No matter how kind you are, you can't give in to these four things.
No matter how kind you are, you can't give in to these four things.
Good people should be kind-hearted smart people, kind-hearted strong people.


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in the World, Zhou Bingkun lends his house to Wu Qian to live in.

later, Zhou Bingkun needed to move back in. Instead of feeling grateful, Wu Qian hurriedly thought of a way to vacate a house for others, but also made a scene and complained.

A small kindness nourishes a good man, and a great kindness nourishes an enemy.

once kindness goes too far, it becomes foolish.

there is a line in the Godfather:

"A soft heart without a boundary will only allow the other party to gain an inch.

unprincipled kindness will only allow the other person to do whatever he or she wants.


many people deserve your kindness. In the face of these four things, you must not give in.

those who gain an inch should stop their losses in time

all men are born equal, and no one owes each other.

it is the duty of others to help, not the duty.

if a person does not know how to repay his gratitude, he might as well break off contact as soon as possible.

Ma Weidu once said one thing.

his family has a babysitter, and her family usually treats her very politely.

Red envelopes and gifts are given during festivals.

but the babysitter is especially discontented and often obeys some small things.

in theory, Ma Weidu should be fired directly.

but Mr. Ma put up with exhortation again and again,

even said to him:


if you want anything, let me know in advance



but the babysitter refused to change. In the end, Ma Weidu had no choice but to fire her.

as the old saying goes:


Dogs are not well fed and people are not well fed.


that's what some people do. the nicer you are to him, the more he wants to take advantage of you.

not only do not know how to be grateful, but make it worse,


be bullied by the kindness of others and take their generosity as cash machines.

such people will bring trouble sooner or later, so it's better to draw a line as soon as possible.

be splashed with dirty water by others, remember to throw it back

the ancients said, "A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.


in many cases, a person's humility and concession will not be appreciated, but will only make the other person worse.

the best solution is to learn to use the other way and give the other person back.

A young man asked the gentry for a piece of land to bury his father.

the gentry wanted "a pot of wine" as a reward.

who knows, the gentry repeatedly asked for wine and said that it was "a lake of wine".

the young man was inexplicable and was burdened with debts and was forced to turn to Wang Xizhi.

when Wang Xizhi heard this, he was determined to help the young man.

so he wrote a word to the squire and asked the squire to exchange it for a live goose the next day.

the squire was eager to change his words with a live goose.

Wang Xizhi said, "A river of geese".

the squire said, "geese are counted only. How many geese are there in a river of geese?"


Wang Xizhi said:


how much is that lake wine?


the squire suddenly realized that he no longer dared to ask the young man for a drink.

A good man is deceived, and a good horse is ridden.

blindly making concessions can only make the other party worse.

show your edge and let the other side know your bottom line and determination in order to thoroughly resolve the dispute.

when kindness is slandered, it should be sharp

there is news in Hangzhou in 2018.

Ms. Li from the steamed bread shop found that many sanitation workers could not eat hot meals.

so she paid out of her own pocket to provide free hot steamed bread to the sanitation workers.

anyone who comes to the store can receive steamed bread free of charge as long as he provides the work permit of a sanitation worker.

it was originally an act of righteousness to do good and accumulate virtue, but it caused trouble for no reason.

some people ask to change steamed buns into money, while others question her profit and her motives.

over time, Ms. Li was so discouraged that she no longer provided hot steamed bread for free.

the greatest evil in the world is to destroy a person's inner goodness.

those groundless speculations and malicious words make the goodness of the world less and less.

over time, our hearts will become cooler and thinner.

the ancients said, "deeds don't care about the heart."


for onlookers, as long as one is doing a good deed, one should be encouraged.

motivation can be speculated, but behavior cannot be faked.

for those who do good, as long as they have a clear conscience, they do not have to care about other people's words.

A little persistence can make the world a better place.

when goodwill flows, it is a blessing for all of us.

if your family gets hurt, try your best to protect

the ancients used to say, "misfortune is worse than your wife and children."


as long as family members are not involved in the grievances between people, there is room for them.

when family members are involved, there is no possibility of reconciliation.

Because family members are the people closest to us.

every soul that travels outside is equipped with a warm home.

pretend to be your relatives, pretend to be warm.

if the home is gone, how to rely on and where to heal.

Family is our bottom line, no matter who it is, we can't hurt anyone.

when the family members have been wronged and hurt, they must stand together and try their best to protect and protect the hard-won fate in this life.

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We have only one family in this life, please take good care of it.

Huang Zhizhong said, "the kinder you are, the more you need to be smart, and the smarter you are, the more capable you are.


A good man must not be just kind.

A really good person should be a person with boundaries, dignity and the ability to fight back.

A really good person should be a strong person who can protect himself, family and friends.

A good man should be a kind and wise man, a kind and strong man.

it is cowardly to waste your kindness at will.