No matter how far a woman is, she needs to read these 10 sentences.
No matter how far a woman is, she needs to read these 10 sentences.
May we all love ourselves from now on.


Rousseau once said, "the world is a woman's book."

where should I start this book? The world is full of twists and turns, how can we be safe all our lives?

some people are still unable to understand one or two when they are busy all their lives.

remember the following 10 words, be a transparent woman, and master the key to a pleasant life.

Marriage is not what life is all about, but to please yourself is

Aristotle said:

"what can be tempered in this life should only be self-sufficient happiness. If you can't reach this state, your pain can never be saved. "

Marriage is a harbor where we can stop, but no one knows whether the wind and rain will hit the next second.

everything in the world is variable, and no matter how good a marriage is, it cannot carry eternal happiness.

the dialect replied: "people always change."

in a world where even cling paper will be out of date, no one dares to promise you a lifetime of happiness.

floating life is a dream, waking up with all kinds of amorous feelings.

Marriage is the base of life, but it is by no means the gist of life. What is more important than marriage is ourselves.

have the ability to make yourself happy, have no fear of changing things, and the hearts of people are not old.

grievances cannot be perfected, and lifelong romance begins with pleasing yourself.

No matter what age, you must have your own safe haven

when I read the unbearable Light of Life, I never understood why Thomas, who came from a wealthy family, only fell in love with Teresa, the hotel waiter.

after seeing all the things in the world, I just know how to appreciate Teresa's loveliness and respect.

although Teresa loved Thomas, she never regarded him as the only one.

she has her own rich spiritual world and her own friends, which are Teresa's greatest wealth and spiritual support that she can rely on.

with money in the card, electricity in the mobile phone and gas in the car, we can be self-sufficient and wander around the world.

sleepy and tired, there is always a lamp left for you.

it is not only a home, but also a harbor where the body and mind can get rest and recuperation.

No matter what age you are, you should find a place like this for yourself: books, bosom friends, or a specialty that enriches your heart.

enrich your heart in the fleeting years and nourish a pure land in a world that lacks warmth.

A healthy life is better than all skin care

No matter how expensive cosmetics are, you can't hide the tiredness and morbid weakness on your face.

all the nights, drinks and lazy beds will be recorded in the body with the growth of the years.

Lin Qingxuan said: "all the appearances of this world do not exist independently, they must have its profound inner meaning."

Health is the premise of beauty, and beauty is the presentation of health.

warm water at 8: 00 in the morning is better than a mask at 1: 00 in the morning; neon at 4: 00 in the morning is no more vibrant than the sun in the morning.

instead of staying up the last night and drinking the strongest wine, it is better to go to bed early and get up early and have a light meal.

early to bed and early to rise makes the skin better. Smoking and drinking not only injure the liver and kidney, but also age more easily.

Don't let other people's eyes limit your life

I saw a piece of news before.

A 34-year-old woman who set up a street stall selling fried powder in Guangdong was questioned because she was beautifully dressed: "is it hype to dress up so beautiful?"

the fan girl said with a smile: "living is dirty and tired, but I still want to dress myself up."

make your life the way you want it to be. Life is full of scenery.

David Crockett has a very simple motto:

"make sure you're right, and move on."

Life in the world is to live for yourself after all, like a play, the audience are all watching officials, how to understand the joys and sorrows of the people on the stage?

when the curtain falls and the officials are wonderful, you will still step down and continue your life.

like in the first half of my Life, he Han once said to Luo Zijun:

"Don't worry that they think you're bad, and don't care what others say. Why bother to please others and wronge yourself?"

listen to other people's gossip; comfort is important in your own life.

We can never be satisfied with everyone, so we might as well be satisfied with ourselves.

Beauty is given to you by your parents, but temperament is determined by you

the founder of the famous makeup brand Yuxi said:

"temperament and self-cultivation are not the preserve of celebrities, they belong to everyone."

before adulthood, appearance is given by parents; after adulthood, appearance is repaired by oneself.

at the end of the 20th century, the plain-looking Gwyneth Paltrow entered Hollywood, and her elegance soon won the hearts of fans around the world.

the beauty emanating from temperament is eternal and the most attractive.

temperament is not inborn, only in the years of their own precipitation, practice can have.

when others are smug and immersed in the short-lived beauty of youth, dress yourself up with knowledge.

the nutrients in knowledge will make your waist straight and your eyes confident and firm.

so, that is,If you don't use Fandai, it will be fascinating.

if you can't think of anything to drink, drink warm water

can't think of anything to eat, just eat vegetables

the biggest regret in life has only four words: I could have.

