day and started to do it in the live broadcast.

at that time, everyone said: "if you go to lose weight, we won't be able to see the video and live broadcast, will we?"

she then promised: "I will update the video on time, and I will broadcast it live when there is a gap in weight loss."

she did what she said, and three days later she set off for a weight-loss training camp, and she promised at least one video a day, and then she never missed it.

three months later, she lost more than 30 jin as she wanted, and the number of fans on her account increased by hundreds of thousands.

netizens have praised the bloggers for their prowess, and their career and life will not be delayed, but what I admire more is her attitude of doing what she says and doing whatever she says, no matter what is big or small.

Professor Luo Xiang said: "the greatest pain for people is that they cannot bridge the gap between knowing and doing."

and this gap is distinguishing between reliable and unreliable people.

unreliable people know that what they have promised should be done, but they are not afraid, so they are absent-minded, so they procrastinate when they can.

and reliable people not only know the importance of commitment, but also know that no matter how difficult it is, they should find ways to deliver on time.

because they understand that what is delivered together is not only the promise, but also the responsibility and responsibility behind the promise.

people who are really reliable are not necessarily the best, but they must be responsible and responsible.

Don't talk much

there is a saying: "sometimes, a few words can lead to a long story."

I think so.

whether a person is reliable or not does not depend on how much he speaks, but on seeing the timing clearly and mastering the discretion of speaking.

some people can solve the problem with only a few words, while others keep talking, but it is counterproductive.

Carnegie wrote about two things in his book the weakness of Human Nature.

the first thing is that at a regular production meeting, the person in charge questioned the work of the production supervisor, and the responsible person asked questions like a barrage of questions, criticizing the work of the production supervisor.

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the production supervisor felt very humiliated, so he tried every means to pass the buck, which attracted more accusations and rebukes from the person in charge.

the endless chatter of the person in charge resulted in the resignation of the production director soon after.

and it is said that the supervisor made remarkable achievements after he went to the new company.

the second thing is that the person in charge of another company, under almost the same situation, won the trust of everyone because he knew how to speak properly.

Ms. Mazzoni, a marketing specialist for a food company, was recently appointed to be responsible for the trial sale of new products.

Mazzoni later said: "during the presentation, I was trembling with fear. I told myself not to cry and not to make people think that I was not up to the job."

she made a brief statement at the meeting and said frankly that she would redo the research to make up for her previous mistakes.

after saying this, he sat down nervously, waiting for his boss to get mad.

to her surprise, instead of getting angry or blaming, her boss solemnly thanked her for her hard work, said that the first new project would inevitably go wrong, and expressed confidence in her ability in front of everyone.

Just a few words, but convinced everyone.

she said: "when I walked out of the conference room, I held my head high and vowed to myself that I would never betray my boss's trust again."

once read a sentence: "the so-called master, a few words, can solve a complex matter, between the bits, can warm touch others."

people who are really reliable, who communicate with each other in words, are quiet and thoughtful, and instantly narrow the distance between them.

We always think that the more we say, the more we can express our meaning, but it doesn't work.

in fact, most of the time, it is not a matter of talking much, but a matter of understanding between square inches.

people who are really reliable are not necessarily the most successful, but they must be popular and worthy of deep acquaintance.

people don't do

once read a piece of news that a young couple in Hangzhou hired a housekeeper before giving up their rent and kept every corner of the room very clean.

the couple said: "they have moved six times in Hangzhou, and each time they clean the house before leaving. It is inconvenient for the landlord to clean it himself. Some landlords are still outside, and there are tenants to move in behind."

really reliable people, all have good self-cultivation, know how to respect others, they deeply engrave respect in their bones, and then flow into the blood, and then nourish life.

Andy Lau has been popular for nearly 40 years, which is not only inseparable from his talent and efforts, but also related to his moral cultivation.

A staff member said that when he worked with Andy Lau in his early years, he was not only very polite to him, but even asked his name.

when I saw you again a few years later, Andy Lau called out his name directly and made

he was very moved.

this kind of self-cultivation reflected in details can be seen in Andy Lau at any time.

earlier, he mentioned in an interview that when Jia Ling was asked to play his wife in the film, he suddenly adjusted his sitting position, put his hands on his lap, bowed slightly, and then smiled and said the invitation.

coincidentally, after watching the movie "crowds", Andy Lau made a live video connection with the cinema audience.

later, when the audience asked, "if you could exchange your life, would Andy Lau be willing to exchange with him


, Andy Lau smiled and said:

"of course I am willing, in that case I will be a competent fan to support Andy Lau's movies."

hearing this, the audience was all impressed by him.

Dong Qing once said: "I care more about respect than like, because love often comes from appearance, while respect comes from essence."

this essence is called virtue. Only when virtue is sufficient, can we behave properly, respect all people and things, and constantly transmit positive energy in our exchanges with each other.

people who are really reliable are not necessarily the best, but they must be people who stick to the bottom line and have principles.

, may you walk with good people, work with reliable people, and get along with people who understand you.

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