Nine months after his divorce from Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng once again quoted netizens to scold: I finally saw the truth of marriage.
Nine months after his divorce from Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng once again quoted netizens to scold: I finally saw the truth of marriage.
Good love, not only love each other, but also need you to be the same person.

Feng Shaofeng has been out of public view since his divorce in 2021.

neither emotionally nor professionally lukewarm.

recently, however, he has made a comeback, with frequent hot searches and endless topics.

some time ago, in the hit drama "Heart residence", Shi Yuan, played by Feng Shaofeng, and Gu Qingyu, played by Tong Yao, got married quickly.

although they are in love for the first time, they have not contacted each other for more than ten years, and they know nothing about each other's lives.

maybe it's because of the sincerity of the first love, or the regret that you once loved but didn't get.

after Shi Yuan and Gu Qingyu were reunited, they fell in love again.

but flash marriages are often accompanied by flash divorces.

Life is a process, and the same is true between men and women.

in a relationship, marriage should be a smooth transition from love, rather than getting married first and then getting along slowly.

such a casual marriage not only makes the audience call the reality, but also reveals the truth of most people's marriage.

Gu Qingyu lost her mother a long time ago and grew up with her father and younger brother. The life of the girl who grew up in the Shanghai alley was not smooth.

but she was so excellent that she joined the investment industry alone after graduating from a prestigious school, and with her own efforts, she became a strong woman with an annual salary of one million dollars.

Gu Qingyu's strength lies not only in his career, but also in the affairs of his family, big and small, without boundaries.

maybe it comes from her own superiority. Gu Qingyu is picky in love and longs for a perfect marriage. Although she has fallen in love countless times, the white moonlight in her heart is always Shiyuan, her young companion.

as a result, Shi Yuan, played by Feng Shaofeng, appeared at the right time.

It's a pity that he has long lost his former glory and has become a poor man, working a few jobs to earn money to pay off debts, and saving money for his mother's kidney transplant.

therefore, this is destined to be an unequal marriage.

Gu Qingyu doesn't care about Shi Yuan's failure to accomplish anything, nor is he afraid that he is still living in the alley with his parents at his age.

she not only asked Shi Yuan to move to her house, but also asked a relationship to get him into a big company to work.

in order to take care of Shi Yuan's face, Gu Qingyu supported his mother to complete a kidney transplant as a kind-hearted person.

even if he is rejected by relatives and friends, Gu Qingyu does not hesitate to tear his face to protect the dignity of his man.

what she devoted herself to doing did not get the understanding and feedback of Shi Yuan.

in this man's view, his wife's actions are deliberately reminding and even humiliating himself.

"you are just a weak man who is incompetent and depends on his wife."

he attributed the source of his career setback to his wife's giving, and he felt that Gu Qingyu had trampled on his efforts and dignity.

"I know you are a female Bodhisattva, and it is a robbery for you to marry me. After this robbery, you can become a god! "

it was only at this moment that Gu Qingyu was completely cold.

"I've done so much, why are you so aggrieved? What's wrong with you? "

shredded the filter shredded by the brilliance of first love, and there was only one chicken feather left in their marriage.

in the end, Gu Qingyu and Shi Yuan finally divorced, and the couple parted ways.

Shi Yuan, who has high self-esteem but always puts himself in a weak position, is also "attacked" by the audience.

what is the culprit that brought this marriage to a dead end?

it is because the status relationship between Gu Qingyu and Shi Yuan is not equal, and it is also wrong that the door is not in charge of the household.

the essential purpose of the intimate relationship that Gu Qingyu needs is to get rid of his high position and have something to rely on, so as to heal his wounds in his native family, and finally find his true self.

but the two people are very different from each other in terms of their growing environment and social experiences. they look at things differently and have very different values.

when Dou Wentao, the host, talked about marriage on the Roundtable, he once said:

"the most terrible thing about marriage is not the income gap between two people, but the distance is getting farther and farther away when they are living together."

Love is a game, and we must always be neck and neck with each other in order to depend on each other for a long time. Because too strong opponents make people tired, too weak opponents make people tired.

