People do these 10 things when they are at a low point.
People do these 10 things when they are at a low point.
Recognize yourself, believe in yourself, affirm yourself.

accept it calmly

Bad moments

everyone's life is bound to experience good and bad.

maybe we all don't want to face many difficulties, but we can't pick our way through life.

No matter what happens to you, or what you are going to bear, accept it.

never be a deserter in life, nor should you complain about the injustice of fate.

when you get through difficulties and pain, you will find that you will have new growth and transformation.

find more reasons from yourself

there is a saying: "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

when you are stuck in a quagmire, never complain about the environment or anyone else, but look for reasons from yourself.

the difficulties you can't get through today, and the hurdles you can't get over, are not deliberately targeted by others, but caused by your own limitations.

only when you are strong enough, you can easily withstand the blow or test of fate.

people don't disturb others in the trough

when people are at a low ebb, we are always eager to get attention and help from others.

in fact, the more difficult it is, the more time it takes to cultivate the mind.

others may be able to comfort you, but they can't bear the burden for you. Others may be able to help you for a while, but not for the rest of your life.

therefore, the road should learn to walk alone, hurdles should be learned to walk alone, and difficulties should be learned to face and solve alone.

keep a normal routine

I have read a passage: "when you are in the worst mood, you should still eat on time, go to bed early and get up early, and exercise self-discipline as before."

No matter how hard you are hit, eat well and sleep well.

Don't get angry with your body, challenge your health with difficulties, or even just break a can and break it, and you won't have a good life.

only by ensuring basic physical strength and energy can we better solve and deal with problems.

stop excessive mental internal friction

maybe no one wants to face some bad people and things.

but when you can't escape it, you don't have to worry too much.

once read a sentence: "there is a difference between pain and pain. Feeling pain is not your choice, but persistent pain is your choice."

sometimes, what afflicts us is not the difficulty itself, but the over-interpretation of it.

the predicament was made out, not imagined.

give yourself some time and patience

when we encounter difficulties, we are always eager to get rid of them as soon as possible.

everything from bad to good takes a long time.

there is a saying: "giving up the expectation that it can be easily solved is the beginning of a person's maturity."

the meal is stuttered one by one, the road is taken step by step, and the days go by day by day.

Don't be too anxious and anxious, get through every darkest moment of your life steadily.

Control your temper and emotions

when people are at a low ebb, it is always difficult to control their temper.

the more you feel unhappy, unhappy, and uncalm, the more you should keep calm and rational.

because everyone's life is very difficult.

others have no obligation to understand you, and negative emotions will only make the situation worse.

as Mr. Ji Xianlin once said, "how can there be real empathy in the world?" If a person can manage his emotions well and digest the joys and sorrows of the world, even if he will experience ups and downs, he will be able to achieve perfection. "

silently accumulate upward strength

when a person is at a low ebb, it is precisely the best period of increment.

only at this moment can you see clearly what your weaknesses are and what improvements and improvements are needed.

the host Bai Yansong once said: "people who are angry often are not terrible, but honorable are those who secretly accumulate strength."

when people are at a low ebb, they seem to be the hardest, but they are also the easiest.

because at this time, every step you take is an upward road.

instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you might as well work hard.

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start with what's in front of you

maybe people are always surrounded by difficulties when they are at low ebb.

at this time, you do not know where to start, do not know where to find a way out, and feel confused about your future and future.

the more clueless you are, the less impatient and flustered you are.

you can start under your feet, start with what you can do, start with the part that can be changed, and pull yourself out of the mud step by step.

never doubt yourself

maybe we all have this feeling: when we encounter setbacks, we always feel depressed, feel inferior, and even doubt whether we can do it.

the more others don't like you, the more you think highly of yourself.

maybe you can be knocked down by life or defeated by difficulties, but your confidence and courage must not be lost.

only when you recognize yourself, believe in yourself, and affirm yourself will you find the opportunity and possibility to get better.