Nine times the city was closed, without a single case of spillover! This small town has resisted all the grievances, but it can't go on the hot search.
Nine times the city was closed, without a single case of spillover! This small town has resisted all the grievances, but it can't go on the hot search.
Don't let the people of the border town continue to cry in silence!

Qian mou

the epidemic situation in Shanghai is browsing moments

everyone is worried.

what few people know is that in some border towns under the epidemic, the epidemic is equally serious.

but compared with Shanghai, they get pitifully little attention.

in these small towns, some people cry sadly:

however, they still failed to go on the hot search.

take Maguan County in Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province as an example.

this small border town bordering Vietnam has a weak economic foundation.

after the arrival of the epidemic, the situation in the small town is worrying.

manpower is needed but not manpower.

want financial resources, not financial resources.

the relevant departments have no choice but to go ahead and turn to the society for help.

many caring people lend a helping hand.

some students even donated the scholarships they just got.

but the aid begins, and so does the "cyber violence".

some people try their best to be sarcastic:

the person who posted the information for help had to withdraw the request for help.

however, if the help has been withdrawn, what about the small town that is suffering from the epidemic?

carry it hard, can't carry it;

cry, but don't dare to cry.

it's really hard.

among them, a border city called Ruili,

it is even more distressing to be sensible.

since January 26, 2020, it has experienced nine closures.

the total duration of the ban is 160 days.

in the eyes of many people, this is simply unthinkable.

but in the meantime, Ruili doesn't cry, don't make noise, don't complain, don't get angry.

suffer by yourself;

if there is a difficulty, take care of it yourself.

in these three years of ups and downs, I stumbled through it all the way.

you may not be able to imagine Ruili's hardship.


prevent case spillover and local rebound;


to guard against overseas imports, guns and stray bullets.

the pressure is really too hard.

and, in terms of complex terrain.

Ruili is located in the southwest border, bordering Myanmar on three sides.

its border is crisscross, with a length of 169.8 kilometers.

in addition, there is no natural barrier, which makes epidemic prevention more difficult.

some netizens said, "sometimes,


so, under the direct threat of the Burmese epidemic.

in order to protect the people, Ruili built a 500-kilometer-long wire "Great Wall" overnight.

set more than 600 closure points,

more than 7,000 people are on guard all day.

every 400 meters, there are two militia posts and an armed police sentry box.

these checkpoints are often made of makeshift tents.

if you encounter extreme weather, break your defense directly.

the tent was blown down,

the shelter from the wind and rain is gone.

but those on guard still have to turn around day and night.

they have flashlights and sticks. Patrol every 15 minutes, dare not slack off.

because of a little carelessness,

stowaways will try every means to fight them:

drill holes.

make a ladder and turn over the barbed wire.


only you can't think of it. You can't do it without them.

the guards defend the country 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

but the border is too long.

under a thousand precautions, it is inevitable that there will be fish out of the net.

September 3, 2020,

there are several positive Burmese infected people who sneak into the country.

the whole city sounded the alarm and closed it for a week.

but this is just the beginning.

after a lapse of 198 days, Ruili was hit again. The source of input is still Burmese.

the closure of the city is completely different from that of the first time.

in terms of time, it was sealed for 36 days;

closed management should be implemented in terms of control.


many people, like stray geese, don't know where to go.

some truck drivers were originally just transporting goods and materials.

as a result, I didn't expect to be trapped here and slept in the car for more than a month.

some people are even more miserable.

can't find a rest, just sleep on the street.

after that, Ruili turned herself in because she opened up international telecommunications fraud, and tens of thousands of people waited to enter the country to turn themselves in.

the maximum number of people in a day can reach 243.

and the positive rate of these overseas returnees is as high as 20%.

the pressure of epidemic prevention can be imagined.

as a result, the epidemic situation fluctuated repeatedly, and the "wheel war" for epidemic prevention came and went again and again.

waves have not subsided, and waves have come again and again.

Ruili was forced to press the pause button many times.

the whole city is stuck in a long night, and it is difficult to see the end.

"I'm used to it.


is a sentence often spoken by the people of Ruili.

after nine city closures, they no longer complain about double mining and double inspection.

there is a 1-year-old child who has been stabbed in the throat 59 times since his birth.

when some netizens were asked what they had been doing this year, they answered with jokes in bitterness:

"are all making nucleic acids.


but, get used to it,

doesn't mean they don't suffer.

walking on the streets of Ruili, there are few people, and the doors of many shops are closed.

even the promising jade and mahogany businesses have been stagnated by the epidemic.

all kinds of industries have been hit to some extent.

but it is encouraging:

although Ruili is less popular, she remains a hero at all.

you know, if you lie flat abroad, you will suffer at home. The "victims" who suffer most are the border cities.

despite the pressure of epidemic prevention at the border.

Today, Ruili is overflowing without exception!

even Kunming, the province, has never been affected.

all the viruses, one by one, were blocked by the guards.


is the result of the concerted efforts of the people of Ruili to fight the epidemic with action and determination.

is also the body of the epidemic prevention police overdrawn, with one by one all-night duty in exchange for.

in Ruili, anyone can be a linesman.


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Civil servants,


local villagers.

in order to guard the border of the motherland, they go up against the current and charge at the forefront.

they are almost full of loneliness and courage, asking for nothing in return.

these people are ordinary people one by one.

is a nameless person with no job and no position like you and me;

is a passer-by An and B who can no longer be identified in the crowd;

is a civilian without a mission and a call of honor.

he is born ordinary, but his actions are so extraordinary; his identity is ordinary, but his national righteousness is not ordinary.

this is admirable.

there is a good saying--

there are no superheroes, but a group of ordinary people come forward.

by the time they stepped forward, the small town had been invaded by wind and rain and continued to persevere in the epidemic.

to this day.

there are more border towns in crisis.

Dongxing, Guangxi, which is only across the river from Vietnam, is also battling the epidemic.

this small town of 200000 people. Since February 24, it has been closed for 60 days.

period, new cases often jump from single digits to hundreds.

everyone is very anxious because of the epidemic.

adults can't work properly; children have difficulties in class.

how should they carry it?!

on the other hand, the situation in the border cities guarding China's "north gate" is not optimistic.

is located in the Heihe River in the north of Heilongjiang Province. The blockade has been shut down several times.

it is difficult not to get express delivery, and life is affected.