Gu Qingyu made Shi Yuan feel that he had lost his dignity, and Shi Yuan made Gu Qingyu feel cold.

they hurriedly got married only on the basis of momentary feelings, but they did not expect that their deepest feelings would be eroded in the trivialities of life because of the mismatch in terms of conditions.

is not a perfect match, nor can we meet the three values and be modest with each other, and we cannot understand each other in an ordinary life. Such a marriage is doomed to besiege the city.

Stella and Ye Donglie in the TV series "perfect relationship" are lovers with a wide age gap.

Stella is a typical strong woman in the workplace, while Ye Donglie is just a clerk.

both of them were calm about the relationship at first. However, with the in-depth communication, the gap between their age, family, work and even their values is becoming more and more obvious.

Ye Donglie could not integrate into Stella's life and was even mistaken for a waitress by her friends.

Stella can only be careful about everything, afraid that she will hurt Ye Donglie's self-esteem.

In spite of this, the relationship has not come to fruition.

Stella tries her best to perfect herself, but the relationship needs two people to perfect each other.

StellaLa said: "in order to be with you, I closed my circle, you abandoned your classmates, that's not the case." We should have good friendship and affection, instead of betraying our relatives. "

although education, family background and economic status seem to be the secular things that people talk about, they are also useful weapons for stable marriage.

Marriage is a matter for two families. You should be reliable and ask your parents to participate in the opinion. In fairy tales, Cinderella can marry a prince, but not in real marriage.

husband and wife have the same values, so life is not tiring. The "right match" in marriage is very important, marriage can not help the poor.

Marriage is not supported by "I love you". The bond of marriage is not children or money, but the common growth of spirit.

even a quarrel can't get to the same topic, so how can you pray to find common ground in other ways?

and if in a marriage, one party is always strong and the other is always weak, then after the impulse of love dissipates, one party is bound to have a psychological imbalance.

Jin Yanxi in the Golden Powder Family is an official young master, but his family is poor.

discerning people can also see the inappropriateness between them, but Jin Yanxi can't see his desires clearly and insists on marrying Leng Qingqiu.

in the end, the outcome is not unexpected, and both sides lose.

it is difficult for two people in different worlds to intersect. Even if love is fierce, it will fade one day. Without passion, what can be used to maintain the relationship between two people?

I have read such a story on Zhihu:

the blogger's grandfather is Gao Zhi, so his children all inherit the mantle, and all graduate from college with successful careers.

the blogger's aunt found a very handsome husband, but her work is mediocre and her family background is a little complicated.

my sister-in-law is an electrical repairman, my mother is divorced three times, my father has long been missing, and my brother is addicted to gambling.

under such circumstances, the whole family of the blogger naturally opposed the marriage, but the aunt resisted desperately before she finally got married.

A marriage won regardless of external factors is supposed to be cherished, but in fact it is not. Aunt and uncle divorced in less than a few years.

one of the reasons is that the sister-in-law and his mother-in-law continue to "feed" the vampire brother, and the couple gradually become estranged.

the second reason is that whether it's a family party or hanging out with aunts and friends, my uncle doesn't know what to say, like an outsider.

there are fewer and fewer common topics in their marriage, and over a long period of time, only alienation and hatred are left.

the third reason is that after giving birth, my sister-in-law pays no attention to the food and drink of the child, and only relies on the aunt to take care of the young and the old.

and my sister-in-law not only does not strive for progress, but also pays no attention to the cultivation of children. In two or three days, she reprimanded her aunt for spending wasteful money on her interest class, thinking that it would be enough to give the children food and clothing.

there are always people who think that a perfect match only refers to economic conditions.

in fact, the differences in the original families hidden behind the economy, the differences in dealing with others, as well as the extended problems of children's education and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are more worthy of further study.

if two people have different values, it must be difficult for this marriage to last for a long time.

Life is long, and we need not only love, but also a soul-matched lover.

husband and wife can only resonate with each other on the same frequency, and only through spiritual communication can they communicate with each other.

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, I hope you all understand that good love is not only love each other, but also need you to be the same person.