Don't wait to lose your health, to regret living in a wayward way.

No matter how good the body is, you can't stand years of consumption, and no matter how rich the food is, you can't eat and drink.

if you can't think of anything to drink, drink warm water; if you can't think of anything to eat, eat vegetables.

A broken house can be mended, a car broken can be repaired, and a broken body cannot be rebuilt.

the food you eat less and the passion you miss are not all regrets.

moderate temperance, continuous enjoyment, is better than passion, such as torrent, fleeting.

for a long time, choose what is good, and don't let "could have" become a lifelong regret.

the real grace is to smile when you are angry.

Wang Yangming said: "if the heart does not move, everything will be calm."

A leisurely woman is the most elegant.

No matter what happens, remember to keep calm and be unmoved.

if a person defeats me, deceives me, humiliates me, laughs at me, avoids it, and does not argue with him.

nothing in the world is worth tearing open your wounds and competing with others for their strengths and weaknesses.

what floats on the surface is vanity, but what sinks is the truth.

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time will always give you innocence, and there will be judgments of right and wrong.

Don't let others see you misbehave, and don't embarrass yourself with other people's mistakes.

Don't care is not cowardly and incompetent, but a broad heart.

there is no resentment in the heart, only with a smile can you have a comfortable life.

Don't argue, don't rob

it's yours that can't get away.

it's not yours or you can't get it.

as the old saying goes, "if you take something, you must give it up, but if you insist on taking it at the same time without giving up, there is nothing desirable."

how many changes in life, good and bad often depend on each other, demanding too much is nothing more than asking for hardship.

Don't force what you can't get. If it's not yours, you won't come after all.

there are all kinds of tastes in the world, each has its own advantages, so why not drink it alone?

before the famous dramatist Liao Yimei became famous, Liao Yimei and her husband promised the sponsor that if the "Rhino in Love" didn't make money, he would write a screenplay for him for the rest of his life.

at that time, no one thought that Liao Yimei became popular from then on, and her script was no longer short of money to perform.

times have changed, and someone asked her, "if it hadn't been popular that year, would it really be like this?"


Liao Yimei said, "there's nothing wrong with that."

it is a process worth cherishing for her, no matter whether she is in the spotlight or reduced to a code boy.

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

Wise men amuse themselves, while fools worry about gain and loss.

what is worth cherishing will never leave you, and what you can't keep will never belong to you.

read more and be a woman with fragrant soul

Huang Tingjian, a famous calligrapher in the Northern Song Dynasty, once said:

"people do not read books, one day is vulgar, the second day is disgusting in the mirror, and the third day is tasteless to people.


elegant and intelligent women need books to enrich themselves.

books are the best accessories for women, keeping you away from the hassle and hustle and bustle of the world.

Books are good friends that women call upon to cultivate your virtue and refuse vulgarity.

Reading history makes a man wise, reading poetry makes a man wise, and women who accompany books have insight into the world.

the famous writer Bi Shumin experienced a very hard and poor life in her early years.

just as Bi Shumin said:

"the joys of most of my life add up to one more than the happiness I get in the book."

nothing to read more, live life into a poem, life will be as beautiful as prose.

Life has its ups and downs, don't lose anything.

when I read Yan Geling's autobiography in her early years, I was touched by her emotional experience.

Yan Geling joined the art troupe at the age of 12 and then fell in love with a man who was older than her.

the man betrayed her, almost ruining her reputation.

at the lowest point of her life, she settled down to write articles and take up the burden of supporting her family.

it was a suffering, but it provided a platform for her to take off.

We cannot ask everyone to be sincere to each other, nor can we expect everything to be perfect.

writer Su Qin once said: "those who can avoid all kinds of poison are riddled with holes, and those who are not surprised by honor or disgrace have experienced great ups and downs."

all difficulties in the world are life mentors who come to teach us how to grow up.

Don't be discouraged even if you are frustrated. Take good care of your mood even if the world is bad for you.

looking back on the bleak place, there is no wind and rain, there is no sunshine, the gains and losses are light, all kinds of freedom.

A woman's life can be insipid or extraordinary, as long as she has lived a serious life.

if the years are unfair to you, please love yourself a little more; if life goes well, please leave one more lamp for yourself to warm the years.

, may we all love ourselves from now on.