Pattern = ending (depth good text)
Pattern = ending (depth good text)
A person with a pattern can have a thousand kinds of life.

on Zhihu, someone once asked, "what causes the gap between people?"

A high praise replied: "the size of the pattern is reflected in people's vision, thinking, pursuit of height and their own leisurely magnanimity."

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it is not ability or talent, but pattern that can really determine one's own destiny in this life.

the reason why there is too much pain in life is that you are not tall enough and the pattern is too small.

the pattern determines the end. The higher the pattern, the smoother life will be, and the smaller the pattern will be, and nothing will be accomplished in the end.

there is a term in psychological cognition called "tunnel visual field effect":

when a person is in a tunnel, he can only see the narrow space in front and back, and his cognitive level and realm will be limited as a result.

people, if short-sighted, without a big pattern, will eventually be limited everywhere, difficult to achieve, mediocre and incompetent all their lives.

the writer Miss Hui once said such a thing:

A man opened a Japanese restaurant, which attracted a lot of customers because it tasted good.

but even though the business is booming, the boss will never raise the salary of his employees.

asked why, he replied, "what if my business gets worse and I can't make so much money?"

when he saw that the free soy sauce was consumed too fast, he took great pains to find a bottle that was difficult to pour out too much soy sauce.

just when he was delighted to save money on soy sauce, an unexpected scene happened:

because the customer could not pour out the soy sauce, he simply opened the lid and poured the soy sauce directly into the plate from the mouth of the bottle.

as a result, the daily amount of soy sauce is not reduced, but more wasted.

because the boss was too small and petty, he finally caught himself in a cocoon, and the loss outweighed the gain.

what a person values often reflects that person's cognition and pattern.

it is difficult for a person to achieve great success in his life if he devotes his time and energy to something unimportant.

the smaller the pattern, the more limited to the appearance of things, entangled in trifles, and will only fall into the quagmire of life.

Lincoln attended a speech before the election.

A senator deliberately humiliated him: "Don't forget, Mr. Lincoln, you're just the son of a shoemaker."

Lincoln did not laugh angrily at the senator's insult:

"Thank you for remembering my late father.

I will bear in mind your advice, although I will not be as good as my father as a shoemaker. "

the senator was suddenly dumb, and he added:

"my father should have made shoes for you, too. If it doesn't fit, I can repair it."

although I am not as skilled as my father, I have learned from my father since I was a child. "

then he looked at the crowd:

"if anyone wearing my father's shoes is in need of repair, I will try my best to do it.

but I'm sure no one can match my father's craftsmanship. "

afterwards, someone asked Lincoln, "in the face of the enemy, shouldn't we attack and destroy?" Why are you still so kind to them? "

Lin Kenwen replied, "haven't I been wiped out?" When they agree with me and stand with me. "

someone has said such a phenomenon:

when you look down on the second floor, you may see an eyeful of rubbish, but when you stand on the 80th floor and look down, you can get a panoramic view of the prosperity of the whole city.

in life, only by standing high can we see far away, can we see the world comprehensively and thoroughly, and can life become more and more smooth.

Yu Qiuyu said: "if the pattern of human life is large, it will not sink in the trivialities of life."

through the ages, people who can achieve great things tend to have a long-term vision and have a big pattern.

if people have a large pattern, life is more likely to counterattack, if there is no pattern, there will only be mediocrity.

there is a rich man who, in order to give back to society, funded the construction of a library for a school to make it convenient for children to read.

one day, the rich man had nothing to do, so he came to school to check the progress of the project.

at the scene, he saw three workers in different conditions building the wall and asked them what they were doing.

the first man said gloomily, "can't you see I'm working hard on the wall?" This kind of mechanical work is boring! "

the second person casually replied, "We are using the best materials to build the most perfect library."

the third person said excitedly: "We are creating a better life so that children can learn more so that the future can be full of expectations."

years later, the first person is still a migrant worker who works as a coolie for money.

the second person became an engineer, designing drawings in a comfortable office all day;

the third person, who has become the boss of a large construction company, is worth a lot of money.

in the face of the same thing, people of different patterns will look at the problem from different angles and heights.

A person's pattern determines how big a thing he can become and what kind of life he can live in the future.

only when people broaden their horizons, broaden their knowledge, and improve their height, can they have a broad world.

there is a saying in the Song of Ice and Fire: "people with patterns can have a thousand kinds of life."

being a man, what kind of pattern there is, there will be what kind of ending.

people with patterns can stand the test of life, and even if they are in an unbearable situation, they can finally be full of willows and flowers.

people who have no pattern will only sink into the trivialities of life, even if they have temporary scenery, they will not be able to live up to their expectations.


, for the rest of our lives, may we all improve our pattern, broaden our horizons, be humiliated and humiliated, and become strong in life.